Franks RedHot
Sweet Chili Sauce Review

Frank’s RedHot® has come up with a winner with their new
Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce.

Labeled as a “dipping sauce and more”, their Sweet Chili sauce is indeed a true “sweet chili sauce” in the tradition of a Thai sweet chili sauce like Mae Ploy, A Taste of Thai, Thai Kitchen… and the dozens of other specialty / imported Thai chili sauces you can find in the grocery store.

Which brings me to an important point I’d like to make:
While true Chileheads surely know what Thai chili sauces taste like, Frank’s Sweet Chili, with it’s familiar name, has the potential to convert the timid over to trying what is a “classic” sauce that is perfect on shrimp, glazed chicken, sweet glazed ribs and the like. This is a versatile sauce with a trusted name, readily available in many grocery stores.

Next time I’m going to try and and doctor it up with extra heat (add some Frank’s Original, or some Soy or Worcestershire, wasabi or horseradish) to see if I can make it hotter like I like it.

… a pulpy & zesty sauce made with fresh chilis… this fusion sauce is a slightly sweet, full-bodied alternative to traditional hot sauces.

… so reads the back label.

There is also Frank’s own “Heat Indicator” which shows this sauce to be slightly hotter than Frank’s Original. Hmmm… I despute that. The heat in this Sweet Chili Sauce is minimal. Just a tinge. I wouldn’t place it hotter than the Original.

Here are the ingredients:
water, sugar, red chili peppers, salt, garlic, modified food starch and acetic acid … That’s it. Pretty simple. Don’t get me started on the spelling of “chili peppers” versus “chile peppers”. That’s beyond this post. But I guess the folks at Frank’s want to fit in with the Thai crowd – hence the “chili” spelling.

We grilled some shrimp with Frank’s RedHot Chili Sauce:
Here’s my recipe for testing this sauce… Grilled Shrimp:

  • frozen, deveined, shrimp
  • Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Skewers for the shrimp

Marinate shrimp with Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce in baggie for 4-8 hours.
Skewer shrimp and grill until done.
Drizzle or provide a dipping bowl of the sauce and enjoy!

By the way, those potato planks were drizzled with olive oil and hit with a generous helping of Todd’s Dirt Original Seasoning.

The shrimp were simple to make and delicious – which is why I think Frank’s has a great product with their Sweet Chili Sauce. Bottom line: it’s not as sweet as the other Thai chili sauces you’ll find and it has that distinctive Frank’s RedHot flavor.

Have you tried Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce? If so leave a comment here and tell us if you like it!

Ordering: Click this link to get yourself a bottle of Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce

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  1. Those shrimp look mighty tasty!

  2. Aurore says

    Simply delicious! I cannot wait to feel this sauce melting in my mouth! And with these shrimps would be awesome!!

  3. I bought a bottle of Taste of Thai sweet chili sauce and it sat in my pantry until it went out of date. Every time I thought of using it I went with sriracha instead;)

  4. Those shrimp are, or were, very tasty. The next time we make eggrolls, this is going to be my dipping sauce. Not as sweet as a lot of sweet chili sauces, with a hit of Frank’s flavor, and the more you use, the hotter it is. Nice, long lingering heat. I like it!!
    P.S. It’s also good on a spoon 🙂

  5. Jenn Holloway says

    We recieved a free sample at the restaurant I manage and we all loved it. we used it on our smoked chicken wings.

  6. Big Dan says

    I seen this sauce durning my last shopping trip and couldn’t resist buying as I love Frank’s original sauce. I like the chili sauce but cannot help but think of it as Duck sauce with peppers. I can get hotter by mixing Chinese mustard and Duck sauce. I probably won’t buy it again not worth it for the price IMHO.

  7. Bought one bottle,loved it.Now I cant find it anywhere.

    • Wow, go figure! I hate when that happens.
      Be patient, maybe you should speak with the “buyer” at your local grocer.

      • BO GRAVES says

        I bought some at Dollar Tree. Loved it, so I went back and got almost all of it they had on shelf. Now they don’t have any and I’m getting low.

  8. redhotchilipeppers says

    i tried this delish sauce on my nuggets 😉 …. LOVED IT! i found my self drizzlin the sauce all over my steaming undercooked nuggets,then when they were gone, straight from the bottle into my salivating mouth… when the nuggets were gone i went on a rampage and lit the nuggets bag on fire…i needed more… so after a nice long bath i realized why the heck am i bathing in water!? i sprinted to wal mart in only my socks and bought twelve bottles of the AMAZING,SEXY,TURN ON OF A SAUCE and to sacks of nuggets… i procceeded to place the supplies i had just purchased in the tub to finish my bathe… i was swimmin in the shiz! rubbing it on my titties …then the drastic happened….i woke up in bed with wet pants to find it was all a dream….

  9. Judi Snyder says

    I mixed it with plain greek style yogurt oh my it was soooo good for dipping just about anything! mozz sticks , pretzels. veggies its great just by itself but wow when ya mix it with the plain greek style yogurt!!

    • I really love this sauce. I mixed some with some bluecheese dressing…mmmmmmm. From Buffalo and have eaten the best of wings up there.

  10. My local Dollar Tree has it all the time lately.

    • That’s cool. Do they carry other Frank’s sauces or other good hot sauces?

      • I haven’t seen anything but the Sweet Chili sauce and cheap hot sauces.

        • I had a co-worker that would buy those cheapo hot sauces by the 6 pak, he loved the “deal”. Yea, it’s a $1 bottle of crap I’d say. He didn’t care what they tasted like, he was happy for the price. Some people. 😐

  11. Yeah I have a buddy like that too. Needless to say, I bring my own hot sauce to his house. 😀

  12. takea block of cream cheese, poursweetchilisauceoverit and add crackers. The best horsdeavres.

  13. just got this sauce a little while ago and I think its amazing. Can’t wait to try it on other stuff besides these wings. I compared it to sweet and sour sauce with little kick. its really good.

  14. Melinda says

    Love this sauce, I almost put it on everything! I have a problem though, the grocery stores in and around Baltimore stop selling it. Please help me find a grocery store in my area that has it.

  15. I cannot find this product at the supermarket!!!!

  16. The sweet chili sauce, that is………