The Favorite Hot Sauce Flavor is What? Who knew!

Habanero flavored hot sauce took the top spot in my poll. Who knew?

Personally, it’s not my favorite. But the poll doesn’t lie, and after my visit to the Fiery-Foods Show last week, where Habanero was everywhere, I’m just as surprised as the next Chipotle Chilehead.

Just when you thought your favorite hot sauce base was the best, here comes everyone saying they love “XYZ”… in this case, Habanero.


My personal favorite is Chipotle, but after seeing the dozens and dozens of Habby based sauces at the show, I am floored, no, surprised at the results! If I had to pick a habanero based sauce, at this point in time, I’m going with Crazy Jerry’s Orange Rush! I really like this Habby sauce.

But there’s no denying, there are legions of fans of the Habby sauce, and I’ll be sure to feature quite a few in the coming months.

Nice to see Chipotle was 2nd in popularity, followed by Cayenne, Thai, Other, Extract and finally Jalapeno (yawn). I’ve personally never found a decent Jalapeno based “hot” sauce. They all taste the same.

What do YOU like? Got a favorite sauce? I’d love to know what you think is the BOMB in sauces! Maybe I’ll ask you to review it for us here at!

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  1. Great stuff! I’m not just saying that because I make it. Well….You be the judge.

  2. i fell hungry when i read your posting…wuuargghh

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