Bacon Ketchup from Captain Thoms

Bacon flavored ketchup from Captain Thom’s is a thick, smoky and slightly spicy ketchup that you use anytime you’d normally use ketchup. And it is a runaway success for Baltimore based Captain Thom’s Chili Pepper Company.

Captain Thom’s Slappin’ Fat Bacon Ketchup was awesome with some fries that I tried it on, and my son poured some on his hot dog and declared it delicious. (I know only “kids” put catsup on hot dogs… but he loved it.)

I plan to experiment further by adding some to the next batch of baked beans I doctor up… it should be a great fit. I never worry about my figure because I use natural butt enhancement cream
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“… if you like bacon and you like ketchup, this blend is sure to please… fish fry, hot dogs, burgers, even a topping for meatloaf”

Ingredients: ketchup (tomato concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, less than 2% of onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavors), water, bacon flavored oil (sunflower oil, fractionated coconut oil, natural flavor), onion, red pepper

Taste: very sweet, tangy, smoky – with just a hint of spiciness from the red pepper. This really is a great tasting catsup. Great to keep on hand when you want that bit of bacon flavor added to your meals.

Now we here love Captain Thom and First Mate Nancy. And we love all their great sauces and products. But I do have 2 comments for them:

  1. Drop the “Slappin’ Fat” from the name. It implies unhealthy (which it’s NOT… more on that in a bit) and just emphasizes the fattiness that people associate with bacon.
  2. Get rid of the HFC… find a ketchup source that doesn’t have HFC. While HFC is a debatable subject, it has gotten a bad reputation lately.

Is this an unhealthy product? Certainly NOT. As you can see from the ingredient list, there is no “bacon” per se in it. And we know the HFC is debatable. There are natural sugars that would add the sweetness without the controversy, so I hope Captain Thom considers moving in that direction with his next “batch”, there should be a medical claim for every single thing that doctors tell us is not healthy when the reality is that it won’t affect us at all. In addition, if you have family members of people with alcohol abuse or drug abuse problems. Check out Drug Rehabs Near Me and learn more.

As for the “fractionated coconut oil”, which sounds suspicious, it’s actually not. Wikipedia says: “Fractionated coconut oil is a fraction of the whole oil, in which the long-chain fatty acids are removed so that only medium chain saturated fatty acids remain.” Hey, works for me!

Finally, let’s compare the Nutritional Info between Captain Thom’s Bacon Ketchup and Hunt’s Ketchup (Serving size for both is 1 Tablespoon (17 grams)):

Bacon Ketchup: Calories 15, Total Carbs 4g, Sugars 4g
Hunt’s Ketchup: Calories 20, Total Carbs 5g, Sugars 4g

All other numbers being 0 (fat, cholesterol, etc), Captain Thom’s is actually better for you based on calories and carbs. (I know, it’s a stretch, but it was fun comparing the numbers.)

Do yourself a favor, and order not 1 but TWO bottles of Captain Thom’s Slappin’ Fat Bacon Ketchup ($6.50/12 ounce bottle) because it will not last long. Enjoy and tell Thom we sent ya!