Barbecue Blogs & BBQ Sites to Follow on Twitter

Great Barbecue Blogs & Sites on Twitter

To launch “May is National Barbecue Month” on, I’d like to share with you some of the great BBQ people and sites I’ve been following on – think of this as an expanded #followfriday #bbq !
I’m really looking forward to the best BBQ season ever, thanks to the Twitter community.

@porkbarrelbbq – Pork Barrel BBQ is a BBQ company that believes no matter what your political party we can add bipartisan flavor to your next meal.

@isbbq – KCBS Certified BBQ Judge/Competitor and All Around Food Lover – Web/BizTalk/Cocoa Developer – Christian American Citizen

tw_smokinmanbbq001@SmokinManBBQ -Greenville, NC – Eastern Carolina’s full service bbq caterer offers services for weddings and rehearsal dinners, corporate and social parties, on-site barbecues and more…

tw_ddogsbbq002@ddogsbbq – Queen Creek, AZ – Our BBQ rubs and sauces are some of the greatest stuff on the planet!

tw_lowcountrybbq004@LowcountryBBQ – Charleston, SC – Finding you the best BBQ the Lowcountry has to offer! We’re also a social bunch and organize MEATUPs every month or so – all are welcome, just come hungry.

tw_noexcusesbbq003@noexcusesbbq – Battle Ground, WA – BBQ, tech, real estate investing, and insatiable curiosity. Throw in music, Macs, and family; that pretty much covers it

tw_the_grilldog027@The_Grilldog – San Diego, CA – Host, most distributed show on Public Access TV

tw_ulikabbq005@ulikabbq – Nashville, TN – no description

tw_bbqsaucereviews024@bbqsaucereviews – Boston, MA – Brian Henderson tastes, reviews, and consults for established BBQ Sauce brands and startups.

tw_bbqguide006@BBQGuide – Toledo, OH – Barbecue Junkie, News Hound , Community Volunteer (in uniform). Reeses peanut butter eggs and a can of anchovies topped with BBQ sauce lightly grilled

tw_mr_bbq007@mr_bbq – location unknown – Barbecuing is a hobby that’s borderline to obsession. I’m here to connect with fellow bbqers, share some tips and receive some tips. No website.

tw_bone_suckin008@bonesuckinsauce – Raleigh, NC – Are you looking for mouth watering recipes, grillin’ tips, customer testimonials, press articles, and a whole lot more?

tw_twyford009@Twyfordbbq – I run a bbq catering company

tw_bbqsociety010@bbqsociety – Center of the BBQ Universe

tw_newbbq011@newsbbq – Winnipeg, CAN – We do a weekly online show to podcast. Topics start many places, and usually end up back at grilling! We love the BBQ. Do you?

tw_divaq012@DivaQBBQ – Barrie, Ontario, Canada – I am an OCB – Obsessive Compulsive BBQer. Competitive BBQ’er, BBQ Blog Writer, aspiring BBQ cookbook writer

tw_tailgatingtimes013@tailgatingtimes – Las Vegas – Tailgating, grilling, cooking, bartending, ranting, eating, drinking, living, and working…oh yeah and drinking coffee, lots of coffee.

tw_tailgatingideas014@tailgatingideas – Orange Co, Calif – Just a regular guy, married, two kids, big sports fan and avid tailgater.

tw_swineomitebbq015@swineomitebbq – Memphis, TN – Memphis-Style BBQ that’s Dy-No-Mite!!! A Competitive BBQ Team from Memphis, TN.

tw_funnyfarmbbq016@FunnyFarmBBQ – Paola, KS – Professional Competition BBQ Team

tw_smokinronnie017@smokinronnie – Little Elm, TX – little bbq show, sharing ideas, havin fun, and talkin some bbq. Pits Rule.

tw_bbqgrail018@bbqgrail – Rocklin, CA – BBQ Fanatic and Foodie. Politically Conservative. LDS Early Morning Seminary Teacher. Director of Training & Development.

tw_denbbq021@denbbq – Denver, CO – IT Admin, BBQ lover, recycler, in it for the long haul

tw_bbqadventures028@bbqadventures – Iowa – BBQ and Grill Enthusiast

tw_smokeindaeye025@smokeindaeye – New York, NY – Good at BBQ; Bad at SEO.

tw_rockinronnie022@rockinronnie – Vancouver, CAN – Barbecue champion and cookbook author

tw_whitetrashbbq0261@whitetrashbbq – Brooklyn, NY – This is the story of a fire obsessed guy, living in Brooklyn, with a dream of producing award winning, competition busting, real Barbeque.

tw_bbqcentral023@bbqcentral – Cleveland, OH – Internet radio talk show host, bbq forum administrator, bbq & grilling addict, budding social media mavin!

These are all great people to follow on Twitter!

If you know of any others, or want me to follow you, please leave a Comment below:
And if you want to follow me on Twitter: @hotsaucedaily

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  1. Good list. I’m following many of these people already. I just wish the hot sauce community (both the sauce makers and the fans) would have a stronger presence on Twitter.

    Here’s a shameless plug for my Twitter page:

  2. Nice list, Brian.

    I have some adding to do.


  3. Thanks for the link, and thanks for following Brian. I’ll do my best to keep the posts interesting and informative.

    Paul Haights last blog post..Mothers Day Grill

  4. Wow, we’re following many of the same tweeps. You can add @wildmountain to the list. please follow Wild Mountain Gourmet

  5. Great List and great site. It is truely good to connect with people that have the same interest I do. Maybe i can put up a link on my site back to you if that is ok.


  6. feel free to connect us up to follow- as an independent BBQ restaurant & kcbs competition team we have a lot going on! cheers


  7. Great list of the best BBQS Blogs. I will start following these sites

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