Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Sauce Original and Hot Review

Mild BBQ sauce is our entry for Day 3 of our Week of Mild, and this time it’s an Eastern North Carolina style sauce from Carolina Sunshine. It’s a stretch to call any strong vinegar based sauce “mild”, but I’m willing to include one here for variety’s sake. That and the fact that I just realized these potent vinegar based sauces have quite a kick to them, but they are “mild” in terms of heat.

Carolina Sunshine Original and Hot BBQ Sauce

Carolina Sunshine BBQ sauce – hot on the left, original on the right

North Carolina boasts two main styles of BBQ sauce – Piedmont (Lexington) Style, typically made of vinegar, salt, peppers, spices, and ketchup (and sometimes worchestershire sauce) – and Eastern Style, again based on vinegar, but no ketchup. Unlike all other regional BBQ sauces (except for the mustard based goodness out of Alabama), there is NO ketchup in Eastern North Carolina style. This fact alone has always kept me from really enjoying this style of sauce. Until now.

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Luckys Hot Sauce Rudolphs Red with Garlic – Review

We are reviewing Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing Hot Sauce – Rudolph’s Red with Garlic, our 2nd Lucky’s review. We previously wrote about Lucky’s Jalapeno Garlic sauce. Happily, Rudolph’s Red rates a much better opinion from us.

Super bright red in color, with a simple crushed mild red pepper base, Rudolph’s Red is a delicous blend that reminds me of those hoagie spreads, or wet red peppers that are traditional on subs and hoagies. When I pressed owner Mark Porisch about the “hot red peppers” listed, he gave me the standard “… then I’d have to kill you” line. He did kindly add, “it’s a milder variety from the jalapeno family”.

Lucky's Rudolph's Red Hot Sauce

Bright in color and flavor - Lucky's Rudolph's Red

Despite the name, this is not a seasonal or holiday sauce. It’s available year-round and a winner with us. Read on…
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