True Rules of Grilling

True Rules of Grilling

The McCormick Grill Mates Grillerhood on Facebook is compiling a list of “True Rules of Grilling” and here’s where we can be a part of it. That’s you, our readers, and us.

Here is our submission for a True Rule of Grilling:

Always keep a “cold zone” on your grill.

In case of flare-ups, or if you think a meat is cooking too fast, you’ll have a “cold zone” to move the meat to while you make adjustments.

On a charcoal grill, this may involve building your hot fire with most of the coals to the left side for high heat, and some coals in the middle for lower heat, while you have no coals on the right side for the “cold zone”. This technique is also known as a “3 Zone Fire”.

On a gas grill, you can accomplish this by having one burner OFF to create the “cold zone”.

What do you think about this “True Rule”? Do you practice the multi-zone method of building your fire? Do you have a “cold zone” for safety?

We also encourage you to add your own “True Rule of Grilling”. All submissions will be considered and the end result of this discussion will be added to the Grillerhood on Facebook by McCormick.

What is the ONE THING you think is an important grilling tip or technique?

Click here to tell us!

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