Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Served up in a classic honey jar, this 16 ounce bottle of liquid gold combines the purest honey with the fiery heat of the Ghost Pepper.

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Geddes Farms Blazing Hot 100% Natural Ghost Pepper Honey

Geddes Farms of Maryland sent us a bottle of their raw honey infused with a Ghost pepper to sample. With its clear golden color, the flavor of this quality honey is enhanced by the addition of a split red Ghost pepper suspended in the honey. It brings a very pronounced heat to the sweet honey profile.

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey top

Check out the cool top

Heat Level: Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – Big heat that hits you fast, but fades just as fast. Thrilling.

Overall Rating: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Pure honey flavor with pure Ghost heat. Delicious.

Ingredients: Honey, Ghost pepper.

Clear raw honey from Geddes Farms

Clear raw honey from Geddes Farms

Some folks advocate honey as a way to reduce the burn of hot sauces and hot peppers, so I first thought it was just going to be one of those products that incorporated the Ghost pepper just to jump on the hot pepper bandwagon, but – oh my! Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey did not disappoint.

Ghost pepper in honey. Kind of creepy, huh?

Ghost pepper in honey. Kind of creepy, huh?

There is not nearly enough honey to cover-up the heat here, and that makes for a perfect combination of heat and sweet that any die-hard chilehead can appreciate.

The Ghost pepper himself.

The Ghost pepper himself.

I’ve put Geddes Farms Blazing Hot Ghost Pepper Honey on just about everything I could think of – chicken tenders, wings, biscuits, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and even on ice cream. I’ve yet to put it in my hot tea, but I will be using it to warm my soul when the winter wind and snow come knocking on our door.

Geddes Farms Ghost pepper honey on chicken tenders.

Geddes Farms Ghost pepper honey on chicken tenders.

Ghost pepper, split for more flavor!

Ghost pepper, split for more flavor!

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey on wings.

On wings.

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey on poppers

A sweet honey glaze on poppers.

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey on bisquits.

On bisquits. Of course.

If you have a penchant for some heat with your sweet, or if you’re just a fan of honey looking for something a little different to please your palate, I highly recommend Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey.

Where to buy:

Go here to place your order – you’ll be sooo glad you did! And check out all of their other honey products. Especially this awesome gift set for the chilehead in your life.

Visit: and tell them Marilyn from HotSauceDaily sent you!

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

Heartbreaking Dawns Grilling Sauces
North Star Honey Datil and
Meridian Serrano

A Review of Heartbreaking Dawns Grilling Sauces

We recently had the pleasure to do an exclusive review of Heartbreaking Dawns Grilling Sauces. Their North Star Honey Datil Pepper and their Meridian Serrano grilling sauces are two new entries into the world of gourmet style grilling and glazing sauces. These unique sauces have pros and cons, but ultimately both are winners.


Heartbreaking Dawns has some of the most innovative and unique flavors of sauces and condiments in the world of hot sauce today. And with the introduction of these two new grilling sauces, they have come full circle from their original hot sauces, to rubs and spices and preserves to these grilling sauces. Johnny Mclaughlin is a true innovator of flavors and heat, and has topped himself with these new additions to his line of products.

Heartbreaking Dawns North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce

Their label reads:

“Our North Star Blend combines all natural Honey and fresh St. Augustine Datil Peppers to create a mouthwatering marinade, finishing sauce, or BBQ glaze”

Ingredients: honey, tomato paste, cider vinegar, Datil peppers, garlic, carrot, water, molasses, brown sugar, sea salt, lime juice, onion, coriander

Heartbreaking Dawns Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce

And on this label:

“Our Meridian Blend combines all natural Apricot Preserves and fresh Serrano Peppers, to create a mouthwatering marinade, finishing sauce or BBQ glaze.

Ingredients: Apricot preserves, tomato paste, cider vinegar, serrano peppers, brown sugar, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, water, garlic, onion, sea salt, soy sauce, lime juice

thick honey datil on left and serrano on right

We grilled some boneless chicken thighs and chicken tenders to test these new gourmet sauces out.

The chicken thighs got the North Star Honey Datil sauce, and the tenders got the Meridian Serrano sauce treatment. Wow! Both were so good. Read on as we break things down into each sauce as they came off the grill.

North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce:

Marilyn: My first taste out of the jar was of the North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce. I love the thick texture, the warm, smokey, dark flavor. It’s very sweet, and the heat comes on in stages. It’s a very “front of the mouth” heat at first, then it blossoms. We used this sauce on the boneless, skinless thighs.

The sauce was very thick for a grilling or glazing sauce. Brushing on a couple of layers onto the chicken worked out great as it caramelized nicely.

I loved the sweet smokey flavor, but after about 3 bites, the heat really built up. I’m glad we had some cole slaw on hand so I could cool off a bit, which allowed me to eat more. This sauce has a nice bite to it!

Brian: As you can see from the pics, the Honey Datil is the thicker of the two. It brushed onto the chicken nicely, but quickly thinned out, requiring a second, third, and even a 4th application onto the chicken to bring up the layers and thickness of the sauce. This is not a bad thing. I was happy it held up to the heat of the grill and gave the chicken a beautiful finish.

