HSW 051 – Flavors of Florida Hot Sauces

Pete and Joyce Mallas started their Westwood Deli and Catering in 2004, and shortly thereafter, this Tampa, Florida couple launched their Flavors of Florida line of hot sauces.

First up, Brian and Marilyn recap their appearance on Gettin’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ on BBQSuperstars at the BlogTalkRadio website.
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Brian talks about the great info, sharing, and fun that is Google+.
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Marilyn talks about how much she liked the homemade jerk sauce Brian cooked up recently for some jerk wings.
Brian’s pictures and the recipe he used for jerk from Google+

Next is our featured interview with Flavors of Florida creators Pete and Joyce Mallas.

Scott Roberts brings us his hot sauce review of CaJohn’s Angry Cock Hot Sauce – a Ghost Chile based hot sauce. From CaJohn’s site:

What makes CaJohns Angry Cock hot sauce so ANGRY? First we start off with 80% fresh “Ghost Chile” puree, then we add a combination of select spices and a splash of vinegar which makes Angry Cock the most formidable of CaJohns extract free sauces yet! This hot sauce is not for the novice, and truthfully, not for your average Chilehead. Think you can take the heat, or are you chicken?

Finally, Brian and Marilyn talk about two events coming up that they are very excited about – Pork in the Park, a KCBS sanctioned event (the largest east of the Mississippi) and Peppers at the Beach 2012 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at the world famous Peppers.com store.

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HSM 004 – HotSauceMinute – Scott Roberts Interview on KISM

Here’s a segment our friend Scott Roberts of ScottRobertsWeb.com did on KISM 92.9 FM out of Seattle Washington. It’s all about the hot sauce on the Brad and John Show.

The audio clip showcases Scott’s extensive knowledge of hot sauce, the Scoville Scale, and other facts about chiles.


HSW 017 Pepper Joe of PepperJoe.com Chile Pepper Seeds

Hey, it’s a “Joes” episode! Marilyn and I talk with Pepper Joe of PepperJoe.com. Joe’s been selling chile pepper seeds for over 20 years and is THE HOME of the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper.

And we mention our recent Homemade Sloppy Joes Recipe over on HotSauceDaily.com.

Also, check out the review I wrote about Todd’s Dirt Bayou Dirt Creole Seasoning and Spicy Rub.

Scott Roberts of ScottRobertsWeb.com reviews Montego Bay Undertaker Naga Sauce.

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HSW 016 Fiery Foods Show Chat with Buddah and Scott Roberts

In this mini episode of HotSauceWeekly we chat by phone with Buddah and Scott Roberts and get their impressions of the 22nd Annual National Fiery Foods Show held in Albuquerque New Mexico this past weekend.

I get Scott Roberts of ScottRobertsWeb.com on the phone to give us a “man on the street” type report of how things were going at the Show, and his impressions of it, the vendors, the hot sauces, and other new products.

And then I have, also on the phone live from the event, Buddah – and you chileheads out there know who Buddah is, a hot sauce reviewer, chilehead, and now blog host and creator of ILoveitSpicy.com a new video based website for hot sauce reviews and other insanity. Be sure to check out Buddah’s video of him eating a Ghost Pepper – raw.

Ep 014 Heartbreaking Dawns

Brian talks with Johnny McLaughlin of Heartbreaking Dawns about their newly launched hot sauce biz and their lineup of sauces.

Check out the Heartbreaking Dawns blog for their event schedule and info on the Feb 16th, 2010 Wing Challenge at The Pub Ramsey in Ramsey, NJ.

Listeners can save 15% off any item at Heartbreakingdawns.com by entering the coupon code “hotsauceweekly” at checkout! Awesome!

Scott Roberts reviews DEFCON’s Defense Condition #2 – medium hot wings sauce.

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Ep-010-Judicial Flavors – Wendell Peters

This week’s podcast with attorney/saucepreneur, Wendell Peters of Judicial Flavors, takes a look at how Wendell developed branding for Judicial Flavor and how he’s grown from pickles to peppers. Plus, you’ll hear some…ummm…not so funny lawyer jokes.


Wendell Peters of Judicial Flavor

Show notes:

Judicial Flavor

Here are some of Wendell’s much funnier lawyer jokes

Scott Roberts reviews Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce

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Ep 04 – Flaming Joe’s

Episode 04 heads to Chicago (Da Bears) to talk with Flaming Joe’s Joe Leicht and wife, Robin. This enterprising couple talk about what motivated them to get into the business, what they’ve learned about the hot sauce business, and most importantly, the flaming headdress.

Some of the interview highlights include:

On selling his sauce

Flaming Joe Leicht

Flaming Joe Leicht

When asked how he first started selling his sauces, Joe Leicht says, “Just through friends.. I take a train downtown everyday and there’s…we call them the train friends. It’s kind of weird, but you spend everyday, at least an hour each day, with these people, and through them they’re like  a great support group. They’d share it with friends and they’d come in with the orders…and people would say “I need another couple of bottles… almost a groundswell. I still don’t really know the best part of how to sell stuff…I can make a great sauce, but I’m out of my element in the selling part.”

On wearing the flaming headdress

“It (the flaming headdress) has become the alter ego. It’s the whole putting on a super hero costume kind of thing. I become a different person. After the first show, I think I said to CaJohn… “I’m going to have to wear this from now on aren’t I?” He kind of laughed and said “Yep”.”

“People look at me and…I’ve got a flaming head…(they think) it’s got to be the hottest stuff, I don’t want any!…It’s marketing and it gets me

Robin Leicht

Robin Leicht

attention, but they think it’s going to be super hot and my products are not like that…hot is easy to do, flavor is not.”

On lessons learned

“..Each step of the way is a new experience. Right away, I learned labels. I thought big, number one, in the beginning, “Oh this is going to sell because everybody loves it.  Well, we went out to the Fiery Foods show and now you’re up against 200 booths of product. And yes you have a great product and all your friends like it, but now you’re selling against the world…”

“If you really want to turn product, and you’re in this for the money, get a product that’s used up quicker.”

Update: Since recording this interview, Joe and Robin learned they won 5 Scovie Awards! The Scovies are like the Academy Awards for hot sauce. You can see their list of winning Scovies here.

Links from the show:

Scott Roberts Product Review: During this episode, Scott talks about an old friend, Ott’s Wing Sauce .

Brian Meagher’s blog: HotSauceDaily

Randy Combs on Twitter: ChileRockin

Marilyn Meagher on Twitter: ocmdgirlme

Don’t forget: Flaming Joes offers a flat rate $6 shipping charge. This is a great bargain!