HSW 055 – Peppers at the Beach Live Interviews

Interviews from Peppers at the Beach 2012:

Peppers at the Beach 2012 Interviews









Peppers at the Beach 2012 Live Day 1

Live Audio Reports:

Peppers at the Beach – May 18, 19, 20th, 2012

Throughout the weekend we’ll be updating these posts with our live, on the spot audio reporting, as well as photo updates.

Audio Updates:

Click the big PLAY button below to listen to our live updates: (I always have to RELOAD the page in Chrome to get the audio player to show up).

Photo Updates:

Be sure to check out our Peppers at the Beach 2012 info page for all the activities.

We also have tons of stuff from the past 2 years of Peppers at the Beach in the following “related” links:

Peppers at the Beach 2011 Day 3 – Wrap Up

Peppers at the Beach ended with a whimper on Sunday, as only a handful of vendors returned for the last day. The crowd turn-out was moderate, but it was anticlimactic. Also, our good friends Al “Buddah” and Scott Roberts had to head out very early to make their way home. We had a great time all weekend. Enjoy our pics.

The Girls of Peppers:

We’d like to thank all the staff at Peppers for a great weekend. These girls know their “hot stuff” and were just the best hosts.

Girls of Peppers

Rachel, Cierra (CC), Jessica, Heidi and Christina

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HSW 039 – Hot Sauce News and Barbecue – Doomer’s Q Sauce

We talk a bit about Pork in the Park, debut our “hot sauce news” segment, Todd and Jo Dooms of Doomer’s Q join us for a chat about their new Maryland based sauces, and we wrap up with an update on Peppers at the Beach in Rehoboth Beach Delaware May 20-22, 2011.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Pork in the Park 2011:

Wild N Mild:

Frito-Lay Launches Tapatio Flavored Snacks:

60 Men Who Cook:

Chili Beer & BBQ Sauce Recipe from BBQPitBoys:

Texas Pete Launches 2 new flavors – Chipotle & Fiery Sweet Wing Sauce

Doomer’s Q Sauce – BBQ Maryland Style:

Peppers at the Beach 2011:

HSW 021 Interviews From Peppers at the Beach

We interview 9 hot sauce vendors at the 1st Annual Peppers at the Beach event. In our longest podcast yet, these mini-interviews run from 2 to 6 minutes each.

A big thanks to all the great Chileheads we met and the awesome hot sauce makers that are truly what makes the fiery foods industry so much fun!

While you are listening, be sure and check out all the great photos on HotSauceDaily.com of Peppers At The Beach!

Here’s what’s in this episode:

First, Marilyn and I talk about all the fun we had, and the people we met. Following that, with times listed into the podcast are:

14:22 – Scott Roberts reviews Golden Toad Habanero Pepper Sauce.

The Interviews:
17:53 – John and Maggie Dilley – DefconSauces.com
19:30 – Brian and Annette Moore – RisingSunPepperFarm.com
21:45 – Willard Ashburn – AshburnSauce.com
25:33 – Tom and Diane Slosser – TomsRoidRippinHotSauce.com
28:23 – Johnny McLaughlin – HeartBreakingDawns.com
31:24 – Chad Lowcock – RaceCitySauceWorks.com
37:23 – Steve Zielinski – CrazyStevesPickles.com
42:48 – Nick Ney – CajunIsland.com
50:52 – Chip Hearn – Peppers.com

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