Lucky Dog’s new Dia del Perro hot sauce

Dia del Perro, or “Day of the Dog” is a new salsa verde style hot sauce from the award-winning Lucky Dog Hot Sauce kitchen.

This is no ordinary salsa verde (green sauce).

Using serrano peppers, tomatillos, roasted garlic, and even chile tepin (bird’s eye), creator Scott Zalkind adds his own signature flavor by smoking his sea salt with alderwood and toasted onion, and infusing that with habanero peppers. The result is a complex and flavorful sauce.

Scott says this is his “tribute to the taqueria-style verde table sauces of California and Mexico”.

We think he nailed it.

Heat Level: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars A mild-medium heat that everyone will love.

Overall Rating: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars Superb flavor! Best of the best!


Dia del Perro salsa verde from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, organic apple sauce, serrano peppers, onions, roasted garlic, carrot juice, water, sea salt (alderwood smoked, toasted onion and habanero infused), dried tomatillos, carrots, lime juice concentrate, chile tepin.

Texture & Appearance: Very thick, and very pulpy, this olive green sauce takes some coaxing to get out of the bottle. Once you get things started, the sauce pours a little easier. The pulpy texture makes for a great “mouth feel”. Satisfying.


Taste Straight Up: We smell the vinegar and “green” flavors up front, but surprisingly, the vinegar taste is not overbearing. Even the lime flavor is muted – a good thing for us, as we don’t care for verde sauces that have too much tang from the lime and/or vinegars.

And I already mentioned the pulp provides a nice mouth feel, which only adds to the taste experience.

Finally, I want to point out what we perceive as the classic Lucky Dog Hot Sauce signature flavor component – and that is the smoked sea salt. Infusing his sea salt with various woods and veggies and peppers is tantamount to sheer genius. And we don’t know of any other sauce maker that takes this step to round out their recipe or sauce in such a unique way.

We feel this step alone sets Lucky Dog Hot Sauces and specifically the new Dia del Perro sauce in a class all its own. Distinctive.

Heat Level: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – The slight burn is a bit “sting-y” as Marilyn puts it – probably from the contribution the chile tepin peppers add at the very end of ingredients.

I disagree with the “sting-y” description. I find the overall heat level is simply “warm” – very middle of the road. Reliable.

Label/Graphics: With a unique departure from the usual look of his labels, Scott enlisted artist Robin Case for the “sugar skull” graphic that adorns this bottle. Familiar, as it’s still his beloved black lab Lucky as the model, yet artsy-fartsy. Bonus: if you’re in California, it’s available as a tattoo. Contact Scott for details. Impressive.

Taste on food


Tacos: We cooked up a big batch of Tacos using our homemade taco seasoning, and just went nuts pouring Dia del Perro sauce onto them. The fresh flavor of Dia del Perro was very complimentary. It blended well with the spicy meat, crispy tacos, and sour cream. Winner.


Flour Tostadas: Again, the sauce rocked on these. The Flour Tostadas almost gave us a better picture of the sauce.

We could really taste the flavors of the Dia del Perro on our Flour Tostadas, even more than on the tacos from the night before. If you want to know how to make these, just shoot us an email or use the Contact Us menu. Fresh and bold.

Where to buy

All of Lucky Dog’s Hot Sauces are available at

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Salinas Salsa Mild Angel Hot

A fresh salsa created in small batches that is authentic with every mouth watering bite. A homemade taste like no other.

salinas salsa mild medium hot trio

Salinas Salsa Mild Angel Hot Salsa

Salinas Salsa, Co. is heating up Texas and beyond with their line of super fresh salsas. They are winning awards like the 2014 Worldfest People’s Choice Champion for Salsa Challenge.

This first review of 3 salsas begins with their “Mild Angel Hot” salsa. Salinas Salsa Mile is orange in color but green in flavor with cilantro and jalapeños and serrano chiles.

salinas salsa mild texture

Nice texture.

Ingredients: fresh variety of tomatoes and onions, cilantro, fresh jalapeños & serrano peppers, lime juice, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, fresh herbs and spices & sea salt.

salinas salsa mild texture closeup

Small, chunky texture is satisfying.

Texture & Appearance: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars 5/5 – Beautiful bright salsa with a medium grind texture. Remarkable for the consistent size of tiny chunks of tomatoes and chiles. I love the “chew” factor and crunch. Superb.

