Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012 in Pics

Good times at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012

My photo gallery of all the old and new friends I met at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival.

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Week of Mild: Day 5: Dillapeño Salsa & Relish Review

Condiments rule (after hot sauces, of course), and today for Day 5 of Week of Mild, we’re looking at Dillapeño Salsa & Relish from the Smither Family Kitchen in Texas. This concoction of cucumber, jalapeños, sugar and carrots makes for a delicious condiment. Sweet and only mildly hot via the jalapeños, it’s perfect on “cream cheese, deviled eggs, hot dogs, burgers, tuna salad… and our favorite, chips!” according to their label.

Ingredients: cucumber (distilled vinegar, salt, alum, turmeric, spics, 1/10 of 1% sodium benzoate (preservative), polysorbate 80), jalapeño peppers, (water, vinegar, salt), sugar, trace of calcium chloride, carrots

Texture & Appearance: It’s chunky in a relish kind of way. Ok, let’s cut to the chase – it IS a relish. A very sweet relish, with jalapeños.

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ZestFest 2012 Live Reporting from Ken Alexander

Ken Alexander reporting live from Zestfest 2012 in Irving, Texas.

As my wife and I entered the Irving, Texas convention center this morning, we were greeted by the large archway inviting us into Zestfest, one of the largest hot sauce and spicy food shows in the country. After being greeted by festival “go to” wonder woman Judy Fuhrhop, and being given a brief tour of the beautiful layout, we took off in search of friends, old and new, and some of the most unique, original, and spicy products I’ve tried in a while.
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Big Ron’s Hint of Houston Rub Review

We love trying out new rubs that are not found in your local big box grocery store. Small batch or hand crafted seasonings almost always delight us. And sometimes we find a gem. In this case it’s from Houston, Texas in the form of Big Ron’s Rubs.

big rons rub sample packs

Big Ron Garcia sent us a sampler pack of four rubs – his Original Rub (all purpose), In the House (chicken & beef), Texas Chili Mix (chili), and Hint of Houston (spicy, chicken).
It’s the Hint of Houston we are focusing on here.
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