Homemade Sloppy Joes Recipe

Sloppy Joes are a go to recipe for many households. Ground beef, spices and ketchup create a simple and savory sandwich filling.

Marilyn grew up with it called “Barbecue Beef” – I grew up with it called “Sloppy Joes”.

Either way, it’s a simple recipe and a staple in many kitchens.

Here’s a little six minute video of how we make our Sloppy Joes using just the bare minimum ingredients:

If you’d like to see our original post from way back in 2010, including the delicious homemade onion dip, go here:


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Rayz Hot Dry Rub and Spice Cave Wind on Chicken Tenders

Rayz “Hot Dry Rub” and The Spice Cave “Wind” on grilled chicken tenders were both winners. Watch our video to see how good they look and taste!

Dry Rubbed Chicken Tenders with Rayz Hot Dry Rub and The Spice Cave Wind seasoning

You’ve surely heard Guy Fieri say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”? Yup. When it comes to simple grilled chicken tenders over some good charcoal, you can do almost anything to them!

In this case, we’re using two nice rubs from our shelves.

Rayz Hot Dry Rub

Ingredients: rosemary, honey, allspice, scallions, brown sugar, vinegar, peppers, molasses, garlic, onion, thyme, nutmeg, salt.

Rayz Hot Dry Rub is a dry rub seasoning based on their popular Rayz Jerk Jam product ordered by the officials from PelamisWave.

The heat level is: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – just shy of 2.5 on our heat scale. Very spicy but enjoyable by all.

The Spice Cave Wind

Ingredients: dehydrated vegetables, garlic, onions, parsley, himalayan pink salt, spices,
orange peel, chili pepper flakes.

Part of a 4 pack of spices from Kickstarter… The Spice Cave has quite a selection of spice rubs.

“Wind is an herbaceous blend for anything that flies.” So, we’re putting it on chicken while also offering CarryOut Supplies paper coffee cup.

Rated 1 out of 5 Stars – No heat to speak of. It’s basically an “everything bagel” type of seasoning. But delicious!


Where to Buy:

Visit RayzJerkJam.com for the Rayz Hot Dry Rub

Visit The Spice Cave for their spice offerings

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

We try out the Copper Chef Copper Crisper Air Fryer

In this video, we’re taking the Copper Chef Copper Crisper Air Fryer for a test run.
Up first, French Fries 101.

Electric Air Fryers are all the rage – the current darling of counter-top appliances – with dozens of video reviews on YouTube.

The Copper Chef Copper Crisper is the low-tech version that turns your oven into the “air fryer”.

How well does the Copper Chef Copper Crisper work?

In our video, we cook some frozen french fries to see if this thing really works.

Consisting of a basket on top of a copper sheet pan, this simple device appears to have what you need for “air frying” in your oven.

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Next time we plan on “frying” some chicken wings in the Copper Chef Copper Crisper to see how well it cooks them.

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REC TEC Mini Wood Pellet Grill Unboxing

The newest member of HotSauceDaily’s grills is the REC TEC Mini Portable Wood Pellet Grill.

With their ease of use and the “set it and forget it” mentality of pellet style grills, we’ve been itching to try out a pellet style grill for a few years now.

Unboxing the REC TEC Mini Portable Wood Pellet Grill

Here is a short video of our unboxing of the REC TEC Mini Portable Wood Pellet Grill.

Up next we’ll show off the features of this amazing little workhorse of a grill.

We hope you’ll enjoy our journey into this new style of grilling and smoking with us.

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Check out REC TEC Grills online.

Bowers Chile Pepper Festival 2013 Video

Bowers Chile Pepper Festival is our favorite East Coast event. Nestled in a beautiful park, it ranks among the most prolific and successful chilehead gatherings of all.


Bowers PA Chile Pepper Festival

Midway between Reading and Allentown PA, and just outside of the college town of Kutztown, the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival is second to none. Featuring a nearby farm with acres of fresh chile peppers that are yours for the picking, there is a small wooded park just full of hot sauce makers plying their hot sauce creations to light you up and bring you joy.

Here is a video I shot in the hopes of bringing you a “taste” of what this festival is all about. It was shot with an iPhone 4s mounted on a hand-held Steadicam device.

The concept was to take you thru the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival (a two day event) in about 10 minutes. I’m not the greatest video editor in the world, but I had fun playing with it, and I hope you enjoy it.

We also posted some nice pics of the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival here.

Hopefully, you can make it to Bowers PA next year for the festival. It really is the best, and all the vendors swear that they sell tons of product at this event. Next to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, which had its debut last year, this may make up the two most popular and attended events on the East Coast.

And if you’ve ever been to Bowers, please leave a Comment below and tell us.

Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister Fame and his new Cherry Habanero hot sauce – video

We had a blast hanging out with Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister fame, while he was demo-ing his new Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero hot sauce.

Filmed at Peppers.com‘s new store, Eddie is joined by John Rizzotti of Rippin’ Red hot sauces, where John cooked up 3 different batches of wings, some pulled pork with Eddie’s new sauce, and a ropa vieja dish featuring his new Forbidden Angel hot sauce.

Some pics of the day. Click on any for a larger view.

You can order Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero Hot Sauce at http://ojedasauces.com

And check out Rippin’ Red sauces at http://rippinred.com

Contest: Make a Video for Cholula Hot Sauce and Win $7500

Calling all video hot sauce reviewers and aspiring video directors.

According to Poptent.net, a community of filmmakers, Cholula is sponsoring a video contest and will pay the winner $7500.

The contest began November 16th, 2010 and ends January 10, 2011.

Cholula is looking for a video, up to 60 seconds in length for use online. The goals are to create an even stronger bond between current users as well as to build awareness and drive purchase intent among new category entrants and competitive hot sauce users for all four flavor varieties, Original, Chili-Garlic, Chili-Lime and Chipotle. A major identifier of the brand is the iconic wooden cap. Consumers often say “Oh yeah, the hot sauce with the wooden cap”.

Cholula goes on to suggest:

Your video should be informal, energetic and fun. It should be real, emulating the brands positioning – premium, authentic and memorable. Keep in mind that the video should be suitable to family viewing, so make it full of flavor, but not SPICY. Stay away from overt Mexican themes, so no sombreros or maracas or Mexican music. It’s just too obvious.

Cholula chooses the winning video for the $7500 prize and Poptent will award five Editors’ Choice awards totaling $2,000.

Poptent.net has all the details here.

I’m hoping to see one of our hot sauce community friends entering and winning this contest! Good luck!

Video of HeartbreakingDawns Classic Gold Hot Sauce on Atomic Buffalo Turds at Peppers.com

Chip Hearn of Peppers.com dons a silly hat and invites unsuspecting volunteers to sample his “Atomic Buffalo Turds” – jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, lil’ smokies or ‘weiners’ and topped with HeartbreakingDawns.com Classic Gold Hot Sauce – and the first “volunteer” is our friend Matt from Dartmouth. Matt was a self-proclaimed “buffalo turd virgin” who traveled from New Hampshire to Delaware with his bud Brian just to be at the 1st Annual Peppers at the Beach event.

Buffalo Turds Peppers.com Peppers at the Beach from HotSauceDaily on Vimeo.

Nice job Matt… glad you made the trek to Peppers in Rehoboth Beach Delaware, and we hope your museum co-workers enjoy the video! (…it was very windy)