Buddahs 2008 Cherry Jalapeno Hanukkah Preserves

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish Friends!

Buddah’s 2008 Cherry/Jalapeno Hanukkah Preserves:

My friend, Buddah has created 6 unique collectible jars of Cherry Jalapeno preserves.  Each jar is sealed in wax and topped with a Happy Buddha figure.

buddah's preserves

These are being sold on eBay. You can read how Buddah made these and the significance of the Buddhas, here on Taste the Fear: Buddah’s 2008 Hanukkah Preserves

Here’s a link to all six auctions on ebay.

Good luck!

[Update: 12/31/08 – The auctions are closed. All items were sold. Congrats, Buddah!]

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