Taste Straight Up: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars 5/5 – Big taste of tomatoes and onions – almost like a “pico de gallo” flavor, without the big chunks. The garlic flavor is there, with the vinegar in the background with a fresh lime taste supporting the bright flavor of the chiles. The serrano peppers bring their own unique flavor without an overpowering heat. Classic.

Heat Level: Rated 1 out of 5 Stars 1/5 – The heat in Salinas Salsa Mild would appeal to everyone from Mom and Dad to Uncle “Chilehead” Ed. Just the right amount of heat and flavor to please everyone. Satisfying.

Nice cut-out style label.

Nice cut-out style label.

Label/Graphics: Very classy with a “cut-out” designed label, but a bit on the dark side with the fonts. It’s hard to read from a distance, but the shape is recognizable once you become familiar with it. Original, but hard to read. On the plus side, the label doesn’t cover up much of the jar, so the contents are easily seen. Innovative.

Final Thoughts

Salsa, salsa, salsa. Red, red, red. That’s pretty typical, isn’t it? Salinas Salsa Mild is a green tasting salsa with a bright orange look. It is incredibly fresh tasting for a jarred salsa. It is truly green only in flavor and concept. Highly recommended.

We did the dip and chip standard taste test…

salinas salsa green on chips

Made for chips and dipping.

…and heated some up on some nachos with taco meat and cheese. Delicious.

salinas green salsa on nachos

Perfect on nachos anyway you like them.

Stay tuned to our reviews of the other Salinas Salsa Co. offerings – That’s Good Hot, and Hunter’s Habanero Hot.

About Salinas Salsa Co.

Salinas Salsa, Co. is from the founder Eliseo ‘Shane’ Salinas, Jr. – created to make a natural homemade taste & spicy blend to match the flavors he grew up with. This a natural homemade taste that infuses Texas & Mexico together to give you the authentic taste and feel of the deep TexMex south.

Social Media: Follow Salinas Salsa Co on Facebook, Salinas Salsa on Google+, and on Twitter.

Where to buy: You can visit to purchase all of their salsas, and as usual, please tell Shane that HotSauceDaily sent you.

If you are a fan of Salinas Salsa Co., please let us know in the Comments below. Are you a fan of green salsas? What do you like in a salsa? We want to know that too!

Frankie V’s Kitchen Salsas review

Frankie V and the Serranos – Frankie V and the Habaneros – two salsa offerings from Frankie V’s Kitchen of Dallas, Texas that also make Spooky White and Fiery White hot sauces.

Frankie V's Kitchen Salsas

Frankie V’s Kitchen Salsas

FRANKIE V’S GOURMET HOT SAUCES AND SPREADS are made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, local when we can and 100% all natural, Texas Style! Frankie V’s passion for cooking was the inspiration for transforming the ordinary into a culinary masterpiece. Made from scratch with attention to detail, every jar is inspected and approved before it leaves Frankie V’s Kitchen. Great food that’s great for you!

We met the inimitable Frankie V at the NYC Hot Sauce Festival, where Frankie V’s Kitchen won a 1st Place Screaming Mi Mi Award for Best Artwork as well as a 2nd Place Mi Mi for his Serrano salsa.

Frankie V at NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2013

Frankie V at NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2013

Frankie V & The Serranos

Frankie V's Serrano

Frankie V’s Serrano

I’ve mentioned many times publicly and here on this blog, that serranos are one of my top 2 favorite chiles for salsa (the other being chipotle chiles), and when you combine serranos with tomatillos, you have the makings of a very green, very flavorful salsa or hot sauce – if done right.

Texture & Appearance: This sauce is of a very fine grind. Think apple sauce consistency. And you can see in the pics that it has a bright green color.

Frankie V's Serrano up close

Frankie V’s Serrano up close

Taste Straight Up: First up, a big hit of sweetness from the pear and pineapple give way to what you may perceive as vinegar… nope. That would be the tomatillos. A light garlic flavor finishes with the mild heat of the serrano chile peppers – with the lime juice adding a slight “tang” to the whole mix. This green serrano-based salsa with tomatillos and pineapple really brings on the fresh, citrusy flavor of a good mild salsa. And surprisingly, there is no vinegar in this salsa.

Heat level: Rated 1/2 out of 5 Stars – ½/5 A very mild salsa with a big “green” flavor.

