Sriracha Shortage? What Shortage?

Now is a great time to discover the many other Sriracha style hot sauces that are available. With the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha being mandated to halt shipments until sometime in January, lovers of that venerable Rooster Sauce have plenty of other options to get their fix.

sriracha shortage alternatives

Sriracha shortage? We don’t need no steenkin’ shortage!

Here are just a few of the many craft made sriracha sauces available on the ‘net, as well as a few store brands that are all good alternative choices. Sriracha apocalypse? Don’t believe us? Check out #srirachapocalypse on Twitter!

Blazing Dragon Hot Sauce – Organic Ghost Pepper Sriracha

Blazing Dragon Ghost Sriracha

Blazing Dragon Ghost Sriracha

Carter Lee of Blazing Dragon is crafting some blazing hot sauces out of his California kitchen. Thin and hot, this one features Ghost Peppers in the Sriracha mix. You’ll have to contact Carter by email to order some.

[email protected]

jojo’s sriracha

jojo's sriracha small batch

jojo’s sriracha small batch

Featured in Griffin Hammond’s new Sriracha Documentary, jojo’s is “one of a kind – a small batch” sauce crafted to be unique. jojo’s is based in Brooklyn, NY. Her site is

Purchase jojo’s Sriracha from Etsy here.

Sriracha Panich

Sriracha Panich

Sriracha Panich

Another authentic Thai sriracha sauce, Sriracha Panich (pronounced “pan ‘need“) – again featured in Hammond’s documentary.

Purchase from

Dark Star Sriracha

Dark Star Sriracha

Dark Star Sriracha

Dark Star Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce is available on They also make an Extreme Heat version for you over-the-top chileheads!

Buy Dark Star from

Voodoo Chile Sriracha

Voodoo Chile Si Racha Sauce

Voodoo Chile Si Racha Sauce

Si’Racha Sauce from Voodoo Chile in a plastic squeeze bottle.

Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Adam and Apinya Ross from the Northern Virgina area are crafting some delicious Thai sauces. In addition to the Chili Sauce, they offer Thai Basil Aji, Coconut Harissa, and Pumpkin Panang sauces.

Race City Sauce Works Cirque des Sept Enfers Seven Pepper Sriracha

Race City Sauce Works 7 Pepper Sriracha

Race City Sauce Works 7 Pepper Sriracha

I don’t really know what that means, but everything from Race City Sauce Works is stellar! We’ve not cracked open our bottle of Seven Pepper Sriracha yet, but I guarantee it’ll be a great sauce.

Store Brands of Sriracha

Readily available in almost all grocery stores are the following:

Kikkoman Sriracha

Famous for their soy sauces, Kikkoman makes a sriracha sauce that has some fans.
I’m not one of them.

HT Traders – Harris Teeter

A household favorite here at HotSauceDaily, we reviewed this HT Traders and Kikkoman’s here.

For you die-hard Sriracha fans, don’t miss our popular Sriracha Garlic Wings recipe too.

Is there a Sriracha sauce that you just love and we’ve left out? Please tell us in the Comments below!

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  1. carter says:

    Superb post Brian!!!! I greatly appreciate the mention in your post. I love your blog! Merry Christmas and thank you once again!

  2. Would love to send a bottle of our latest recipe for your review. You definitely have me interested in checking out some of these other sauces!

  3. thaicookingchef says:

    I get the best one directly from Thailand thanks to the Bangkok personal shopper service and there is no shortage !

  4. Costco in San Diego is selling 41oz bottles of Sky Valley Sriracha (it’s a cool label with a phoenix on the front, or maybe it’s just a bird). It’s a lot sweeter than huy fong, but I still like it.

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