Spicey Rooster Buffalo Wing Sauce

Our Week of Wings 5 continues on Day 3 with Buffalo Wing Sauce from Spicey Rooster.

Spicey Rooster Buffalo Wing Sauce

spicey rooster bbq co buffalo wing sauce

Week of Wings 5 – Day 3. We’re still in the land of “mild” wing sauces with Spicey Rooster BBQ Company’s Buffalo Wing Sauce today, although upping the heat a notch.

Coincidentally, Randy and Gloria Combs are also from Ohio, as were Sam and Joyce from Day 1’s Sissy Sally post. Spicey Rooster BBQ Company’s motto is “This ain’t your ordinary barnyard chicken”. Let’s see what their Buffalo Wing Sauce does to our chicken as it was published. What we eat is what we are, right? However, do not forget your teeth, they are also part of your digestive system.

Preparation: Deep fried. We did our usual 3 step cook – baked at 350º for 40 minutes (turning once half-way through), deep fried at 350 – 375º for 2 – 3 minutes, then tossed in the sauce. See our Wings 101 post for more info.

Ingredients: aged cayenne peppers, vinegar, soy oil, hydrogenated soy oil, soy lecithin, water, salt, garlic, onion, sugar, natural flavor, horseradish, lemon, spices, citric acid.

I’m liking the addition of horseradish and lemon that help “brighten up” the overall flavor of this sauce. I’m puzzled by all the soy products, and suspect that’s how this sauce gets its bright color.

spicey rooster buffalo wing sauce texture

Texture and Appearance: On the medium-thin side, this smooth sauce is bright orange in color. Marilyn thinks it’s a classic buffalo sauce color with a creamy looking finish.

On the wings, the sauce sets up as a medium thick coat with a light shiny finish. It tends to sit on top of the wings, yielding a very wet wing… and the overall coating reduces the crispiness of the deep-fried skin. Hearty and handsome.

Taste on wings: Very tangy, very little sweetness. First up is the classic cayenne flavor, followed by the vinegar tang. Again, a classic taste that is also not too vinegary here. Since we eat with our eyes too, the orange color has me expecting to taste some butter or even mustard, but the soy is doing its job to bring on the “buttery” consistency and flavor. Enjoyable.

spicey rooster finished wings

spicey rooster bottle
Heat Level: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – Just a tad above mild. Typical of a mild buffalo wing at your local bar. The heat does build ever so slightly as you eat more, yet never reaches beyond the short range of 1 – 1.5. Mildly spicy.

Overall rating: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – While certainly tangy and zingy in overall flavor, with a mild heat level, Spicey Rooster’s Buffalo Wing Sauce is fine as bottled sauces go. We can see this sauce on your grocer’s shelves. Its classic taste (sans butter) would appeal to everyone at your party or game day gathering. Above average.

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

About Spicey Rooster BBQ Company

Marilyn met Randy and Gloria Combs at Jungle Jim’s in Ohio in 2013, and proudly brought home a bottle of their Hysteria Hot Sauce – which we think highly of, and need to get around to reviewing.

While Spicey Rooster is in a state a flux regarding their website and online store, the best way to order their Buffalo Wing Sauce is to simply email Randy at [email protected] – at only $6 per 12 ounce bottle, we think it’s a good deal. And why not throw in a bottle of Hysteria Hot Sauce for a fun surprise?

Social Media: Follow Spicey Rooster on Facebook.

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Rippin Red Wing Sauce Review

Rippin’ Red Wing Sauces from Maryland based Rizzotti Foods LLC from Abingdon, MD are two wing sauces that meet or exceed what we like in a bottled wing sauce. Their “original” and “hot” versions are available on RippinRed.com.

As you can see below, the only difference in the ingredients is the habanero powder added to the “hot” version. Otherwise, they have “all natural” ingredients with nothing artificial. A big plus in our ratings.

Ingredients: Original cayenne pepper sauce (cayenne peppers, vinegar), fresh garlic, unsalted butter, parmesan cheese (milk, salt, rennet), modified food starch, natural gum

Ingredients: Hot cayenne pepper sauce (cayenne peppers, vinegar), fresh garlic, unsalted butter, parmesan cheese (milk, salt, rennet), modified food starch, natural gum, habanero powder

Having said that, we didn’t detect a great deal of difference of heat in the “hot” versus the “original” versions. We would like to taste a bigger hit and flavor change between the two.

These are typical cayenne based sauces with a heavy vinegar slant… fairly true to the original “buffalo style” wing sauce. What we liked were the bits of garlic floating in the sauce, as well as the “unsalted butter” and “parmesan cheese” ingredients that brings these sauces to a higher level of quality, as compared to other bottled wing sauces that use a fake butter flavor or other chemical additives to pump up the butter flavor.

Marilyn: As always, we still prefer to combine our own ingredients to achieve the flavor profile we like (hot sauce, garlic, butter, cilantro, etc. i.e. our famous Sriracha Wings), but these bottled wing sauces gave us more true “Buffalo-Style” wings than we’ve ever gotten in any other jarred wing sauce…. they even beat out Hooters in my opinion. So kudos to Rippin’ Red for making a great “out of the jar” wing sauce. The garlic won me over, and they both make the grade.

Brian: These are quality sauces that any wing lover would be happy to serve to their friends at a football game. But. And it’s a BIG but, compared to what you can make from our recipes or other sites’ recipes, these are sauces that make things quick and easy. You cook the wings, you douse or toss them into the sauces, and voila! … you have hot, spicy, garlicky wings.

