The Weekly Firecast Podcast

If you’ve not checked out the Weekly Firecast podcast from Scott Roberts yet, episode 42 is a great place to start.


The Weekly Firecast Podcast

Released every Friday, Scott Roberts’ Weekly Firecast podcast includes:

a focus on hot sauce, fiery foods and BBQ. The program aims to feature the best and most diverse coverage of spicy food, sauces, seasoning, grilling, barbecue smoking, chile peppers, buffalo wings, chili and more, with weekly product previews and interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

Episode 42 – Chef Doug Crane of Dragon’s Blood Elixir


In addition to an insightful interview with one of the unsung masters of flavor, Chef Doug Crane of Dragon’s Blood Elixir fame, Scott and fellow chilehead Ken “Fiery World” Alexander (in a segment called “Ken’s Fiery World”) talk extensively about the history and beginnings of the various “hot sauce blogs” that began during the early days of the Internet.

The Weekly Firecast is a solid podcast with nice production elements, and always features a notable member of the hot sauce and spicy foods community.

Be sure to visit for all the past episodes, or subscribe via iTunes here.

And check out our review of the original Dragon’s Blood Elixir … it’s astoundingly good!


HSW 058 – Reds Salsa Interview – Weekend of Fire Update

Our featured interview is with Red’s Salsa out of Texas – winners of Best All Purpose Salsa, and also 3rd Place Fruit Salsa.

We reviewed Red’s Hot Salsa here just recently.

Marilyn reports in from the Weekend of Fire 2012 at Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio.

Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast 055 – Peppers at the Beach Live Interviews 2012

Our live interviews from Peppers at the Beach 2012:

brian and jennifer thompson

Brian interviewing Jennifer Trainer Thompson

Peppers at the Beach 2012 Interviews

Listen in to 8 great interviews from Peppers. They’re short and informative. Enjoy!

Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast 054 – Pork in the Park 2012

Another great weekend at Pork in the Park 2012. Even though Sunday got “rained out” (backyard comp still went on), we had a great time at the event.

Listen in as we wrap it all up for you.

Featured interviews:

Taste O South – their first comp ever, and we discuss their new Apple Barbecue Sauce

Rex’s Red Hot BBQ – Rex Holmes is no stranger to the BBQ circuit

Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast 051 – Flavors of Florida Hot Sauces

Pete and Joyce Mallas started their Westwood Deli and Catering in 2004, and shortly thereafter, this Tampa, Florida couple launched their Flavors of Florida line of hot sauces.

First up, Brian and Marilyn recap their appearance on Gettin’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ on BBQSuperstars at the BlogTalkRadio website.
You can listen to their shows and subscribe to BBQSuperstars here.

Brian talks about the great info, sharing, and fun that is Google+.
Find Brian on Google+

Marilyn talks about how much she liked the homemade jerk sauce Brian cooked up recently for some jerk wings.
Brian’s pictures and the recipe he used for jerk from Google+

Next is our featured interview with Flavors of Florida creators Pete and Joyce Mallas.

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HSW 049 Nolan Bebber of Nolan’s Hot Sauce

Our featured interview is with Nolan Bebber of Nolan’s Hot Sauce out of North Carolina. Nolan is only 13, and the young entrepreneur is already selling sauce all over the country.

Nolan Bebber of Nolan's Hot Sauce

Nolan reminded us of another hot sauce creator we all know… Johnny McLaughlin of Heartbreaking Dawn’s fame. If Johnny was 13 again. 🙂

Visit and “Like” Nolan’s Hot Sauce on Facebook:

Scott Roberts joins us for an informal chat, as well as reviewing Iguana Mean Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce from Half Moon Bay Trading

HSW 040 – BBQ SuperStars

This episode features our segment on Darryl Mast’s BBQ Superstars on Darryl runs and puts out great content in the way of videos, audio, blog posts, recipes and more.


I wanted to talk BBQ, and Darryl wanted to talk “hot sauce” and somehow we hit on both and had a great time.

We met Audrey from

A big thanks to our friends for joining us in the chat room –

Shane Draper of

Scott Roberts of

Doug Spiros of


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HSW 037 Dragonfire Hot Sauce

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We interview Rick and Maria from about their trials and tribulations in starting a hot sauce business…

Scott Roberts reviews Big Dawg Salsa’s Flatlime salsa

Marilyn reviews Pepperika 7 Pepper sauce –

And we announce the 2nd Annual Peppers at the Beach happening May 20 – 22, 2011 at in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware