Chicken Choker Wing Rub

WEEK OF WINGS IV – Day 6 – Dry Rubbed Wings


With ribs, there are fans of the wet and sticky kind, and fans of the dry rubbed version. So it is with wings too… wet and saucy, or dry and spicy. This is our entry for our Week of Wings 4 with a dry rub, er… seasoning.

Chicken Choker Wing Rub from is a fiery blend of spices designed to give you a hot, spicy dry rubbed wing.

While not exactly rubbed before grilling, these wings are prepped in yet another unusual fashion. The hot, grilled wings are tossed in melted butter and sprinkled with Chicken Choker Wing Rub before serving. Hot, dry and crispy – these babies will light you up!

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A view of wings from a Pittsburgh blogger

WEEK OF WINGS IV – Day 5 – A Pittsburgh view…


And now for something completely different.

Our friend Scott Lindenhurst offered to write a post about wings from the viewpoint of a Pittsburgh sauce reviewer. Having never been to Pittsburgh, I was happy to read his thoughts about all things wings.

Scott Lindenhurst is the owner of Sauce Authority, a website that offers tons of hot sauce reviews, BBQ sauce reviews, sauce recipes and more.

If you have a heartbeat and you are an American male, eating wings is more of a common household rite of passage more so than Europeans loving their soccer (yes, soccer, not futbol). So it got me to thinking of my favorite wings and what the go-to sauce I use on mine. It was hard to keep it to just one, so I wanted to explore a few avenues.

First, and probably tops on my list, is a good old-fashioned wing smothered in a dripping, reddish-orangeish hot sauce. I mean when it comes to being a man, this is a no-brainer. I don’t care if you can’t handle the top-of-the line steaming hot sauce, if you are with the guys and having wings, you can’t be that guy who orders mild or something with hardly any kick to it.

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