Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread Review

Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread

Hoagies are Philly’s name for subs or hero sandwiches

I love Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread. It’s basically crushed red peppers in vinegar. When it is smeared on subs or pizza, it is my favorite hot red pepper condiment.

I always prefer to spoon some Tallarico’s on pizza instead of the dried, crushed red peppers. I guess I like the vinegar hit you get with it. This from a guy that *loves* anchovies on his pizza! (More on that in another post.)

For those folks not near the Philly or East Coast areas, a hoagie is an “Italian sub” or “hero sandwich”, served on a long sub roll – usually with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and onions.

Left Sambal Oelek - Right Tallarico's Hoagie Spread

The Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread is unique, but it is very similar to the Sambal Oelek sold in Oriental stores and markets. I think the Sambal Oelek is thicker, sweeter and much hotter, while Tallarico’s is thinner and more vinegar flavored, with a much milder heat level.

We cooked some Minute Steaks, melted some cheese (I like American Deluxe or Provolone) on the steaks, sauteed some onions, then spread mayonnaise and Tallarico’s on the rolls.  Then we loaded up the rolls with the steaks and cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sauteed onions. This is a Philly Cheesesteak you can make at home!

Tallarico’s Products are usually sold in grocery stores in the Deli Dept.

Sadly, all of  their other products are NOT available in my area: Pizza Sauce, Steak Sandwich Sauce, Meatloaf Sauce, Hot Dog Sauce, Sloppy Joe Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce, Peppers and Sauce, Chip Steak Sauce, Sweet & Sassy Peppers, and Jalapeno Peppers.

Wow, that is quite a broad line of yummy products!

Let me know if you use this stuff… or tell me more about all the other Tallarico’s products! Just leave a Comment below and share the love!

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  1. mY FATHER IN LAW SENDS ME 5 JARS (HE’S IN pA)every few months, nor more than 3 -or 4 I use it ALL THE TIME !!! I love this!

  2. Lucky girl! I’m trying to get my local grocer to carry more of the tallarico’s brand of products.

  3. THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT!! they were the first to produce this wonderful item. Haddon House tried to copy it but it dosen’t come close to Tallarico’s. I use it on steak sandwiches along with their steak sauce on pizza,hoagies,hot dogs and on salads. Try it , you will not be disappointed.I asked the store manager where i shop and they got it in within a week or two.

  4. I’m searching the internet to buy Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread!! I moved from Pennsylvania to Indiana 12 yrs. ago and whenever someone visits they MUST bring me a jar! I’m out, and Mom forgot to bring any on her last 2 visits, I’m getting desperate here! LOL I love this stuff!

  5. The Hot Hoagie spread is the best that I have ever had. It is hard to find though. They used to have it at the BILO grocery store, but it was no longer carried when we went shopping today. I tried a Del Allo product….it looked the same but hardly measured up…..please help.

  6. Nothing compares or comes close to this Tallarico’s hogie spread. I’ve tried wicklespickles it’s ok but Tallarico’s formulated and perfected this long before anyone had it on the market. It’s a favorite on the east coast esp. Philly area, they send cases to our troops in Iraq, great company. Also I heard Steven Tallarico(AKA , Steven Tyler from Aerosmith). is the owners cousin.

  7. Yes, I know that Steven Tyler from Aerosmith is their relative. The family roots are from Catanzaro, Italy

  8. THANKS FOR THE INFO BUT…….. It nowhere comes close to Talarico pepper spread. I wish my area stores would get it in soon. I also know Steve Tyler is their relative,isn’t that wild. I wonder if he has any input in their products?

  9. Where can I buy the hoagie spread. I am in Harleysville, Pa. 19438

    1. Tallarico Hoagie Spread would be located in the Deli section of your grocery store or the international isle for some of our other products. You can also look at our full selection at

  10. how can i get some hoagie spread hot got some traving and dont have it in n.c

  11. Heat it up in a pan before you use it…the seeds release all the oils and the difference in heat is MASSIVE. Even my boyfriend who introduced me to the spread can’t handle nearly the same amount spread on a sandwich when heated vs not heated. The key is to heat it though in a pan. Use it in pasta sauces, in tapenades (olive oil, olives, garlic and add a small spoonful of tallaricos), any kind of topping, spread, filling, etc that you want to be spicy: just add a spoonful in a little olive oil. The seeds may pop if the heat is too high…but try it.

    Its amazing the difference in taste: still vinegar based but extremely hot.

  12. Could someone share with me the types of peppers used in this spread?

  13. Thanks Brian, I was just tryin to judge the “heat” of this spread. I remember back in the 70’s my grand-mom always having a jar of this…(not to sure if it was this brand or not) but she would eat it smeared on hoagies…sometimes just on a plain Italian roll. I think I may just have to try it now that I have a taste for hot in my older years.

  14. I grew up in the Philly suburbs and moved to Texas about 16 years ago… I was excited to find Cento Diced Hot Cherry Peppers at a local grocery store down here (HEB). It’s been a long time since I’ve had Tallarico’s but I think Cento’s is pretty close. Unfortunately HEB doesn’t seem to stock it anymore where I live 🙁 Below is a link to a six pack of Cento’s on Amazon. It’s pretty pricey but if you can find it locally you might want to check it out.

      1. I can only find the Haddon House spread near my parent’s house in Delaware. I use it on tuna sandwiches and really just about everything. I go through about a jar a week by myself and have to restock anytime I’m visiting my folks. The local IGA store near me in NY state has Wickles and I think it’s a horrible attempt at crushed cherry peppers. I find the Wickles spread to be too sweet, too runny, and too expensive.

        1. Matt, that’s funny you should say that. I’m just the opposite. If I can’t have the Tallarico’s, I prefer the Wickles over Haddon House.

          I do agree with you that the Wickles is sweeter… and yes thinner, but I do like that sweetness.
          The Haddon House is a bit harsh in the vinegar department.

          Well, just like hot sauces, we all have different preferences!

  15. Please tell me how I can order some of your great products that are listed also I really want the chicken soup base that you did not mention but is just perfect. I live in Tucson AZ and no one carries any of your products. Is there a phone number that I can use to make a order??? PLEASE EXTEND YOUR AREA OF SHIPMENTS TO AZ.

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