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Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce Part 2

We compare Flying Goose Sriracha to 3 others: Huy Fong, Shark Brand & Chuew Huad

They are all similar in that each is a garlic based Thai style sauce. All are made in Thailand except the venerable Huy Fong, made in California, USA. The Huy Fong (Rooster) is also the only one that keeps, without refrigeration.

Each sauce has it’s own distinct flavor profile. Let’s start with the star of this post.

Flying Goose Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce:

The thickest of the group, it’s quite hot, with a strong garlic flavor.  Very pungent and a bit salty due to the MSG that’s in it. I’d say it is the 2nd hottest, after the Huy Fong. Still, it’s very exciting to finally get my hands on some Flying Goose. Apparently it is readily available in the U.K., especially England and Germany, but I’ve not found one source for it here in the U.S.

Ingredients: Chilli 70%, Water, Sugar, Garlic, Flavour Enhancer (E621)[MSG], Stabilizer (E415), Citric Acid (E330), Preservative (E202)

Huy Fong Tuong Ot Sriracha (the Rooster label):

I think this is the hottest of the four, and while it served us well when it was all we knew, after tasting the other authentic sauces, the ‘ol Rooster just isn’t the best. Tasting it brings on the heat alright, but then the saltiness shows up. Compared to the Flying Goose, the Rooster pales in depth of flavor, beyond the heat. There is also very little sweetness, even though sugar is 2nd in the list of ingredients.

Ingredients: Chili, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Distilled Vinegar, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bisulfite as preservatives, and Xanthan Gum

Shark Brand Sriracha Chili Sauce (the tall bottle with the yellow label):

This one starts off sweet and vinegary, then the garlic and heat kick in. It’s also very thin compared to the 2 above. I’m told by the distributor that the Shark Brand is a very popular and authentic line in Thailand, and is one of his better sellers. I would definitely buy another bottle of the Shark.

Ingredients: Chilli 35%, Water 25%, Sugar 20%, Garlic 10%, Salt 5%, Vinegar 5%

Chuew Huad Red Chilli Sauce:

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one is up there. It’s the thinnest of them all, and also the sweetest. With no preservatives at all, and salt last in the ingredients, it seems to have a really pure, fresh taste. It’s a shame it only comes in a small 100 c.c. bottle. I ordered 3 bottles the last time, along with a yellow chilli sauce that we’ve not tried yet.

We’ve mixed the Chuew Huad with a little butter, and made some delicious chicken tender skewers on the grill.

Ingredients:  Red Chilli 70%, Garlic 10%, Sugar 8%, Vinegar 7%, Salt 5% (no preservative or color added)

Where to buy:

Flying Goose: – be warned, their search function sucks. Use the direct links below.

Flying Goose -small – 200 ml

Flying Goose – large – 455 ml

Their price for the 2 small bottles was £1.99 each, shipping was £7.47 = Total: £11.45 GBP

My bill was $16.76 US Dollars for the two small, 200 ml bottles. I ordered them on Dec 7th, 2008, they shipped out on Dec 10th, and arrived on Dec 22nd. So allow about 2 weeks from ordering to receiving. Also, you should create an account. All in all, it was an ok ordering experience, as I’ve not ordered anything internationally from the ‘net before.

Shark Brand Sriracha Chili Sauce & Chuew Huad Red Chilli Sauce:

I highly recommend for any and all Thai ingredients! Tell owners Jerry and Yaowalak Good, that sent you!

Srirach Sauce, Shark Brand, 7 oz bottle – $3.29

Chuew Huad Pure fresh red chile sauce, 3.5 oz bottle – $2.79 ( incorrectly lists the bottle as 6oz.)

Huy Fong Tuong Ot Sriracha (the Rooster label):

Available at grocery stores all over the U.S. (Food Lion, Harris Teeter, etc.)

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Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce Part 1

Very excited to get 2 bottles of Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce!

Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce is very scarce in the United States.  I’ve only found one online source from the UK  for it.  I ordered 2 small bottles of the basic sauce.

I’ll update this post after I have a chance to try it and compare it to the Huy Fong brand, which is made in Rosemead, Ca. and of course is commonly available here.

Here’s a close-up of the front label showing the Flying Goose logo and NHAN CON NGONG BAY text underneath.

This is the back label with ingredients:

Chilli: 70%, Water, Sugar, Garlic, Flavour Enhancer (E621), Stabilizer (E415), Citrick Acid (E330), Preservative (E202)

(They have funny ingredients in Thailand… E621? What’s that?)

Left side of bottle describing the product. Yummy!

Finally, the manufactuer’s info: Flying Goose Brand, Sea World Coldstorage Co., LTD.

Chonburl, Thailand

If  anyone knows of a source in the U.S for this stuff, PLEASE let me know!

Stay tuned for a taste test and review.

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Sambal Oelek Ground Fresh Chili Paste: What Recipe Can I Use It In?

So I have this jar of Sambal Oelek chili paste and I have NO idea of how to use it, or what recipe it would be used in. So this is’s version of “”, where I’m asking you, the reader, to help me out with suggested uses for this chili paste.

Sambal Oelek

Sambal Oelek

It’s made of only 3 things: “chili, salt, distilled vinegar”, plus 3 preservatives – “Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bisulfite and Xantham Gum“.

This rich, deep red sauce says:

Add GROUND FRESH CHILI PASTE to make any food mouth-warmingly spicy. Use it to “heat up” your stir-fry dishes, pizza, eggs, pasta, or anything you desire.”

Wow, sounds like there’s no limit… typical of the condensed marketing hype on any given bottle of sauce, I mean “mouth-warmingly”?… I like it! The hype that is.

I should add, this sauce is made and distributed by Huy Fong Foods, who make the awesome Sriracha Sauce I’ve gushed about on this blog time and again. So I’m sure it’s a quality product.

And sure, I could Google “sambal oelek recipes” to find recipes for it, but I want to hear from the experts out there… YOU. Have you ever used this concoction and what is your favorite way to use it?

Update: Oct 31, 2008 – Wow… this Sambal Oelek is very much like one of my favorite condiments for subs and pizzas – Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread. The Sambal Oelek is slightly thicker, and maybe sweeter – but it’s a great stand-in for Tallarico’s! And it’s definately hotter. Yay!

Leave a Comment and help me out.

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