Pork in the Park 2012 Day 2 Competition Day Wrap-up

We started our 2nd day at Pork in the Park by going directly to the competition area. We arrived shortly after the last turn-in, and a lot of the teams were already beginning to tear down their sites. Most teams want to be ready to roll out after the late day awards are given out.

We did get to chat briefly with Mike Richter of Chix, Swine and Bovine and Chris Capell of Dizzy Pig. “Famous Dave” Anderson was a real hoot to meet and chat with. We also talked to DJ Watkins of U Needa BBQ, Jay Reeder of 4:20 Q who won Grand Champion as well as Maryland Champion later that day.

Enjoy the slideshow – click any image for a larger view:

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Pork in the Park 2012 Day 1 Video The Midway

Pork in the Park is actually 2 large events in one. There’s the KCBS sanctioned barbecue competition, and then there’s the large, family oriented Midway area. It’s almost like a State Fair, in that there are tons of food vendors, craft tables and booths, games of chance and rides for kids, and a center stage with live entertainment playing all day and evening.

I arrived just as they finished cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Folks started pouring in almost immediately. You’ll see in the video below, I took a quick stroll around the Midway, meeting up with our friends Todd and Jo Dooms of Doomers Q Sauce (I bought 4 bottles), and John Layton of Red Brothers BBQ Sauce.

After entering the competition area, all of the teams and competitors were in the Judges tent for their final meeting and instructions. I didn’t think a bunch of pics of empty booths would be much fun to look at, so I hung out with Huck Sr of HucksHut.com while charging my iPhone and working on the video you see here.

A big surprise to many, was that BBQ Pitmasters were on site to film an episode of the wildly successful Discovery/TLC show!

bbq pitmasters bus

BBQ Pitmasters Show on site

Darkness came pretty quick, the crowds at the Midway were heavy and having fun. Stay tuned for more pictures from Day 2.

pond fire pits

Fire pits in the pond at Pork in the Park

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