Both of these sauces looked awesome on the finished chicken, but this was definitely the hotter of the two. The honey was just right, and the Datil pepper shone through to give it a nice, spicy finish.

I’ve always been a sucker for the Datil pepper as it is another unique American pepper that is limited to the St Augustine Florida area. So I especially love the flavor profile of this sauce.

Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce

Marilyn: I noticed as soon as I poured this into a bowl, I saw that it was a lot thinner than the North Star Honey Datil. You could see the bits of apricot and the serrano seeds in the sauce, which is great for those who like different textures, but I don’t even like walnuts in my brownies. That’s just me. My first taste told me it wasn’t as sweet and smokey as the Datil, but there was a great flavor profile from the fresher tasting serranos and apricots.

After finishing some chicken tenders on the grill with this sauce, I would recommend this as a grilling/BBQ sauce to keep on hand. I still had to spit out the seeds, but the heat level was much more to my liking. This is a sauce I could serve to anyone without “hurting” them and they would love it! My only complaint is the seeds from the serranos turn me off. I don’t like to have to spit them out. Maybe HBD can filter them out in the next batch.

Brian: I like bits of anything in my sauces, and this Meridian Serrano has tons of it. I like my sauces chunky. This Serrano sauce tastes of fresh green serrano chiles with the sweetness of the apricot fruit.

Now, having said that, I would like more serrano and less apricot. I wanted this sauce to be so much more – like a big hit of green chile. But it works, it’s fresh and pungent, it glazes well on the chicken – it’s gourmet.

Final Thoughts

Marilyn: Overall, I preferred the Meridian Serrano over the Northstar Honey Datil, because the heat level was more of what I like on my BBQ. But I loved the thicker, smoother texture of the Northstar Honey Datil, and the dark smokiness. If the Northstar had less heat while maintaining it’s other attributes, that would be my favorite. Hey Johnny and Nicole, give me the base of the Datil with the freshness of the Serrano (without the seeds), and I’m ordering this stuff by the case!

Brian: We love these sauces, but agreed that the heat was a bit much for glazing sauces. But then we are not fans of too much heat in our BBQ glazes or sauces. It’s a minor complaint, as the quality and overall flavor of both outweigh the heat. Heartbreaking Dawns has a couple of winners here with these gourmet grilling sauces.

Overall score: 4 out of 5

Where to Buy:

You can buy these great grilling sauces and all of Heartbreaking Dawns products at

Enter the Coupon Code: “hotsaucedaily” to save 10% until Oct 31st, 2010 !

We interview Johnny and Nicole of Heartbreaking Dawns on episode 28 of the HotSauceWeekly podcast – our first repeat guests! Johnny Mclaughlin was our guest way back on Episode 14 of HotSauceWeekly when they were new and only had 3 sauces.

Heartbreaking Dawns
Release New Grilling Sauces

Exclusive: Heartbreaking Dawns release their newest sauces

Heartbreaking Dawns debuted their North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce and their Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce at the 15th Annual Chile Pepper Food Festival in Bowers, PA. have announced their two new Gourmet grilling sauces – the North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce, a combo of “all natural Honey with the St. Augustine Datil pepper” and the Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce, with “all natural Apricot preserves and fresh Serrano peppers”.

Pictured here are Johnny Mclaughlin and Nicole Ramsperger of at a recent demo:

pic of johnny & nicole

These great grilling sauces are now available on Heartbreaking Dawns website now:

North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce
Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce

Enter Coupon code: hotsaucedaily for a 10% discount!

We’ll have the exclusive first look/review of these great gourmet grilling sauces coming soon.

And be sure to check out our next podcast, where we feature HeartbreakingDawns and their new grilling sauces on

44 Wings sauce

Sadly, 44 Wings are Out of Business.

That’s right, on Day 4 of Week of Wings we’re featuring the “44 Wings” brand sauce from Tampa, Florida.

Ken Michaels of sent me his “Medium” and “Hot” versions to review. This is a review of the Medium sauce.

Marilyn, a.k.a. @HotSauceChick on Twitter and I both agreed that the Medium is a great product.

44 Wing Sauce. “Darn Tootin’ It’s Good” Medium

This is a wing sauce that has all the ingredients already mixed in. Just heat before using – yet another wing sauce that needs to be heated before use, but at least the instructions are on the label. And there is no reason to add anything else. Our initial impression is that it has a nice consistency, light and perfect for coating your wings.

After baking and frying the wings and tossing them in this sauce, the vinegar edge first detected when poured from the bottle gave way to a sweet, fresh flavor. A wonderful infusion of herbs, spices and honey gave these wings a unique flavor profile. I love the aromatic essence that rosemary and other herbs lend to chicken, and, though not listed (various spices), they are definitely present in this sauce.

If there ever was a “gourmet-style” wing sauce, this would be it. In fact, it could be marketed as a “Gourmet Glaze”, as it would be perfect on ribs, shrimp, and poultry.

Ingredients: honey, peppers, vinegar, salt, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, butter flavoring, and various spices.