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Cap’n Bones and his crew of chileheads have a great hot sauce blog going on at tastethefear.com .

These guys are serious about their love for hot sauce, and it shows in their reviews.


They write a lot of what they call “Multi Reviews”, where 3 or 4 members write their reviews on a given hot sauce in the same post. It’s very interesting to read the different takes on the same product. Or should I say “see” the different reations… as in their videos.

ttf.ico A great example is a recent review of Habanero Punch and Habanero Punch TKO. Written by the Three Amigos, Justin, Troy (aka General Lee), and Parker, they each included a video of their review. These guys are really into ingesting a spoonfull of hotsauce (in this case, the extract version) and filming their reactions. That is way off the chart for me! Check out Justin doing a spoonful of Habanero Punch TKO back in July – he chases it with Tequila! Me, I prefer dairy products.

But you can see how each member discusses their likes and dislikes for a given sauce. Nice way to round out the reviews, guys. Just try watching Justin and not want to run to your ‘fridge to spoon a glob of an extract sauce into your mouth! (I prefer the Mad Dog Inferno products, but again, a whole spoonful is not for me.)

ttf.ico Then there’s Buddah.  This guy is their lead reviewer and he gets around. He’s even responsible for reviews that the other guys write about. I had the great pleasure to meet Al , er, Buddah at a recent food show in DC. What a great chilehead.

Buddah recently headed up the review for Zane & Zack’s 4 Brothers Hot Pepper Sauce – Smokey Garlic Habanero.  Check out his great photos, as he tastes and reviews this sauce. You can actually see the bottle in each shot as it disappears with each food he pours it on. Pretty cool. Along with himself, Justin and Hudd weighed in with their thoughts too.

ttf.ico Finally, Cap’n Bones and this bunch have a really cool monthly feature called The No Fear Zone. This is where the guys can post/say/talk about *anything* they want… and they do. Lots of off-topic conversations from chileheads to chileheads.

All in all, a very comprehensive and fun blog about hot sauces! Visit Cap’n Bones and his crew and tell ’em Brian from HotSauceDaily.com sent you!

(The Pirate Flag icon ttf.ico is TasteTheFear.com‘s own logo.)

Update: After poking around the Comments sections, I found out that quite a few hot sauce celebs hang out here too. You’ll find Turk from bisummo.com, CaJohn, from CaJohns.com, DefCon Creator John from defconsauces.com, Sam from Zane and Zack’s World Famous Honey Company, Fat Kid Sauces from FatKidSauces.com, and many others!

If you want me to feature YOUR blog, or you have a favorite blog that I could showcase, let me know in the comments below, or use the Contact page, or email me at brian [at] hotsaucedaily [dot] com.

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  1. Very cool of you Brian. Thanks. I actually looked at those pics and hated them. Too dark, and I have been trying to improve the pics since that review was written a little while back.

    I want to show off another review that I created specifically for TTF, which is called Battle of the Bottles. It is my favorite type of review and it shows how much fun we have with it. Check that out here if you haven’t done so yet: http://www.tastethefear.com/?p=1107

    Thanks again Brian for your very kind words. You have a great blog too. Considering you are running the show yourself it is nice to see you come up with interesting things to read.

    Buddahs last blog post..Multi-Review: 4 Brothers Hot Pepper Sauce…Smokey Garlic Habanero

  2. very cool review of the site, the reason for me chassing the extract with tequila on that video was from an earlyer conversation (much earlyer) with hudd and buddah about an episode of some tv show where they where testing what made the burn go away and concluded that tequila made it worse. or in my case better! il cheak your site out more when i have time, dont be a stranger on ttf.

  3. @Buddah – I have seen the Battle of the Bottles IV, quite a big production! Great review, very thorough. I got a kick out of the bottles in different positions in the Ring. Hilarious!

    @justin – you’re brave man. I love me the Tequila, but as a hot sauce chaser? wow.

  4. Nice write up on Taste the Fear. It’s great site to talk sauce, vent or enjoy a good laugh with some of the most colorful personalities in the Fiery Foods Industry. The Cap’n is a little creepy though…just kidding Tracy.

  5. Nice write-up! TTF is a cool place to hang. This place looks cool too – i’ll have to frequent it! Not so sure I am a “hot sauce celeb” though…. Man my wife should be impressed! -lol

    1. @FatKid – Thanks. Hey, didn’t we go to school together? You were the … um… fat kid, right? And yes, TTF is very cool. I’ve made quite a few new friends from there.

      @ Xero – Agree with you. The guys over there are great! I love the multi-reviews. Here, it’s just me and my tastebuds. Heh.

  6. Great write-up. I have made a lot of good friends in a very short time on Taste the Fear. Its a great site and lots of fun.

  7. Fat Kid Sauces: “Nice write-up! TTF is a cool place to hang. This place looks cool too – i’ll have to frequent it! Not so sure I am a “hot sauce celeb” though…. Man my wife should be impressed! -lol”

    You’re so money and ya don’t even know it.

  8. @Brian: Turk – Glad to help the “wife” out.

    Actually, I was quoting Fat Kid Sauces.

    My wife knows that I put my pants one leg at a time and usually trip in the process. 🙂

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  10. Hi All-
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  11. Well, good luck Tom. I hope it all works out for you. It isn’t too late to either attend the Weekend of Fire show or be a vendor. Just in case you wanted to get yourself in front of a lot of chileheads.

      1. It is outside of the Cincy area in Fairfield, OH. If you attend the show as a vendor, they will buy your products for their store as long as they have the UPC code on your labels for scanning. Jungle Jim’s International Market is one of the biggest stores in the country and they carry a lot of fiery food items in their store. You have to see it to believe it. Here is the link:

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