Frankie V's front label

Frankie V’s front label

Label/Graphics: Some of the best graphics we’ve seen in awhile. With a simple black & white “turn of the century” sideshow/circus “silent movie card” style of flourished fonts and embellishments – the front panel and side panel graphics are inventive and entertaining. Some would argue the panels are hard to read, and indeed some of the text is very tiny (ingredients among them), but there is a reason Frankie V’s won best graphics at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

Frankie V's Best Art Awards

Frankie V's side label

Frankie V’s side label

Ingredients: tomatillos, pear, pineapple, mango, onion, agave nectar, garlic, serrano pepper, cilantro, lime juice, coconut oil.

Overall Rating: Rated 4 out of 5 StarsFrankie V & The Serranos could be just a bit hotter to get our favorite rating of 5. But for flavor and quality it’s up there!

Frankie V & The Habaneros

Frankie V's Habanero sauce

Habanero salsas, in my opinion, can be like habanero hot sauces – you either love ’em or not. I think it takes a true stroke of genius to craft a hot sauce or salsa with mainly habaneros, and not have it turn out to be simply hot for hot’s sake. Before the onslaught of the “superhots” (ghost, scorpion, jolokia), the habanero chile was the venerable king of the hottest chiles. Ok, this has been a few years, but stay with me here. And at its inception as a hot sauce chile ingredient, habanero salsas and sauces were all simply salt, vinegar and habaneros.

As a result, I was really late to the party as a fan of habanero sauces. To this day, there are still some that are simply the trio of ingredients. But things have changed! As the hot sauce crafters’ world has grown, and with the influx of chef created and inventive sauces, I’ve come around to actually liking habanero based products. Frankie V & The Habaneros Salsa is yet another one that raises the bar.

Frankie V's Habanero closeup

Frankie V’s Habanero closeup

Texture & Appearance: Not surprisingly, this salsa is of the same “apple sauce” consistency as the Serrano. Not that that’s a bad thing. Consistency, folks. A nice, fine grind (and I’m a fan of the fine grind as well as the coarse, chunky grind) – this is a medium-hot salsa that would just go over as gangbusters at your next tailgating/foo-foo dinner party. Yea, it would fit into both worlds.

Taste Straight Up: Wow. This just may be the most unique habanero based salsa we’ve ever had at the HSD HQ. Again, like the Serrano, sweet taste from the pineapple comes on strong, supported by the mango. Even the tomatoes lend a bit of body and sweetness – but ultimately, it’s the habanero and garlic that bring on the heat.

Heat level: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – 1½/5 I’m pushing the limits of 1.5 stars here. I really want to say just 1 star, but there is the undeniable zing and heat and flavor of the habanero involved. And even though there is the habanero chile pepper in this salsa, it still remains a mild-medium salsa.

Ingredients: tomatoes, pineapple, mango, white onion, habanero, raw agave nectar, lemon juice, garlic, coconut oil, chili powder.

Overall Rating: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – Again, Frankie V & The Habaneros would garner our highest rating of 5 if only it packed a bit more heat. But we realize not everyone is a Chilehead, and to cater to the masses, you have to compromise a bit. Still, it’s a stellar salsa, that you can accompany with vegetables that you can cut with the best knives from

Final Thoughts: Of course we had these salsas with chips, and the obligatory pizza slices. But they really shined when added to a small plate of nachos.

Frankie V's on pizza

Frankie V’s Habanero on left, Serrano on right

Frankie V's Serrano nachos

Frankie V’s Serrano nachos

Frankie V's Habanero nachos

Frankie V’s Habanero nachos

Where to buy: You can purchase any Frankie V’s Kitchen products on their website

You can also follow Frankie V’s Kitchen on Facebook.

Which of the two do you think you would most enjoy? The Frankie V & The Serranos or the Frankie V & The Habaneros?
Tell us in the Comments below.

Branford’s Originals Serrano Hot Sauce

With over 15 products in their lineup, Branford’s Originals Serrano Hot Sauce is their top selling item, followed closely by their Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce. This cilantro and lime based serrano hot sauce brings on fresh flavor and decent heat in a bright green sauce.

Branford's Serrano Hot Sauce Bottle

Branford’s Originals Serrano Hot Sauce would be a perfect sauce to pour on your nachos or pizza, but it also works really well on tacos and burritos. You could also kick up any salsa by adding a few tablespoons to add a little “green” serrano pepper edge.

Serrano Hot Sauce by Branford’s Originals

Serrano peppers are one of my favorite chiles to include in our fresh homemade salsas. So whenever I get a chance to sample some new serrano sauces or salsas, I’m all in. Branford’s Originals has a slogan – “The Flavor is in the Bottle”. Let’s see what that flavor is…

Ingredients: cilantro, green onions, water, lime juices from concentrate, sugar, salt, serrano peppers, tomatoes, xanthan gum.

