BBQ Sauce Maryland Style – Doomer’s Q Sauces

This is BBQ Sauce Maryland Style

Doomers Q Threesome

Yes I said Maryland Style! We all know the traditional regional BBQ sauces from Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, the Carolinas, and Georgia and Alabama… but there is a company that has recently launched their Maryland based BBQ sauces – Doomer’s Q Sauces – crafting BBQ Sauce Maryland Style. And owner/creator Todd Dooms and his wife Jo have nailed what a Maryland style BBQ sauce should be.

Tomato based with a good balance of both the vinegar and molasses components and with a touch of Worcestershire sauce to really round out the flavor, their first three sauces of Original, Hot & Spicy, and Dark bring a delicious new take on BBQ sauce that screams Maryland!

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Hogs Breath Blackening Seasoning on Chicken

Marilyn and I were talking about what we like to blacken on the grill. The usual shrimp, steaks and burgers came up… but she suggested Blackened Chicken. What? I admit I never heard of blackening chicken. So I quickly proclaimed “Let me check the Internets about that!”. Lo and behold, there are tons of blackened chicken recipes out there.
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Fat Kid Sauces – Guest Post by Buddah

Hey Folks, Buddah from contributing a little piece for my bud Brian in relation to the fun Peppers at the Beach event we attended not long ago.

Brian asked me to pick a company represented at the show and give a little feedback about them. I chose Fat Kid Sauces (FKS) because I knew them the best, and they are from Long Island where I grew up. I love getting a chance to represent my homeboy, so let us get to it.

I first met John aka Huv (a nickname you will get a story back by asking him where it came from) via the Hot Sauce Blog (HSB). At one time the HSB was the one stop blog in the Chilehead scene, but with the webmaster turning to other personal matters, it soon was replaced by many other great sites such as this one. It was around that time in 2007, that Fat Kid Sauces had won their first Scovie award for their very first product, a Habanero Hot Sauce. I was new to the scene too, and the Scovie was my benchmark, so it was a sauce I wanted to try. Once I found out that Huv wasn’t too far from my Parents’ house, I decided to make an effort to meet him to get some sauce.

On my next trip up, while Huv and I wanted to try to get together we weren’t sure if our schedules would work out. I had a hot sauce store mapped out that I was told by him sold his product. Unfortunately, they were out of business just a couple of weeks prior. We never hooked up, and I went home with no FKS. So, upon returning I made a purchase on his website. Huv, feeling my pain for having to pay shipping, hooked me up and threw in a prototype of a new mango habanero hot sauce he was working on. He asked my feedback in return, and I was happy to give it.

While I enjoyed the Scovie award winning Habanero hot sauce, the new mango product didn’t hit home with me when I tried it on chicken. I just thought it was way too sweet and not a good fit on the chicken. I then had a crazy idea, that since I had just bought some fresh fruit cups at the store, maybe some pineapple would work well with it. To my surprise, it was awesome. The burn on the fruity combo was right down my taste bud flavor epicenter. The next day, I sliced up some banana, got some whipped cream, and I created a breakfast that I would do quite often to this day. On Oatmeal and ice cream, this sauce is real good, but on a banana and whip cream it is palate perfection. Later that year, Huv entered the new FKS Mango Amore into the Scovies and took home another award for his efforts in the Dessert category.

It was about a year plus later that he decided to break out the big arsenal, his salsa. Looking for more feedback he sent some of his close blogging friends a sample of his two new salsas- roasted red pepper and black bean and corn. I was very happy to be on that list. When I try something, I like to eat what I perceive to be the best food and save it last, so I end in a high note. Not being a black bean fan, I decided to start there. Boy was I wrong. Not only was it good, it shattered my notion on black bean and corn salsa. It was simply the best I have ever had, and I have not had anything close since. It was something in the tomato-y goodness that brought me back to my childhood when my Grandmother was still around, cooking some great food. That tomato flavor was just like she had in her best dishes. While I also liked the roasted red pepper salsa, it didn’t sing to me like the black bean and corn did. I even got my parents hooked on the stuff.

Reading the feedback from the other bloggers, I quickly became aware that I wasn’t the only person digging it. Before he could even smack a label on the jars, people were ordering more. Between work and family life he had to put FKS on the back burner for a little bit. A year plus later, we finally got to see the official Chilehead debut of the salsa at Peppers at the Beach. We did a video review at his booth for my favorite two FKS products- the black bean and corn salsa and the Mango Amore hot sauce. You can check that out here:

Last year, I was privileged to try another new FKS experimental salsa product. I am not allowed to divulge it just yet because the tinkering process is still on going, but I am excited by it and have high hopes for it. Fat Kid Sauces has a nice cult-like following with the chileheads, and after Peppers at the Beach it will continue to grow. If you haven’t had some, you better come get you some.

Fat Kid Sauces
631-576-6752 (use this number not the one on the website)
Sayville, NY 11782
[email protected]


Ordering: Use this link to get a bottle of hot sauce from Fat Kids:

Herdez Salsa

Herdez Salsa Casera, Salsa Verde and Salsa Ranchera

I love these little cans of Herdez Salsas. They work great in many recipes, are convient and inexpensive, with great fresh flavors.

Herdez Salsas are great go-to’s for quick, Mexican sauce and salsa flavor. These are cans that you should have in your pantry for a quick fix of fresh tasting salsa goodness!

My recommendation of the Herdez line of salsas was featured in the May 03 issue of Woman’s World Magazine which I posted about here: HotSauceDaily in Woman’s World Magazine.

