Chef Tunes by Maverick review

A cool little kitchen appliance that monitors your meat in the oven and takes and makes phone calls – all while you listen to music from your bluetooth phone or tablet.

Chef Tunes by Maverick

chef tunes by maverick

Bluetooth kitchen speaker, hands free phone, roasting thermometer and clock – Chef Tunes by Maverick does all that. Check out our video review at the bottom of this post.

Their newest device from Appliance Reviewer is just made for the indoor cook. Allowing you to listen to music from your iPhone or iPod or other bluetooth enabled device, while monitoring meat roasting in the oven with a single probe – this device also makes and takes phone calls. Very handy.

The small countertop box is powered by both AC and rechargeable batteries. Conceivably you could use this device out at the grill too.

What’s in the box:

1 – Chef Tunes appliance
1 – 39″ (1 meter) meat probe
1 – AC charger
1 – instruction manual

What’s on the counter:

chef tunes top view buttons

You now have a fairly powerful and loud speaker to listen to your tunes via bluetooth, while you monitor your meat in the oven.

The audio in our video does not give the sound justice… it’s remarkably good!

chef tunes by maverick in black

The combination of timer and temp monitor will give you peace of mind. And when that pesky phone call comes in, you can take it by simply touching a button and go hands-free while you cook.

Watch our short video review for all the details

Chef Tunes is available exclusively at SVM Products

SVM Products also sell the excellent Maverick ET-732 Remote Barbecue Thermometer.

Our review of the Maverick ET-732 is here.

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

Wine Bottle Pepper Grinder

This wine bottle pepper grinder not only looks great, but it’s our best grinder as well.

Featuring a stainless steel grinding mechanism, it adjusts easily from fine to coarse with the knurled top.

It’s made by Chef Specialties Co in Smethport, PA. Purchased from and custom engraved by (See update below.)

I have to admit, we wanted one of these ever since we saw it on the Emeril Live show. (But we constantly wonder why he lays it down sideways… I think it’s a “production” issue… can’t have that thing sitting up tall, and distracting the viewers, now can we?)

So, Wifey ordered this for me, for my birthday. It arrived plain, un-tatooed, sans logo… NAKED even.
I sent Tom at a post-it note, with my nickname sketched on it, and my grinder came back with the “design” burned in, at actual size. Awesome job, Tom!

This would make a great gift for your favorite foodie! And the website has different woods, and dozens of designs to choose from.

Update 01/03/11: Tom’s new website is called

Tell Tom that sent you!