Branford's Serrano has a great texture.

Nice texture and color. Great bite and mouth feel.

Texture & Appearance: This medium-thin sauce has a nice, yet small chunkiness to it that I just love. The texture has a bit of a bite to it. It’s bright green in color and pours nicely but quickly. On one burrito, I used up about 1 ounce of the 5 ounce bottle.

Taste Straight Up: First up, this sauce is unique in that there is no vinegar in it. So the big first hit is of the cilantro, followed by a pretty strong onion flavor. A huge hit of lime juice is next (almost too much for me) along with some sweetness from the sugar. Then the green serrano flavor kicks in quickly, rounding out the classic bright flavor that is serrano chiles.

Heat Level: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – 1.5/5 Yea, it’s fairly mild, even for serranos (10-23,000 Scoville units). Not a bad thing for those of you that want to explore new flavors without getting “burnt”. (See what I did there?)

Branford's Serrano Label

Clean, professional label.

Label/Graphics: Clean graphics. The branding is strong with the “Branford’s Originals” in a bold circle, and the flavor/name of the sauce is in a bold ribbon banner beneath. It reminds me of any number of sauces you may find at local roadside stands (McCutcheon’s in Maryland, for example). But it’s clear what you are buying, and has a solid, trusting look to it.

Branford's Serrano on Tacos and Burritos

Just perfect on tacos and burritos.

Overall Rating (Taste on Food, Final Thoughts): Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – 4/5 stars – Very flavorful with quality ingredients and a nice fresh, bright taste. I tried this sauce on homemade burritos and a few tacos recently and it was delicious. Highly recommended.

About Branford’s Originals

BRANFORD’S ORIGINAL’S Hot Sauces and products were created based on my grandmother’s hot sauce recipe. I have followed in her footsteps making her sauce while adding my own touch to it! Making this sauce makes me very proud because it’s a part of our family tradition. That’s what BRANFORD’S ORIGINALS is all about, family tradition and good flavor.

With an extensive lineup of sauces, marinades and rubs, we hope to explore more of the Branford’s Originals products in the future.

Where to order Branford’s Originals:
Shop for Branford’s Originals on their website here.
Follow Branford’s on Facebook.
Branford’s Originals on Twitter.

Pablo’s Phoenix hot sauce

Pizza bites with Pablo's Phoenix

Pizza bites with Pablo’s Phoenix

This “Quick Pick” is from South Carolina – a super-thick hot sauce featuring cayenne and serrano peppers.

Quick Pick: Pablo’s Phoenix Hot Sauce

Paul Eubanks, a member of the Hot Sauce+ Community on Google+, reached out to us about his Phoenix and Peaches ‘n Heat sauces. They looked good, and a few bucks later, we had a couple of bottles here to play with. Originally launched on (and some are still available as of this writing), Paul is now taking orders for these big 8 ounce bottles on his site,

Why this is a Quick Pick:

Because of its unique and pungent flavor, and super-thick consistency. Serrano peppers are a favorite here at HotSauceDaily, and when added to the everyday cayenne chile pepper, a new burst of flavor is the result. Phoenix almost tastes like a sun-drenched exotic chile pepper sauce from another land.

Ingredients: aged cayenne and serrano peppers, salt, vinegar, lime, spices

Overall impression: Brings some pizzaz to pizza and makes a nice dipping hot sauce for just about anything from snacks (pizza rolls and pretzels) to wings.

Pros: Simple ingredients, simple label and graphics – great “small crafted” look and feel. Big flavor.

Cons: Lime ingredient may not be fresh lime juice – something is just a bit off-putting about the citrus, although Pablo’s claims to use only fresh ingredients.

Ordering: Visit to order this and their other sauces in big 8 ounce bottles, and tell them HotSauceDaily sent you!

[content_box style=”golden” title=”All of our Quick Picks are winners.”]They are worthy of your purchase. We encourage you to try them and give us your feedback below.[/content_box]

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Matanzima African Hot Sauce review

From Zululand, South Africa, Matanzima Hot Sauce is thick, rich and flavorful. This 2012 Scovie Award winner (1st Place – International Foods “World Beat”) is made with fresh ginger, garlic, tomatoes, mustard seeds, cumin and Serrano peppers. Matanzima is all natural.

How do you pronounce it? Muh-tuhn’-zimma.

