Wickles Pickles Review

Wickles – “A wickedly delicious pickle”

Wickles Pickles
Wickles Pickles

These pickles are the tastiest I’ve ever had. With nice spicy heat, and sweetness and crunch, they’re a big winner with me!

Wickles (short for “Wickedly delicious pickles!”) are a unique blend of dill, garlic, and sweetness with just enough heat to keep you reaching for more. Wickles Pickles are the most exciting new pickle product in years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ingredients: cucumbers, sugar, vinegar, cider vinegar, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated pepper, calcium chloride, alum, natural flavors, garlic oil, polysorbate 80, yellow 5

Label & Packaging:
How can you not like the dancing pickle and pepper couple? A simple graphic design that says “fun and delicious”. As you can see in the full lineup below, all the graphics are humorous.

Wickles Pickles Chips
Wickles Pickles Chips

Texture & Appearance:
Big, chunky pickle slices that are very crisp! Golden brine, with 2 bright red chiles and lots of bits of garlic. I only gave this “3 peppers” for appearance, because I’d like to see more spices and colors in the brine. And more than 2 chile peppers too.

I’ve already said they’re the best hot pickles out of a jar I’ve ever had. The heat is medium and the sweetness and garlic balanced just right.

A medium heat that will make your head sweat. Hey, they’re “hot” pickles. But the heat is not so much that your Mom wouldn’t love ’em!

Judges loved the “supervinegary” taste and “serious kick.” Raved one, “They taste homemade.” – Everyday with Rachel Ray

This is what I would call a “class act”, great graphics, great taste – a delicious pickle! They’ve been featured in Southern Living Magazine as well as voted “Best Hot Pickle” by Rachel Ray Magazine.

Final Rating:
Overall, this is a great product. I plan on ordering a case of these babies. As you can see below, they also offer relish, hoagie and sub sandwich relish, banana pepper rings and pepper strips.

Wickles Products
Wickles Products

Sims Foods Inc. is a family owned business located in Dadeville, Alabama. While currently sold nationally in specialty and gourmet food stores as well as finer supermarkets across the USA, our Wickles products enjoy a distinct southern flair.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of Wickles Pickles. Wickles has come a long ways in a short ten years. Keep an eye out for our Wicked Okra – great for Bloody Mary recipes.

  2. Why do they need to put stuff like food coloring and chemical emulsifiers? I’ve made pickles before and never added any of that stuff. When I see that on an ingredient list it frankly turns me off to the product.

    1. The only think I could guess is the yellow 5 makes ’em pretty.
      As to the polysorbate 80, I love me a “nonionic surfactant and emulsifier derived from polyethoxylated sorbitan and oleic acid”. Besides, it’s really only a viscous, water-soluble yellow liquid. 🙂

          1. Thanks for writing back. We live in the very southern most part of St Mary’s county but if I ever get “up north”, I’ll look for a store called Harris-Teeter. I’ll definitely order through Amazon for now.


        1. I’m also in Maryland and I have found them in ACME, Redners and Walmart.

  3. My husband loves wickles. Do you sell these wickedly delicious pickles in a large size jar? Great product. Keep up the great taste.

  4. If you are into making pickles you can make a batch of LIME PICLKLES….add a good teaspoon full of red pepper flakes and a tsp or so of chopped garlic to each jar and believe me they taste just like Wickles…I made 2 batches this summer because everybody I know wanted some.

    1. Cori, those sound amazing. Please come back and give us the recipe!

      We need details and you’ll get full credit.

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