The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wing Sauce

Closing out our Week of Wings 7 is our favorite bottled wing sauce from 2015 - The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wing Sauce. Week of Wings 7 - Day 5 - The Flaming Chicken Hot Garlic Wing Sauce Hot Garlic Wing Sauce from The Flaming Chicken is a classic cayenne based wing sauce with the … [Read more...]

Datil Dew Inferno Wings

It's back to a sauce review on wings today with Datil Dew Inferno Sauce from Don't let the "Inferno" name scare you. This is Week of Wings 6 - Day 4. Datil Dew Inferno Sauce #7 We love Datil pepper based sauces here at Whether it's a BBQ sauce, a dry rub, … [Read more...]

Vortex grilled wings in a Weber Kettle

I'm geeking out today about a new grilling accessory called Vortex. Designed for use in any Kettle or Kamado style grill, the Vortex makes grilling super crispy wings easy! And of course it's great for many other uses as you will see. This is Week of Wings 6 - Day 3. Vortex - inDirect Heat grilling … [Read more...]

Seven wing recipes to try this year

Wrapping up our Week of Wings 5 Series, we present some awesome looking wing recipes that we want try this year. Of course we'll share our experiences with you. Seven wing recipes that we'd love to try this year Week of Wings 5 - Day 7. We're wrapping up our Week of Wings 5 with a look at … [Read more...]

Bigfat’s 4o8 Jerk Style Hot Sauce on Wings

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 2 - Bigfat's 4o8 Jerk Style Hot Sauce Jerk or "jerked" style seasoning can come in many forms - a dry rub style (we like McCormick's Caribbean), a thick paste (Pickapeppa), or a pourable sauce. Next to buffalo style, jerk wings are my favorite wings to eat. Heck, I … [Read more...]

Fast Food Wings Roundup for Week of Wings 3

Week of Wings III - Day 7 - Fast Food Wings Roundup Here’s our take on Popeye’s Spicy Wings, KFC’s Dry Hot Wings (both breaded and fried, no sauce), and Pizza Hut's and Domino’s versions of hot wings (both of which are baked then tossed in sauce). This is our final post for our Week of … [Read more...]

Grocery Store Wing Sauces

Week of Wings III - Day 4 - Grocery Store Wing Sauces While there are dozens and dozens of choices of "ready to use" Wing Sauces available from your local grocery store, we picked two, almost at random, for this review - Anchor Bar's Original Wing Sauce Medium, and Budweiser's Hot Wing … [Read more...]

Kramer’s Wing Rubs Review

Week of Wings III - Day 1 - Kramer's Wing Rubs Our 3rd Annual hot wings round-up, the Week of Wings III, begins with a spectacular dry rub product, a Texas spice blend from Kramer's Gourmet Foods. Kramer's Wing Rub is available (from mild to hot) in Easy Pickin', Finger Lickin', and What Was … [Read more...]

Review Mama Bulls Louisiana Hot Sauce on Wings

Week of Wings II - Day 6 - Mama Bull's Louisiana Hot Sauce On Day 6 of our wing roundup this year, we bring you a a review of Mama Bull's Louisiana Hot Sauce Cayenne Pepper Sauce as a straight wing sauce. No butter added, we just followed the directions on the bottle to dunk the wings in the … [Read more...]

Rippin Red Wing Sauce Review

Rippin' Red Wing Sauces from Maryland based Rizzotti Foods LLC from Abingdon, MD are two wing sauces that meet or exceed what we like in a bottled wing sauce. Their "original" and "hot" versions are available on As you can see below, the only difference in the ingredients is the … [Read more...]

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