West Indies Creole Pepper Sauce

We are going international – to the West Indies for a look at some pepper sauces that you can get here in the US from California-Antilles Trading online. We can’t tell you how excited we are to be able to share with you these wonderful sauces from abroad, and the fact that they are so easily obtained.

pepper sauce duo

We’ve not been a fan of cayenne pepper sauces in the past. Sauces like Crystal, Texas Pete, and Trappey’s all taste the same of salt, vinegar and a thin, sharp biting heat that just seems so watered down.

But we have recently discovered more gourmet style richer tasting sauces like Swamp Scum, Louisana Gold, and recently Mama Bull’s that are changing our minds.

Here are two sauces that are so rich tasting that they will be on our table alongside the venerable Tabasco, Pickapeppa, and Cholula sauces. That’s saying something folks!

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