HSW 016 Fiery Foods Show Chat with Buddah and Scott Roberts

In this mini episode of HotSauceWeekly we chat by phone with Buddah and Scott Roberts and get their impressions of the 22nd Annual National Fiery Foods Show held in Albuquerque New Mexico this past weekend.

I get Scott Roberts of ScottRobertsWeb.com on the phone to give us a “man on the street” type report of how things were going at the Show, and his impressions of it, the vendors, the hot sauces, and other new products.

And then I have, also on the phone live from the event, Buddah – and you chileheads out there know who Buddah is, a hot sauce reviewer, chilehead, and now blog host and creator of ILoveitSpicy.com a new video based website for hot sauce reviews and other insanity. Be sure to check out Buddah’s video of him eating a Ghost Pepper – raw.

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  1. Thanks Brian for all the plugs. I appreciate it. It was cool to do the interview with you. I am heading to Baltimore tomorrow afternoon to pick up my hot sauces at Capt Thom’s place. He was nice enough to take it back home with him since he drove there with his 1st Mate Nancy. Any chow place to recommend for lunch?

    1. Hey Buddah, you sounded great on the podcast. Thanks very much for doing it.

      Please consider coming back on for future shows!

      I hope everyone visits your new site I Love It Spicy.com !


      1. Thanks again. Anytime you want me just let me know. I hope to be going to the New Orleans at the end of June. Imagine the chaotic time that will be with this group.

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