Fiery Foods Show 2009 Part 1 The Photos

The 2009 Fiery Foods Show is over and I’m still recovering from it all. My head spins with all the great tips and knowledge I picked up, the new friends I made, and the great variety of products I was able to purchase and ship home.

There were so many great “characters” and booths … I’m sorry I didn’t get more pics!

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  1. It was great meeting you Brian. I hope you had fun. Sorry the Defcon Crew was a bit under the weather, and not able to hang out as much. We’re not normally as “tame” after the show.

  2. pokes head in making sure the guard is asleep. 😀 Nice meeting you Brian, thanks for letting me eat your monkey balls. They sure are tasty.

  3. Great pics Brian. Thank you for sharing ’em with us.
    Maybe you can teach Buddah how to use a camera the next time you see him.

    1. Thanks, Cap’n. I wish I’d taken more. You know how you think you’re getting a lot of pics but when you get home, there’s not as many as you thought? That’s me.

  4. Ed’s been known to take some “extra” pics during the evening hours while people sleep. Who knows when they might turn up. 😛

  5. Sorry to be late to the game here Brian! Story of my life 🙂

    You’re now book-marked & I look forward to cruising by. Nice meeting you at the show & best of luck with the site!

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