Tabasco Sriracha – A First Look

Did Tabasco come up with a Sriracha sauce worthy of the legend that is Sriracha? Or is this a Sriracha sauce that is worthy of the legend that is Tabasco? Tabasco Sriracha Sauce According to the label, McIlhenny Co. Tabasco Brand Premium Sriracha Thai Chili Sauce is the official name of … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Limited Edition Bottle of Tabasco® Big Easy

Win a Limited Edition Bottle of Tabasco in a Big Easy package! With New Orleans as the host city for the Super Bowl this February, food and drinks will be an even bigger part of the annual celebration, and McIlhenny Company is commemorating the big game and the "Big Easy" with a limited edition … [Read more...]

Tabasco Game Day Wing Recipes from Top Chef Floyd Cardoz

Week of Wings III - Day 2 - Three Tabasco Wing Recipes The second day of our Week of Wings III series continues with 3 different wing recipes featuring 3 Tabasco sauces, as created by Bravo's Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz. Creamy Buffalo Wings feature Tabasco's newest sauce, … [Read more...]

Tabasco Buffalo Style Hot Sauce Review

Tabasco is the indisputable "Grandfather" of American hot sauces, but in the grand scheme of things they are still playing catch-up. And so here is a review of their "Buffalo Style" Hot Sauce. Following in their footsteps of adopting Habanero, Chipotle, Sweet and Spicy, and Garlic, the McIlhenny … [Read more...]

Refrigerate After Opening:
Three Words I Hate

Refrigerate After Opening - three words I hate to see on bottles of sauces. Really? Have you seen my 'fridge photos? I just don't have the room in there with all the pickles, mustards, and BBQ concoctions. And that photo is AFTER cleaning out the 'fridge door! I much prefer the sauces … [Read more...]

Hot and Spicy on History Channel Modern Marvels

This Press Release just came in from Bruce and Cindy Wilkens of MODERN MARVELS: HOT & SPICY ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL! Tune into the History Channel, Thursday March 18th at 8 PM, Eastern Time; 7 PM Central. The Modern Marvels series, will be broadcasting a new episode, called Hot … [Read more...]

Must Have Hot Sauces:
Three I Keep on Hand At All Times

These are my top 3 favorite hot sauces that I always have in the house. There's nothing exotic or fancy here - just simple, good for everyday use hot sauces that I always keep on hand. 1. Tabasco - The Granddaddy of hot sauces Tabasco has been around since 1868. Pages have been written about this … [Read more...]

New Tabasco Sauce Flavor Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce

I'm really anxious to try Tabasco's new Sweet & Spicy flavor of their first ever dipping sauce! It comes in their traditional bottle, but they are marketing it as their first dipping sauce for Asian-Style foods. Somebody at the McIlhenny Company's Avery Island outfit is very excited about … [Read more...]

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