 Matanzima African Hot Sauce

Matanzima African Hot Sauce

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Week of Mild: Day 7: Cin Chili Serrano Hot Sauce

Our final review for our Week of Mild series features Cin Chili & Company’s Serrano Hot Sauce. You’ll want to have this sauce on hand for any upcoming football gatherings as it is perfect doused over your favorite bowl of chili. Just perfect. It is now our go-to hot sauce for chili – we buy it by the case.

Cin Chili Serrano Hot Sauce

Cin Chili Serrano Hot Sauce

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Lucky Dog Fire Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce – “Food’s Best Friend”, comes from the Sonoma, California kitchen of Scott Zalkind. Featuring fire-roasted hot peppers, Scott offers three versions of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce.

“I believe in flavor above all else, which is why Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is created with savory fire-roasted hot peppers, sweet carrots, tangy vinegar, fresh onions, assorted dried peppers, and heaps of roasted garlic.” – Scott Zalkind

Green Label – with jalapeño, serrano and cayenne peppers, and roasted garlic – is the mild-to-medium version.
Red Label – adds habanero to the jalapeño, serrano, and cayenne pepper mix – this is their medium-hot offering.
Orange Label – more habanero, serrano, jalapeño and varietal hot cayenne peppers – Orange Label is their hot one.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Lineup

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Lineup

I’ve been in touch with Scott since March of this year, and at that time he was finishing up pre-production work on Lucky Dog. Having just launched officially in June of 2012, Lucky Dog is the “new kid on the block”, and I’m glad they brought out all three flavors right off the bat. Their site, mentions that upcoming fourth, and possibly fifth flavors are in the works.

Lucky Dog Fire-roasted Hot Sauce – Green Label

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, onions, roasted chile peppers, roasted garlic, water, carrots, chile peppers, sugar, sea salt, lime juice from concentrate, cayenne pepper The side of the label does spell out the peppers here are the jalapeño, serrano and cayennes.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Green Label

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Green

Texture & Appearance: With finely ground or crushed peppers and slightly thick, this sauce pours in dollops and clings well. Marilyn says “the color is a dull orange / beige – not really green.” The overall texture of all three of the Lucky Dog sauces is the same impressive and consistent grind. Very nicely done!

Taste Straight Up: Sweetness from the carrots and sugar is up front along with the onion. The jalapeño and serrano peppers provide a mild, traditional heat on the front of the tongue. This is a classic flavor enhanced by the quality of the ingredients. The smoked roasted peppers provide a nice earthy flavor overall. However, the garlic is disappointingly too subtle for me. I love to be hit in the face with garlic… Marilyn, not so much.

Knowing there are dried chile peppers buried in the mix, I can’t help but sense just a wee bit of what I call “dustiness”. It’s ever so slight, and it may be a “mind thing”, as Marilyn disagrees with me. But I thought it worth mentioning.

Heat Level: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – A fairly good bite of heat that tingles the tongue, but is short lived – I credit the serranos for the nice sting here, even if it’s only a mild-medium level, just as the label says.

Lucky Dog Fire-roasted Hot Sauce – Red Label

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, onions, roasted chile peppers, carrots, roasted garlic, water, chile peppers, sea salt, sugar, cayenne pepper, lime juice from concentrate Again, elsewhere on the label the addition of habaneros are mentioned.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Red

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Red

Texture & Appearance: A tab bit thicker than the Green Label, with a darker burnt orange color. Same great “grind” or mash-like consistency. A beautiful sauce, if you can call anything that looks burnt orange, beautiful. I’m smitten with the texture of these 2 sauces.

Taste Straight Up: The habanero really shines through at first, bringing on its classic taste – fruity and hot – followed by the sweetness of the other non-chile ingredients. We think the roasted garlic, being much sweeter than its raw counterpart is a supporting player in the sweetness here. It’s also a little more pronounced now.

Heat Level: Rated 2.5 out of 5 Stars – Yup, just barely a notch above the Green Label here. Marilyn thinks it’s practically the same heat level, but with a different chile. In this case the habby moves the burn to the back of the throat. I think the fire roasting technique, along with the milder apple cider vinegar, really keeps the heat from burning too much. The rich, sweet flavor is still predominant, making this sauce a great, well balanced choice.

