High Temp Ribs on Rec Tec Mini Pellet Smoker

High temp baby back ribs on the Rec Tec Mini Portable Pellet Smoker Grill

We pushed the temp to 275º and got these baby back ribs done in about 4 hours vs. the usual 6 hours.
These came out great!

How we cooked them:

– Rubbed the ribs with Rossarooski’s Honey Rib Rub from REC TEC Grills
– 1 hour at 245º to get the smoke going from the grill
– 1 hour at 275º – rotating rib racks
– 30 minutes more at 275º
– foiled the ribs and cooked for an additional hour
– removed from foil, sauced, and cooked for 20 minutes to set the sauce

Visit Rec Tec Grills: http://www.rectecgrills.com/

Mermaid BBQ Company: https://mermaidbbq.wordpress.com/

Peg Leg Porker: http://peglegporker.com/

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Hey, have you done ribs at a high temp? Pushed your grill or cooker to the limit to get some ribs done fast?
Let us know how in the Comments below…

Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012 in Pics

Good times at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012

My photo gallery of all the old and new friends I met at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival.

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Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ Sauce and All Purpose Rub

Draper’s BBQ is a Western Kentucky family owned company begun by James Draper. Their Smokin’ Sauce started as a dare that has since grown into a life of its own. Their A.P. Rub (All Purpose Rub) was brought to life right alongside the sauce. Many ingredients were put in the rub to dovetail with the sauce, to create a different flavor profile than if they were used alone or separately.

Shane Draper, James’ grandson, now runs DrapersBBQ.com and sent us a limited edition gift set of their Smokin’ Sauce and A.P. Rub for review. We were so impressed with the presentation, we just knew there was a great story in the Draper’s history, as well as a promising BBQ taste experience ahead of us. Here’s a photo of the set we received:

Drapers Sauce & Rub

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Rippin Red Wing Sauce Demo at Peppers Store

Marilyn and I had the pleasure of meeting John Rizzotti of RippinRed.com at Peppers in Rehoboth Beach Delaware as he was demoing his Rippin Red Wing Sauce.
We reviewed Rippin Red here.

Here’s a short video of John with Chip Hearn of Peppers.com at his Peppers store. If you want to see their site, then go to this website.

Brian tries the ribs you saw in the first video:

Peppers is located in Rehoboth Beach Delaware and on the internet at Peppers.com

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Big Bob Gibson Championship Red BBQ Sauce Review

We recently cooked a couple racks of ribs to try out Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Championship Red Sauce. We know this stuff has been around forever, well since 1925 to be exact… but we’ve never tried it until now.

We do have his cookbook:

… and we even tried making his famous white BBQ sauce with terrific results:

… but the Red sauce just sat patiently on a shelf until now.

We lightly dusted (and that’s a big deal for Brian… as he doesn’t usually lightly dust anything!) our ribs with 3EyzBBQ Championship Blend Spice Rub:

… baked them in the oven (Gasp! with a can of root beer poured in for moisture) at 300º then we finished them on the grill on indirect heat for about 40 minutes.

Saucing the ribs with the Championship Red Sauce during the last 10 minutes or so, we served them with some baked beans and bisquits and enjoyed one of our Top 5 Rib dinners we’ve ever made!

Here is our recent argument conversation about these ribs and how we now like to should be cooking them every time:
Marilyn says: These are the best ribs we’ve ever cooked!
Brian says: You said that about the last batch we did.
Marilyn: Yes but these are so good, and tender, with a nice bite on the bone, not “fall off the bone” tender, which is quite a misnomer for a great rack of ribs.
Brian: Yes but our last 2 or 3 batches of ribs were the best we ever did!
Marilyn: That’s because we are using high quality rubs and sauces, and more importantly, we are starting the ribs in the oven, with some highly flavored liquids for moisture, keeping the racks covered with vented foil, and finishing them on the grill. These have consistently yielded the best ribs we’ve cooked.
Brian: Sigh. I hate to admit it. You’re right.
Marilyn: I know.

