Hoff Sauce review and Giveaway

We first heard about Hoff Sauce when they were debuting their product at the Chattanooga (TN) Market in early August.

Checkout the Giveaway at the end to win a bottle of Hoff Sauce!

Packaged in a flask bottle and adorned with the cartoon likeness of founder and creator Aaron Hoffman, this sauce really piqued our interest. We just had to try it. And we are suckers for a flask bottle.

hoff sauce flask

Hoff Sauce – an everyday sauce that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Or at least that is one of their taglines. And it may be true. But ultimately, this sauce is for fans of habanero sauces.

Heat Level: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – A nice sting of heat. Habanero happiness.

Overall Rating: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars
Peppery flavor and fresh taste. Everyday.

Ingredients: Chiles (Red Jalapeño, Habanero, Chipotle), Vinegar, Salt, Granulated Garlic.


hoff sauce sample

Hoff Sauce sample

This thin sauce is unremarkable in appearance. It shows tiny bits of peppers, but that’s about all.

An average sauce. Thin. Not much to say about the consistency. But it works.

The flask bottle comes with a restrictor cap that we feel is not necessary. Let the sauce flow Hoff!


Sharp heat – think kicked up taco sauce – followed by a strong garlic hit.

This is one of those sauces that you “splash” on foods, as opposed to dripping onto, or pouring onto. The thin body of the sauce dictates so.

Final Thoughts:

I’m getting mostly a stinging heat from the habaneros and red jalapeños. The chipotle pepper, and it’s inherent smokiness barely comes through.

It is very good on tacos, and pretty good on slices of pizza.

Some might like it in their bowls of chili or cooked into their taco meat.

A few drops onto nachos is pretty darn good too!


Fantastic job with the flask bottle. I’m sorry the graphics don’t pop more from the label… Hoff really did a good job on that concept, but the graphics just don’t shine through.


As a 5-year-old, Aaron Hoffman remembers skipping the Twinkies and Little Debbies and reaching for cheddar cheese and pickled jalapeños instead. He’s always been a fan of hot and spicy foods.

As an adult, he has converted that passion for heat into his own brand of hot sauce called Hoff Sauce. He and his wife, Michelle, created Hoff and Pepper Co. to market the brand.

Visit Hoff and Pepper here: http://www.hoffandpepper.com/

hoff sauce in brown wrapper

Hoff Sauce comes in a nice brown bag wrapper

You can find Hoff and Pepper on Social Media here:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/hoffandpepper/

Where to buy:

To purchase, visit http://www.hoffandpepper.com/orderhoffsauce/hoff-sauce/

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. Some compensation was received via the giveaway bottle.



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