HSM 001 – Pickapeppa Hot Red Sauce

The first official HotSauceMinute debuts with a look back at the 2nd review posted on HotSauceDaily.com back in 2007.

Pickapeppa Hot Red Sauce


Refrigerate After Opening:
Three Words I Hate

Refrigerate After Opening – three words I hate to see on bottles of sauces. Really? Have you seen my ‘fridge photos?
I just don’t have the room in there with all the pickles, mustards, and BBQ concoctions.

And that photo is AFTER cleaning out the ‘fridge door!

I much prefer the sauces that live happily on counters, tables, and any other flat, open surface areas around our house. Those guys are Troopers. “We don’t need no stinkin’ refrigerators“!
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Must Have Hot Sauces:
Three I Keep on Hand At All Times

These are my top 3 favorite hot sauces that I always have in the house.

There’s nothing exotic or fancy here – just simple, good for everyday use hot sauces that I always keep on hand.

1. Tabasco – The Granddaddy of hot sauces

Tabasco has been around since 1868. Pages have been written about this trail-blazer sauce, the McIlhenny Family and their company. I may take some heat from readers for even mentioning Tabasco, but it’s hard to argue it’s popularity. And dammit, I like it. I love it on pizza, it keeps well needing no refrigeration, so I can carry it with me all the time.

For all you Tabasco fans out there, be sure to check out Tabasco’s History Tent and their Info Booth (FAQ’s).

By the way, the correct pronunciation of the family name “McIlhenny” is “mac-ull-henny”

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt

2. Pickapeppa – Hot Red Pepper Sauce from Shooters Hill, Jamaica

My favorite imported hot sauce comes from the Pickapeppa Company Limited. Again, another old company that has been making it’s legendary Pickapeppa Sauce since 1921. This bright red sauce begins with a very unique sweetness due to the cane vinegar and sugar, but it also packs quite a bit of searing heat. I think it’s a very tasty hot sauce.

So much so, that it was the subject of the 2nd post here on HotSauceDaily way back in 2007.

If you can’t find it locally, (remarkably, I’m able to buy it at SuperFresh), you can purchase it online here from the Warbac Sales, the folks who import Pickapeppa products into the US via the Port of New Orleans.

Ingredients: hot peppers, cane vinegar, sugar, salt, and spices

3. Pyro-Mania – A chunky hot sauce from Garden Row Foods in St. Charles, Illinois

Even though its one of my top favorites, I do tend to reserve it’s use strictly for tacos, burritos and similar Mexican dishes. This is a very chunky sauce. Loaded with bits of peppers, onions and chives, it hits you with the vinegar and heat from the habaneros first, then some sweetness from the tomato paste and sugar. There’s the smokiness of the chipotle in there too.

I could eat this stuff with a spoon! Obviously, Pyro-Mania has the most complex recipe of this trio. It earns the third spot as my must have on hand sauces based on flavor and texture.

To purchase, Google “pyro-mania sauce” and you’ll get about 8,000 hits, but the best price I found was on EatHot.com, home of the manufacturer Garden Row.

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, habanero pepper, tomato paste, water, chipotle pepper, onion, salt, chives, sugar, garlic powder, black pepper

Bonus: If you’ve read this far, and you plan to buy the Pyro-Mania from EatHot.com, they are also home to the famous Sport Pepper that is a must have ingredient for Chicago Dogs. Drop a jar of these babies into your shopping cart while you are there!

In case you’re wondering, off the chart at Number 4 would have to be Sriracha sauce! Gotta keep that around too!

What would your top 3 must have on hand hot sauces be?

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Compare Jerk Seasoning – A review of 4 jerk products

five jerk seasoning compared
We rubbed some chicken thighs with 4 different jerk seasonings to see how they compare, then grilled them to jerk-perfection!

Here are the players:

Neera’s Hot Jamaican Jerk Spice Grilling Paste

Pickapeppa Hot Spicy Jerk Seasoning

Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

McCormick Jamaican Jerk Seasoning – Not tasted

McCormick Caribbean Jerk Seasoning Sweet & Spicy

We began by rubbing each seasoning on a pair of skinless chicken thighs the night before.

The next day, it was time to grill these spicy jerk chicken pieces, and see which we liked best.

Here’s what we thought about each of the spices/rubs…
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Pickapeppa Jerk Seasoning Chicken Recipe with Bone Suckin BBQ Sauce


Pickapeppa Jerk Seasoning, Bone Suckin BBQ Sauce on chicken legs, done on the grill, and eaten until our eyes rolled back… I can barely write this post. It was that good!

The Big Picture:

We smeared the Pickapeppa Jerk Seasoning onto the chicken, and put them in the Fridge overnight to get all happy. Then we grilled the chicken sloooowly over indirect low heat on the grill. Near the end of grilling, we slathered a bbq sauce made with Bone Suckin’ Sauce and Busha Browne’s Spicy Jerk Sauce to get a nice glaze and to add some sweetness to the mix.

Served with cole slaw and beer… this recipe was truly “food porn” and everyone was happy!

The Details:

We cut up the chicken leg “quarters” into drumsticks and thighs. This was messy and time consuming to me, but Wifey came to the rescue. Personally, I’d be happy buying the chicken
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