Recipe Makeover: Homemade Sloppy Joes Better Than Manwich

Recipe Makeover: Homemade Sloppy Joes Better than Manwich

You’ll never buy Hunt’s Manwich Sauce in a can again.
This is my homemade version of Manwich Sloppy Joes that I’ve been making at home since I was a teen. It is so simple, and as Brian says, “it’s the bomb!”.

This is a recipe using 2 lbs of ground beef. You could use 1 lb, but this is so good, and freezes so well (if it makes it that far) that you should go with the 2 lb version. I use my Le Creuset dutch oven, but a large cast iron skillet works as well.

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Recipe For Homemade Pita Chips From Pita Bread

These Homemade Pita Chips are so easy to make

Great for spicy chile dips, veggie dips, or for just taste-testing hot sauces, these are our go to chips when we just want a plain dipping chip for sauces etc.

Simply take a round of Pita bread and slice it into 6ths or 8ths (depending on the size of the bread). Then you open each wedge, pulling apart to make 2 wedges of the top and bottom of the loaf. (See Tips below)

Cut pita with pizza cutter

Cut pita with pizza cutter

Pita bread in wedges

Pita bread in wedges

Next, lightly spray or coat a non-stick pan with oil (Pam works great here), get the pan medium to medium hot, and add the chips in a single layer. I like to spray the chips once with the Pam, then sprinkle some Kosher or Sea Salt onto them.

Pita toasted in pan

Pita toasted in pan

Toast them gently, turning when they begin to brown. The longer/browner you make them, of course the crispier they get. Personally, I like them just warmed, and soft. Inevitably some will still come out crispier than others.

After you’ve turned them over to get the other side done, slide them out of the pan onto a plate or bowl, and repeat until you have the amount you want.

Since these small loaves shown only yield about 12 chips per loaf, you may have to do quite a few batches to feed a small group. In that case, be sure not to over-toast them. They only last about 20-30 minutes after toasting, before they get too hard ( for me, anyway).

That’s all there is to making your own Pita chips for your next party or taste test group!

Tips from Brian:

  • I like to begin toasting these with the rough inside of the pita loaf face down. That way, there are lots of “nooks and crannies” to get toasty (sorry, Thomas’).
  • I only salt the tops of the wedges when they first enter the pan. We don’t want too much salt to color the sauce we are tasting. You can, if you wish, just omit the salt… then you know you are only tasting the salt content in the sauce, or dip, or whatever you are sampling.
  • Plan on toasting enough of these wedges for your needs right off the bat. No one wants to be fooling with this process, when there’s food to be had!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on making your own Pita chips at home! Let me know if you try this recipe/tip by leaving a Comment below.