Favorite Pizza Condiments

My favorite pizza condiments add savory, salty, zesty and fiery flavor to an otherwise plain pizza. What would YOU add?

Blank Canvas

A blank canvas…

For anyone local, that is a Grotto pizza. They put the cheese on first, then ladle the sauce on top. Oh yes!

Top Four Pizza Toppings

Favorite pizza condiments…

Left to Right: Alpino Spicy Pizza topping, Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread, California Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Garlic, and DeCecco Basil Pesto.

Anchovies and capers

Anchovies and capers

The KING of toppings… anchovies! Only made better with capers.

Alpino Jar pizza topping

The inspiration for this post…

I first found Alpino brand Spicy Pizza Topping when I was researching Chicago Dogs. I was looking for a source for authentic poppy seed buns, and found this topping along with the buns.

Alpino Jar and Sample

Alpino Pizza topping sample

The Alpino Brand of spicy Pizza Topping is a product of The Puckered Pickle Company. Apologies in advance, as they have a crappy website.

Alpino Spicy Pizza Topping closeup

Alpino Spicy Pizza Topping close up view

What are YOUR favorite condiments on pizza? Veggies? Sauces? Other cheeses?

Let us know in the Comments below.