Brian Meagher interview on Celebrity Grill Podcast

I was a guest on JM’s Celebrity Grill Podcast Episode #15 this past week.

JM does a great “backyard” grilling podcast with some really interesting guests, including Danielle Dimovski of DivaQ BBQ, Paul Haight of No Excuses BBQ, and Kevin Roberts of Frank’s Red Hot and Vlasic Pickles to name just a few. Be sure to check out the Celebrity Grill Podcast website, and subscribe to the show. You can also follow JM on Twitter as @CelebrityGrill .

We talked about grilling chicken parts, bbq or jerk style, hot wings, starting ribs in the oven before you put them on the grill, managing charcoal in the Weber Kettle, and other good stuff!
You can listen to the show here with the player above, or visit to subscribe to his grilling podcast.

A big thanks to JM, I had fun being a guest on someone else’s podcast!

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