Our final rating: The “Original” version – 4 out of 5 peppers – The “Hot” Version – 3 out of 5 peppers. They are both so good, and for a bottled sauce, you cannot go wrong.

Ordering: You can purchase Rippin’ Red with this link:

And be sure to visit RippinRed.com and check out their Reviews Page for other bloggers’ take on these sauces.

Game Day Eats sauce

In honor of Superbowl Sunday we present the
Week of Wings – 7 days and 7 recipes for delicious hot wings.

Day 3 – Game Day Eats – Wing Sauce Especial

We cooked up a batch of wings to try the Wing Sauce Especial from GameDayEats.com. Let me say right up front that this sauce has a very traditional “buffalo wing” flavor and although there’s no butter in it, there’s a “fat” content that replaces it. Probably from the oils and whey.

You cannot use this sauce straight from the jar. It needs to be heated before use. I emphasize this fact, because there are no instructions on the label. Perhaps Curt will address this with his next label run.

I love the “cling” and gloppiness and how it adheres to the wings. The finished texture is almost perfect. But then again, I’m a big fan of Hooter’s Wings and how their sauce “clings” and gets absorbed into the wing. I think Wing Sauce Especial gets pretty darn close to that.

The flavor has a big hit of vinegar, and the heat level is about medium. And with the Cayenne Red Peppers, this sauce is very much like a Louisiana-style hot sauce for wings.

So for a Buffalo style wing sauce from a jar, GameDayEats has nailed it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a quick, easy way to get some good Buffalo wings going.

Ingredients: Aged cayenne red peppers, vinegar, water, salt, spices, vegetable oil blend (partially hydrogenated soybean oil, liquid soybean oil, hydrogenated cottonseed oil), water, whey (milk), soy lecithin, vegetable mono and diglycerides, potassium sorbate (to protect quality), citric acid, artificial flavor, betacarotene (color)

Curt Johnson of GameDayEats.com sells his Wing Sauce Especial here in 16 oz pint jars.

Update: 01/13/13 Sadly, this sauce is not longer available.

And don’t forget to try our Easy Blue Cheese Dressing recipe that you can make at home to go with your wings! We guarantee that you will love it.


Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce – Hot Sauce Review

New Premium Hot Sauces from Louisiana Brand

We all know the familiar bottle with the Red Dot saying “One Drop Does It”® on the Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce – your basic cayenne pepper, vinegar and salt hot sauce.

They’ve recently launched a line of premium sauces called “Louisiana Gold“. And the big news is they’ve blended their peppers with Tabasco peppers and “spirit vinegar” to create a bold new taste. The term ‘spirit vinegar’ is sometimes reserved for the stronger variety (5% to 20% acetic acid) made from sugar cane or from chemically produced acetic acid – source: Wikipedia There is a sweetness in the Red Pepper Sauce that I feel makes it much better than the original.

I ordered the 4 pack gift set

This set consists of the Red Pepper Sauce, and a Green Pepper sauce both blended with Tabasco peppers, as well as their new Wasabi Pepper Sauce and their Horseradish Pepper Sauce. More on those flavors in another post. But this 4 pack comes in a beautiful, award-winning box. I went straight for the Red Pepper Sauce first.

I’ve never been a big fan of Louisiana style sauces. To me they all taste about the same – salty with mild heat. But this new Gold Pepper Sauce is so much richer tasting that I’ve become a fan of it after the first taste. It’s still a bit salty, and the heat level is slightly higher (than Original) with the addition of the Tabasco peppers, but there’s a hint of sweetness to it. Probably from the spirit vinegar.

We made some hot wings using the Louisiana Gold Red Pepper Sauce with a little butter, and they turned out very tasty!
While I can’t honestly say this would be my go-to-everyday hot sauce… I will use it whenever I want an authentic Louisiana-style sauce. I can’t wait to crack open the other 3 bottles and tell you all about them as well.

Hooters Are the Best Wings in the Universe

Is There a Better Hot Wing Than Hooters’ ?

We love to make our own hot wings and our current favorite is our own Sriracha Garlic Wings. You’ve got to check them out. But…

When it comes to carry-out, Hooters makes us happy!


The breading on the wings and the way it absorbs the sauce – the size of the wings themselves… there’s nothing better.
Some people order them “naked” which means without breading and get the sauce is on the side. My Mom would do that. But why?

My wife Marilyn likes the “Hot” style, with a side of “Three Mile”… she’s coming around.

The breading is the magic that is Hooters’ hot wings. It’s what makes them the best in the universe. And, in my opinion, the “Three-Mile Island” sauce is their best!
Yea, they have “911” – their hottest sauce, but it’s all heat and no flavor.
Next down is the “Three Mile Island” sauce – very hot, but with a great flavor. Like a medium level extract-style sauce.
Then there’s the “hot”, “medium” and “mild” flavors – but if you’re reading this blog, you’re not going lower than “hot” anyway.
They also offer “spicy garlic”, “parmesan garlic” and “samurai”, and some local franchise’s have BBQ wings, but now we’re getting out of the “hot wing” arena.


Typically hot wings come with celery and blue cheese (or ranch) dressing. I am disappointed that Hooters charges extra for celery and blue cheese (a plastic cup of a commercial product), but when we bring them home, we make our own blue cheese anyway. See recipe link below.

Before you order your wings from Hooters, cut up your own celery sticks and make our easy blue cheese dressing. (You can even do this the night before.) Then when you get your order home, the sauce will be soaked into the breading, and you’ll have the best carry-out wings in the universe!