Lucky Dog Fire-roasted Hot Sauce – Orange Label

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, onions, roasted chile peppers, roasted garlic, carrots, chile peppers, water, sugar, sea salt, cayenne pepper, lime juice from concentrate

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Orange

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Orange

Texture & Appearance: We’re back to the slightly thinner consistency, very similar to the Green Label, if not just a bit thinner. Also it’s the darkest color of the 3, but we’re still in burnt orange territory. And again, the overall grind or consistency is standard for Lucky Dog.

Taste Straight Up: We both detected a rich, dark smoky flavor here. Finally, the roasted garlic comes through stronger for my taste. Marilyn commented the vinegar flavor is more pronounced for her.

Heat Level: Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – Only moving up 1 star in heat, the Orange Label does have the same ingredients as the Red, only the order of a few have shuffled around. I’m assuming, of course, there is even more habanero here. The burn is now within our mouth and the back of the throat.

Marilyn feels the heat level is much higher than the Red Label, but since I’m writing this, I’m going with my take of only 1 notch up.


Labels, graphics, bottles, packaging – it’s an ugly truth that they all play a role in our collective decisions to purchase a given product, especially when seen on a shelf in a store next to other products. While this is not a deal breaker, especially when a given sauce has a stellar product inside but not so great labels or graphics outside, it definitely influences our purchases. Sometimes, however, the sauce speaks for itself. But as reviewers, we feel compelled to comment on such things.

Bonus Points: Lucky Dog Sauces come with a high quality shrink wrapper that includes a built-in zip strip. The shrink wrapper itself is of a thicker plastic than most, with a foil insert in the lid. The zip string goes around the neck for easy removal of the top. It’s reminiscent of the old wax-topped bottles with the fabric string. Very classy!

Label/Graphics: All three flavors sport the same shiny metallic label. We’re not big fans of shiny labels. In my opinion, they are usually hard to read. But in this case, most of the sides of the label are easy to read – the ingredients, nutrition facts, and descriptive texts are all very visible.

All three bottles also sport the exact same graphics on the front. They all show the same grayscale image of a dog, surrounded by the gold horseshoe. The distinguishing differences between the Green, Red, and Orange flavors and labels are the radiating … um… rays from behind the dog and horseshoe graphic. Regular readers know I’m color-blind, but even Marilyn agrees the green, red, and orange (I call it gold) rays are almost indistinguishable from each other; let alone when perched on a store shelf next to competing products. At first glance, I would not know there are 3 completely different flavors of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. The only sure sign of the different sauces is on the side of the label. Printed there is text that tells you this is the “Green Label” with a short descriptive text of the peppers. The same goes for the “Red” and “Orange” versions.

I would like to see something on the front label that tells me “this is the Green Mild, Red Medium, Orange Hot” versions of this sauce. Ok, I’ll stop with the graphics critique… let’s look at our final thoughts on these sauces.

Overall Ratings

Green Label: Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – While this is a delicious jalapeño based sauce unto itself – we felt it’s the weakest of the 3 sauces reviewed here. It’s just O.K. I do love the serrano component – serrano peppers are my favorite chiles for my own salsas – but I was hoping for more garlic, and less dried chile in the background. (Update: As I write this review, I had a nice chat with Scott Zalkind, and he told me he’s working on an ever so slight modification of the green sauce – mainly to thicken it up without affecting the flavor. But from what he said, I can tell this nice jalapeño sauce may get even better with the next batch.)

Red Label: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – Our favorite of the 3 players here, the Red Label is very tasty, hot, and palatable. If you like your sauces on the mild to medium side, and want to venture into a really good habanero sauce, the Lucky Dog Red Label is a great start. It takes the heat level up just a notch. The habanero chile really shines here, with a nice balance of heat to sweet.

Orange Label: Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – It’s hard to put into words, as I’ve just said the Red Label is our favorite, but the almost “umami” dark smoky flavor of this sauce is my personal favorite overall flavor profile of the 3 sauces. Unfortunately, the heat level was a bit too much for me for an everyday sauce, and so I can’t rate it higher than the Red Label. Marilyn agrees, the Orange Label is tasty, dark, and smoky, but was a bit too hot for her everyday tastes too. What a conundrum!

Lucky Dog Fire Roasted Hot Sauces

Buy one of each!

Lucky Dog Fire Roasted Hot Sauce sells for $4.99 per bottle, and is available at Get all three and save on shipping.

This is part of a dual review between and

We thought it would be fun to post our reviews on the same day. It will be interesting to see what Scott has to say about these sauces – he and I often differ in our opinions. 🙂
Please leave a comment here, and then go over to and read his take on Lucky Dog Hot Sauces, and leave a comment there. Or vice versa.

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.