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Hot Sauce Review – Blues BBQ Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce

Steve Burnham of has done it again with yet another great tasting sauce.

From his stable of sauces that include his flagship products, Carolina Pepper Sauce, both Mild and Warm and Blue’s Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce – Steve has recently introduced his newest sauce, Blues BBQ Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce.

Wow! Chipotle (shoot me now, because I love Chipotle peppers) and mustard (again, I’m in Heaven) – you now have my full attention.
But wait… it’s not truly a “mustard” based sauce. I’m OK with that, now that I know.
There’s a hint of mustard from the tumeric in the ingredients, hence the “mustard” in the name.

But be aware, this is a “hot sauce” by all intents and purposes. And boy is it flavorful.

Here’s what Steve wrote on TheHotZoneOnline to clear things up about this new sauce:

There is going to be a lot of confusion with this one. It isn’t a mustard at all but is a hot sauce with a mustard taste. Truly unique. Pours like a hot sauce and tastes like a smokey, mustardy cayenne hot sauce. I probably should of named it “Blue’s Unique Majic Hot Sauce that somehow tastes like Mustard”. Once ya’ll try it, you’ll know what I mean. You’re gonna like this one!

You’re right, Steve! I do like this one.

I first tried Blues BBQ Chipotle Mustard Peppers Sauce on wings. Straight up. Folks, in my opinion, this is not a wing sauce.
This is a hot sauce, with a very unique flavor.

We poured some on chips, to get a feel for the flavors, and here’s what we thought:

Marilyn: This has all the earmarks of a great Carolina style Hot Sauce with plenty of vinegar and lots of heat. One of the predominant flavors I’m getting is black pepper and I don’t think there’s enough of the smokey Chipotle in the recipe. This sauce definitely has a depth of flavor not found in traditional Cayenne based hot sauces.

Brian: This sauce has some serious heat. On a scale of 1 – 10, I’d give it a 7. It’s both hot and vinegary. I do get a hint of mustard from the tumeric, but it’s not overwhelming. And while I’d like to have more mustard flavor in the sauce, it still works. I do agree with Marilyn that there’s not enough Chipotle in the mix because I love Chipotle.

Ingredients: water, vinegar, cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper, tumeric, paprika, sugar, salt, onion, garlic, spices and xanthan gum

Do yourself a favor and go to to order a few bottles of their Chipotle Mustard Hot Sauce and try it for yourself, or as a Valentines Day Gift for the Chilehead Lover in your life. And while you’re there, please get yourself a bottle or 2 of their great Carolina Pepper Sauce… it’s an awesome table sauce (no refrigeration) and rocks in pulled pork.

Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce – Hot Sauce Review

New Premium Hot Sauces from Louisiana Brand

We all know the familiar bottle with the Red Dot saying “One Drop Does It”® on the Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce – your basic cayenne pepper, vinegar and salt hot sauce.

They’ve recently launched a line of premium sauces called “Louisiana Gold“. And the big news is they’ve blended their peppers with Tabasco peppers and “spirit vinegar” to create a bold new taste. The term ‘spirit vinegar’ is sometimes reserved for the stronger variety (5% to 20% acetic acid) made from sugar cane or from chemically produced acetic acid – source: Wikipedia There is a sweetness in the Red Pepper Sauce that I feel makes it much better than the original.

I ordered the 4 pack gift set

This set consists of the Red Pepper Sauce, and a Green Pepper sauce both blended with Tabasco peppers, as well as their new Wasabi Pepper Sauce and their Horseradish Pepper Sauce. More on those flavors in another post. But this 4 pack comes in a beautiful, award-winning box. I went straight for the Red Pepper Sauce first.

I’ve never been a big fan of Louisiana style sauces. To me they all taste about the same – salty with mild heat. But this new Gold Pepper Sauce is so much richer tasting that I’ve become a fan of it after the first taste. It’s still a bit salty, and the heat level is slightly higher (than Original) with the addition of the Tabasco peppers, but there’s a hint of sweetness to it. Probably from the spirit vinegar.

We made some hot wings using the Louisiana Gold Red Pepper Sauce with a little butter, and they turned out very tasty!
While I can’t honestly say this would be my go-to-everyday hot sauce… I will use it whenever I want an authentic Louisiana-style sauce. I can’t wait to crack open the other 3 bottles and tell you all about them as well.

Ep 06 – Crazy Uncle Jester’s

Jeffrey Stevenson, better known as Crazy Uncle Jester

Jeffrey Stevenson, Crazy Uncle Jester

In this episode we interview Jeff Stevenson of, Scott Roberts reviews Danny Cash Mean Streak Habanero Mango Hot Sauce, and we introduce the “recipe of the week” segment.
This week,  Chipotle Glazed Tex Mex Meatloaf with Cheddar Chives Mashed Potatoes!

Wickles Pickles Review

Wickles – “A wickedly delicious pickle”

Wickles Pickles

Wickles Pickles

These pickles are the tastiest I’ve ever had. With nice spicy heat, and sweetness and crunch, they’re a big winner with me!

Wickles (short for “Wickedly delicious pickles!”) are a unique blend of dill, garlic, and sweetness with just enough heat to keep you reaching for more. Wickles Pickles are the most exciting new pickle product in years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ingredients: cucumbers, sugar, vinegar, cider vinegar, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated pepper, calcium chloride, alum, natural flavors, garlic oil, polysorbate 80, yellow 5
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