Peppers at the Beach Photos 2010

Here are the photos we took from the 1st Annual Peppers at the Beach.
I recommend you click on the “full screen” option for best viewing.

Day 1

Saturday May 15th, 2010

Day 2

Sunday May 16th, 2010

If you were at the event, please leave a comment below.

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    1. Thanks, we had fun taking the pics & talking to everybody. We have some more photog questions to ask you next time 🙂 Glad we finally got to meet you too! See you at WOF at Jungle Jim’s!

  1. Marilyn and Brian, excellent photos! Can’t wait to hear the audio bits recorded. What would you say is the best of the new sauces that you tasted?

    1. I’d say Tom’s Roid-Rippin Hot Cherry Pepper and Roasted Garlic sauce. And Marilyn really liked Heartbreaking Dawns Fiery Trail Preserves. It has peaches, crystallized ginger, cranberries, and Peruvian Orange peppers. It’s basically a really kicked up pepper jelly.

  2. I did not attend but would have liked to……but it being race weekend scared me away.

    1. Oh man, sometimes you just gotta ,”Do it”. Yeah, we hit traffic on the way home, but the pleasure of the weekend outweighed the BS going home. Defintiely a fun gig, and looking forward to doin’ it again!

  3. Fire delight. Hey tastebuds are over rated. Burnt em out eons ago. Plenty of hot samples. No good unless after devouring samples your forehead looks like Niagra falls. Looking forward to the second annual in 2011.

  4. Brian I agree with your favorites. I brought the Tom’s cherry pepper and garlic one with me to Fuddruckers on Monday and it was a big hit my poker buds. I had it on my burger and mac n cheese and it rocked. I forgot the company, sorry for forgetting, but the one with the cheese dip, I made some last night. I will do a video tonight with the results. My pre-refrigeration spoon taste was yum yum. I can’t wait to try it. That cheese dip was the best tasting thing from the show, with Cajun Islands’ blackened chicken with bourbon sauce a close second.

  5. Loved the 3 Pepper Garlic Dip (Rising Sun), LOVED the Cajun Island blackened chicken and sauces, and really LOVED Captain Thom’s “Sloppy Cap’n’ Thoms”!! It was really great to meet everyone, can’t wait for WOF:) Everything Heartbreaking Dawn’s makes is top knotch in my book!

    1. Hey FT thanks for chiming in… Like you and Buddah said the 3 pepper dip from Rising Sun Pepper Farm was great – it sold me on the sauce.

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