First Food Frenzy of 2020 – Old Bay Hot Sauce

Was Old Bay Hot Sauce really “sold out”? Or did they “sell out” to create the buzz around their newest creation?

Hot on the heels of the Great Chicken Sandwich Shortage of 2019, Old Bay announces a new limited edition Old Bay Hot Sauce and promptly sells out on Day One… in 30 minutes.

Old Bay Hot Sauce bottles in 3 sizes

Actually, they “sold out” within an hour of announcing that the new Old Bay Hot Sauce is only available via McCormick’s web site.

But I’m suspect of some media canoodling.

I am a huge fan of Old Bay Seasoning and McCormick Spices as you can see in the following pic.

Our Old Bay Seasoning assortment

But I think something is fishy about this whole scenario. Can you say “Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich” shortage?

A contrived “shortage” drummed up to create social media frenzy – and yes, now I am now a part of it too.

Since they were “sold out” almost immediately, my next search was to see if anyone had actually tasted and/or reviewed the new Old Bay Hot Sauce.

I wonder if…

Oh. Somehow the Baltimore Sun staff managed to get their hands on a few bottles that same day. You can watch their thoughts and reactions to the new sauce via a video they put together here. (Ignore the guy that says his favorite hot sauce is “Cho-lu-lu”).

You can also see a short video of WTOP Radio anchors tasting it here.

It’s been reported that almost immediately folks were selling bottles of Old Bay Hot Sauce on eBay for $50 – $200 dollars.

Is this a sour grapes post? Not at all.

I just find it so typical of recent new releases, both in the world of fast food and food product launches, that the demand causes the Internet or websites to crumple and cough up hairballs of “sold out” and “out of stock” shopping carts.

And probably because some marketing gurus said this is how you create a demand. Pffft. In my opinion, if the product is good, the demand and sales will reflect that.

To be fair, McCormick and Old Bay promise that supplies will be restocked soon. So you can get yourself some then.

“When will then be now?” Soon!” ~ Spaceballs

What do you think about it all?
Were you lucky enough to get a bottle before they sold out?
If not, are you going to try when they get restocked?
Let me know in the comments section below. And thanks for reading! ~brian

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    1. Well, “A”, you are certainly in the minority. But thanks for reading and commenting!

      What do you put on your crabs, shrimps, etc, instead of Old Bay?

  1. All I know is that in Tennessee they use nothing and everything tastes horrible. In Missouri just salt and pepper. Not good either ? Of course maybe I am not a good judge since w have lived in Maryland my whole life?

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