Chef Fartenburn’s Gourmet Hot Sauce

From an award-winning chef comes this second silly-named hot sauce. But sometimes the cover belies the contents. This is another winner of delicious hot sauce flavor from Chef Wayne Howey. Chef Fartenburn's Gourmet Hot Sauce - from Tropical Island Gourmet Tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic … [Read more...]

Sugar Hill Smokehouse Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce

"Sugar Hill Smokehouse Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce is just the right mix to make you a pit master at your next BBQ. It's all natural with pure cane sugar and molasses for the sweet; we've added tomatoes, mustard and vinegar for the tangy." Sugar Hill Smokehouse Sweet and Tangy BBQ … [Read more...]

Sweet Heat Gourmet – Sinclair’s Fatalii Hot Sauce

Sweet Heat Gourmet began in 2011 with Chef Michelle Mierwald committing to crafting fresh hot sauces using locally sourced chile peppers and ingredients. Fast forward 2 years, and Sweet Heat Gourmet currently offers over a dozen products including seasonal and special batch sauces. Sweet Heat … [Read more...]

Dirty Dicks Hot Pepper Sauce review

Dirty Dicks Hot Pepper Sauce is an exotic blend of habanero peppers, tropical fruits and sweetness, plus freshly ground spices from around the world. Dirty Dicks Hot Pepper Sauce with a Tropical Twist For all of you Caribbean style hot sauce lovers that relish a bright yellow hot sauce - … [Read more...]

Branford’s Originals Serrano Hot Sauce

With over 15 products in their lineup, Branford's Originals Serrano Hot Sauce is their top selling item, followed closely by their Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce. This cilantro and lime based serrano hot sauce brings on fresh flavor and decent heat in a bright green sauce. Branford's Originals … [Read more...]

High Octane Sauce Company – Tire Smokin Salsa

High Octane Sauce Company was an entrant in the Salsa Contest at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, and is also where I first met Kevin Billings and Audrey Ackerman and tried his line of Octane based products. I was very impressed with the quality, taste and variety of sauces and salsas that High … [Read more...]

CaJohns Quetzalcoatl and Oaxacan Hot Sauce Review

One of the newer sauces from CaJohn's is their Quetzalcoatl Hot Sauce. Essentially an update to their long-time favorite, Oaxacan, this sauce ups the ante in chile peppers and heat. Voted "Best New Product" at the 2012 Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire by the bloggers in attendance, Quetzalcoatl lives … [Read more...]

Slowpoke BBQ Spicy Apple BBQ Sauce Review

What does a guy from New Hampshire know about Texas BBQ anyway? At least that is how Chad Devine begins his site. He has concocted an apple based BBQ sauce that he feels really represents Texas BBQ sauce. Did he get it done? Let's find out! Read on as Marilyn and I discuss our … [Read more...]

Sweet Spicy Girl Medium Hot Sauce from Davez Foodz

The first sauce out of the kitchens of Davez Foodz is Sweet Spicy Girl. All natural and handmade in small batches, Sweet Spicy Girl features fresh picked peppers. Owner David Ridderbusch has crafted a beautiful bright red sauce that has a nice balance of sweet with heat. Not too sweet, the light … [Read more...]

Evil Seed Sauce Company – Signature Hot Sauce and Hell Peach Hot Sauce

We were introduced to Evil Seed Sauce Company and owner Patrick McGill, by Steve Seabury of High River Sauces. Steve and Patrick are old friends, and I trust Steve's tastes and opinions. Patrick and I emailed back and forth a bit, and within a short time, we had our hands on a few samples of … [Read more...]

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