Lucky Dog Black Label Extra Hot Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce

The newest product from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is the Black Label Extra Hot Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce. The fourth sauce in the Lucky Dog stable, the Extra Hot features Trinidad Scorpion and Jalapeño peppers along with apples, figs and garlic. Sounds diverse, right? Let's see if the "Extra Hot" in it … [Read more...]

Dragons Blood Elixir Hot Sauce Review

Dragon's Blood Elixir Hot Sauce was the first sauce from Chef Doug Crane of and it has become a staple on our pantry shelf. Label: We love the old school "snake oil salesman" style of the label. It evokes the "Cure's What Ails You" Wild West style labels. The label even … [Read more...]

Fire Ant Juice
Gourmet Hot Sauce

Fire Ant Juice from Tropical Island Gourmet Company is offering a free bottle of Hobo Howey's Jalapeno Treats with any order until the end of August 2010. Read on to find out how you can get yours! This sauce rocks! I think the name "Fire Ant Juice" is funny, and the … [Read more...]

Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce – Hot Sauce Review

New Premium Hot Sauces from Louisiana Brand We all know the familiar bottle with the Red Dot saying "One Drop Does It"® on the Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce - your basic cayenne pepper, vinegar and salt hot sauce. They've recently launched a line of premium sauces called "Louisiana … [Read more...]

Review of Chok’On Dis Blaz’n Glaze

Chok'On Dis Blaz'n Glaze Chok'On Dis Blaz'n Glaze sauce from is another creation from Todd "King of Sting" Ross from Orlando, Florida. His Blaz'n Glaze is sold and marketed as a marinade or finishing sauce. Next time we cook with this sauce, we'll go the whole marinading route. But … [Read more...]

Redrum Announces New “Inner Bhutty Sauce” has a new Bhut Jolokia based sauce With the introduction of the new Bhut Jolokia pepper, has just announced their newest sauce, the Inner Bhutty Island Sauce. There's a great story behind it, so be sure to check it out. Here's a peek at the new label: Inner … [Read more...]

Hooters Are the Best Wings in the Universe

Is There a Better Hot Wing Than Hooters' ? We love to make our own hot wings and our current favorite is our own Sriracha Garlic Wings. You've got to check them out. But... When it comes to carry-out, Hooters makes us happy! The breading on the wings and the way it absorbs the sauce - the … [Read more...]

Review of TexasFood
Marketplace for
Texas Made Foods

A Marketplace for Texas made foods is a marketplace for Texas made foods. Browse hundreds of authentic Texas-made sauces, salsa, spices, rubs, appetizers and much, much, more. Jason Russo, owner of sent me a nice package of 3 sauces to review. This included a Texas … [Read more...]

Mystery Review – Caffeine Capsaicin Nirvana

Guest Review for My friend, Buddah, lead reviewer over at asked me to participate in a "mystery review". I was sent an unlabled bottle of sauce, and the *only* thing I knew about it was that it contained coffee. As part of a team of 3, we all shared our … [Read more...]

Blues BBQ Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce Review

Blues BBQ Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce What makes the Blues BBQ Habanero Reserve different, is that it's made with Red Savina® Habanero Peppers. So it's a dark red color. Unusual for a habby sauce I think. Typically, habanero sauces are made with the familiar yellow or orange habanero peppers … [Read more...]

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