Flavor: Seriously, I think this sauce really rocks as a basic BBQ sauce. We’re from Maryland folks, and we like our BBQ sauces red, sweet, tangy fairly thick. But, this sauce is not too sweet, not too thick – it is a bit smoky, and tastes home-made, almost like someone has cooked it at home on the electric stove for hours. I absolutely love it.

What follows, ironically, is the longest list of ingredients I’ve ever encountered in reviewing hot sauces, bbq sauces, or any other sauces. Please don’t let this ingredient list sway you… the end result is truly a down-to-earth, historical and natural genius of a sauce! I’m putting this BBQ sauce in my Top 5 BBQ sauces of all time. (Guess I better come up with that list for you readers!)

Ingredients: Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Championship Red Sauce – Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Tomato Paste, Distilled Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Salt, Worcestershire Sauce (distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor), Onion, Soy Sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), Modified Food Starch, Spices, Steak Sauce (tomato paste, high fructose corn syrup, malt vinegar, distilled vinegar, salt, raisin concentrate, mustard flour, soybean oil, tumeric, spice, apple concentrate, guar gum, onion powder, caramel coloring, garlic powder, natural flavor), Steak Sauce ( tomato puree (water, tomato paste), distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, raisin paste, spices and herbs, orange base (orange, lemon & grapefruit juices), orange peel, dried garlic and onion, caramel color, xanthan gum), smoke flavor, sodium benzoate (preservative), potassium sorbate (preservative), beef flavor, garlic, lemon juice concentrate, natural and artificial flavors.

Bottom line: Our rating of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Champion Red Sauce is …. 5 out of 5. A Home Run!

Ordering: Use these links to order your Big Bob Gibson’s products:

Heartbreaking Dawns Datil Pepper Ribs at Peppers.com Oct 2010

I visited Peppers.com’s store this past weekend to see Johnny McLaughlin and Nicole Ramsperger of Heartbreaking Dawns. They were sampling their sauces on ribs, chili, scalloped potatoes and mac and cheese.

Chip Hearn and Christina Eastburn of Peppers.com came up with a great strawberry / balsamic vinegar / Dijon mustard rib glaze using Heartbreaking Dawns Datil Pepper Trail Preserves for this demo.


Heartbreaking Dawns Ribs at Peppers.com Oct 2010 from HotSauceDaily on Vimeo.

Their unique line of sauces, seasonings and preserves, as sampled on cooked foods really encouraged the public attending this demo to buy their sauces.

Visit Heartbreaking Dawns Site now to shop and use the coupon code “hotsaucedaily’ for savings!


3EyzBBQ Rub and BigButzBBQ Sauce on ribs

We rubbed a rack of Baby back ribs and a rack of St Louis Spare ribs with 3EyzBBQ’s award-winning rub, threw them on the smoker for a few hours, and sauced them at the end with BigButzBBQ sauce.
A huge “thumbs up” for the rub, and the BigButzBBQ sauce had just the right amount of spices to make this batch of pork goodness a winner!

Ribs with Powderpuff Rib Rub (Celery Salt, Paprika, Garlic flakes) – recipe

Powderpuff Ribs

Celery, paprika, garlic in a rib rub equals sweet, spicy heaven on a bone!

We seasoned our ribs with the Powderpuff BBQ team’s rib rub recipe, braised them in the oven with a Cider Squirt basting sauce, and finished them off with Bone Suckin’ BBQ sauce. The Bone Suckin’ Sauce is very thin, so it’s a great finishing glaze.

These are the *best* ribs we’ve ever cooked, bar none!!

Apparently, the team’s founder and pit master, Janeyce Michel-Cupito, has temporarily retired.

I found this recipe in Steven Raichlen’s “Sauces, Rubs and Marinades” where he writes

In 1993, Powderpuff won first place in the KC Royal rib competition for these smoky, mahogany-colored ribs. This is all the more remarkable because Janeyce served them Memphis-style (dry) in a city that loves a sweet, sticky barbecue sauce.

This is such a simple rub recipe! I was attracted to it because the base of celery salt sounded so
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