44 Wings sauce

Sadly, 44 Wings are Out of Business.

That’s right, on Day 4 of Week of Wings we’re featuring the “44 Wings” brand sauce from Tampa, Florida.

Ken Michaels of 44WingSauce.com sent me his “Medium” and “Hot” versions to review. This is a review of the Medium sauce.

Marilyn, a.k.a. @HotSauceChick on Twitter and I both agreed that the Medium is a great product.

44 Wing Sauce. “Darn Tootin’ It’s Good” Medium

This is a wing sauce that has all the ingredients already mixed in. Just heat before using – yet another wing sauce that needs to be heated before use, but at least the instructions are on the label. And there is no reason to add anything else. Our initial impression is that it has a nice consistency, light and perfect for coating your wings.

After baking and frying the wings and tossing them in this sauce, the vinegar edge first detected when poured from the bottle gave way to a sweet, fresh flavor. A wonderful infusion of herbs, spices and honey gave these wings a unique flavor profile. I love the aromatic essence that rosemary and other herbs lend to chicken, and, though not listed (various spices), they are definitely present in this sauce.

If there ever was a “gourmet-style” wing sauce, this would be it. In fact, it could be marketed as a “Gourmet Glaze”, as it would be perfect on ribs, shrimp, and poultry.

Ingredients: honey, peppers, vinegar, salt, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, butter flavoring, and various spices.


  1. The pic of the sauce in the bowl looks like soup, good enough to eat by itself.

  2. I don’t know about how it looks as a “soup”;-), but it looks gorgeous on the wings!


    It does look good on wings but my friends up here in Ontario had the pleasure of trying some 44 WING SAUCE ,and we think it tastes great on pretty much everything! DARN TOOTIN’ IT IS GOOD!

  4. I would like to try this hot sauce with wings.

  5. Where are you maybe we can get you some!!!

  6. This is like the perfect review, because you can see the sauce dripping off the spoon and see the consistency of it in the picture, it’s as good as a video. I wonder if their Hot wings sauce is any thicker.

  7. Corinne says

    I wish I could get a sample of all these different sauces. I would hate to buy 6 bottles of something & then find out I don’t like it.