Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce

1 Ugly Baby + 1 Ugly Label = 1 Delicious sweet hot sauce.

Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce

Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce – from Tropical Island Gourmet

Now here’s one for the books. Ugly Baby’s label is, well, ugly! I had a little reservation about even trying the sauce, but knowing the creator is a chef, and knowing his previous sauces were stellar… I opened the ugly stuff er, bottle.

Two or 3 spoonfuls and 4 tacos later, I was wowed. This is a delicious sauce that just rocked our tacos.

On pizza it was a little too tame for me, but still sweet and flavorful.

Heat Rating: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – Sharp and tangy heat comes on quick under the sweetness. Nice flavor/heat balance. Enjoyable.

Overall Rating: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – Quality flavor, clean profile, quick sweet heat that comes in fast. Cumin (think southwestern) is heavy on the back end. Weird label but awesome sauce. Recommended.

Ingredients: aged red peppers, jalapeño peppers, cider vinegar, light brown sugar, cilantro, cumin, salt, citric acid and xanthan gum.

Texture & Appearance: Burnt orange color with flecks of herbs and peppers, this sauce is a bit thin bodied. Nice pour.

Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce closeup

Taste / Heat: A sweet hot sauce with flavors of cilantro and cumin bring on a big Southwest taste. Light bodied and slightly spicy, the sweetness will win you over. Yummy.

Buy One Get One Free offer:

[themify_box style=”highlight, rounded” ]Until the end of October 2015, if you mention HotSauceDaily, you can get a BOGO free on Chef Fartenburn’s Gourmet Hot Sauce as well as Ugly Baby Sweet Hot sauce.[/themify_box]

About Tropical Island Gourmet:

Tropical Island Gourmet is the brainchild of Chef Wayne Howey – of Fire Ant Juice fame. Everything he makes has his golden touch. Despite the weird names and labels, it’s all good!

Chef Howey has won multiple awards this year alone – Scovies, Screamin’ MiMi’s, and World Hot Sauce awards all adorn his kitchen.
Check out our review of his other new sauce, “Chef Fartenburn’s” – which was just picked up by Bass Pro Shops. Yea, he’s on a roll.

Social Media:

Tropical Island Gourmet Co on Facebook: Tropical Island Gourmet Co on Facebook

Where to buy: You can find all of Chef Howey’s sauces at his Amazon store under the name of “Hot Sauce Gourmet”.

Find Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce here: Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce

Other Hot Sauce Gourmet products here: Tropical Island Gourmet Co

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review. Some links may be affiliate links.

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  1. Hey there Brian,

    Glad I found your blog through our interactions over at WPKube – as someone who loves hot sauce and spicy food, this site could be a life saver for me! 🙂

    Quick question – do you know if these sauces are limited to the US, or available elsewhere (I’m in Canada).


    1. Danny, Unfortunately, shipping to (or from) Canada is expensive. Most hot sauce crafters are willing to ship to CA, but you’d have to ask each one as you shop online.

  2. Funny label but this reminds me that I need to get some Fire Ant Juice and Fire Ant Byte – two of my favorite hot sauces ever.

    1. Indeed, they are both winners! Chris, I think you’d enjoy Ugly Baby too.

      They are offering a Buy One Get One free on Ugly Baby, as well as Chef Fartenburn’s (I know, another weird named sauce, yet to be reviewed), to anyone mentioning HotSauceDaily when ordering in October. Here’s the link for Ugly Baby. Click on *Hot Sauce Gourmet* to see the other sauces.


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