Javelina Red Sauce Review

Javelina Red Sauce – From WesTexasHerbs.com

Jason Russo of TexasFood.com (reviewed here) sent us a bottle of Javelina Red Sauce to review.


Javelina Red Sauce

I opened this bottle not expecting much because the ingredient list seemed so simple. My first taste was on tacos made by a friend that lacked the spiciness we are used to in our taco recipe. I was happy to find that Javelina Red Sauce really kicked up the taco, and gave it a credible amount of heat…. not so hot you couldn’t stand it, but full of flavor with a nice heat that lingered.

That’s the way I like my hot sauce… give me some heat that stays with you, and a good flavor that makes you want more.

Ingredients: water, red peppers, salt, spices, peaches, garlic, acedic acid, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate as a preservative, habanero peppers

The first hit is vinegar with heat following. I have to tell you, when I first tasted this, I thought it was just another hot sauce, but after putting this on tacos, eggs, grilled cheese, and more, more than ever, it is my favorite hot sauce.
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