Rayz Hot Dry Rub and Spice Cave Wind on Chicken Tenders

Rayz “Hot Dry Rub” and The Spice Cave “Wind” on grilled chicken tenders were both winners. Watch our video to see how good they look and taste!

Dry Rubbed Chicken Tenders with Rayz Hot Dry Rub and The Spice Cave Wind seasoning

You’ve surely heard Guy Fieri say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”? Yup. When it comes to simple grilled chicken tenders over some good charcoal, you can do almost anything to them!

In this case, we’re using two nice rubs from our shelves.

Rayz Hot Dry Rub

Ingredients: rosemary, honey, allspice, scallions, brown sugar, vinegar, peppers, molasses, garlic, onion, thyme, nutmeg, salt.

Rayz Hot Dry Rub is a dry rub seasoning based on their popular Rayz Jerk Jam product ordered by the officials from PelamisWave.

The heat level is: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – just shy of 2.5 on our heat scale. Very spicy but enjoyable by all.

The Spice Cave Wind

Ingredients: dehydrated vegetables, garlic, onions, parsley, himalayan pink salt, spices,
orange peel, chili pepper flakes.

Part of a 4 pack of spices from Kickstarter… The Spice Cave has quite a selection of spice rubs.

“Wind is an herbaceous blend for anything that flies.” So, we’re putting it on chicken while also offering CarryOut Supplies paper coffee cup.

Rated 1 out of 5 Stars – No heat to speak of. It’s basically an “everything bagel” type of seasoning. But delicious!


Where to Buy:

Visit RayzJerkJam.com for the Rayz Hot Dry Rub

Visit The Spice Cave for their spice offerings

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Brats and Grilled Veggies on REC TEC Mini Smoker

We grilled some brats and veggies on the REC TEC Mini Pellet Grill recently – and they turned out fantastic!

The key to this success lies in the recipe. The brats were simmered in two bottles of beer and some onions for about 2 hours.

Then we cranked the REC TEC Mini up to 500º and grilled for about 20 minutes.

Don’t overlook the buns – the Johnsonville Sausage Rolls were amazing and helped make this cook a big success.

Grilled Brats and Veggies on the REC TEC Mini Pellet Grill

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~brian and marilyn

Check out REC TEC Grills online.

Hot Wings Video Recipes

Wrapping up our Week of Wings 6 (yes, that’s 6 years of Week of Wings so far), we’re sharing some YouTube videos of grilled wings, smoked wings, and bbq wings that we find interesting, useful, and hopefully flavorful… but always interesting! Week of Wings 6 – Day 5

Peanut Butter Wings – from Micah of Grilling and Smoking

Micah does a Wings Wednesday series on YouTube. Always a good watch and usually a good recipe. Here is Micah’s take on Peanut Butter Wings.

… pretty good, maybe doctor it up for a little more spice… something completely different.

Like me, Micah is on a quest to find the best mustard based wings recipe… so if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Check out his other Wings Wednesdays and subscribe to Micah at https://www.youtube.com/user/GrillingAndSmoking

The Wolfe Pit – Grilled (Original) Buffalo Wings

In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to grill Buffalo Wings using the Original Buffalo Wing recipe from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York. If you like fried Buffalo Wings you will LOVE Grilled Buffalo Wings.

Be sure and visit and check out Larry’s other great recipes and videos at his blog:


Caribbean Style Hot Wings

Malcom Reed has a great and simple Caribbean style sauce on his grilled wings.

Sriracha Hot Wings Recipe – Baked

This entertaining little video from Tasted features a very simple baked wing Sriracha recipe. And it’s entertaining.

Final Thoughts: Of course there are hundreds thousands of wings videos online! Look around, do what you like. Experiment!

We hope you enjoyed our Week of Wings 6 series of posts, and if you try any of the recipes… well please let us know how they worked out for you.

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~Brian and Marilyn

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Vortex grilled wings in a Weber Kettle

I’m geeking out today about a new grilling accessory called Vortex. Designed for use in any Kettle or Kamado style grill, the Vortex makes grilling super crispy wings easy! And of course it’s great for many other uses as you will see. This is Week of Wings 6 – Day 3.

Vortex – inDirect Heat grilling device


This is the Small Vortex for Akorns, Med-Large Eggs, 18.5″ and 22.5″ Weber Kettles, and Kamado Joes

Overall rating: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Ranking right up there with cast iron grill grates, this simple cone produces great results! A 5 Star grilling product if I’ve ever seen one. A must have.

Vortex is a cone shaped device that allows for either direct heat or indirect heat in a controlled environment.

You build your charcoal fire in the middle of the Vortex, and with the help of the domed lid of your grill, you get a nice indirect heat zone around the perimeter of the grate.

Simply put, small end up is for indirect heat, and large end up is for direct heat. The uses can get more complicated and more versatile as you will see.

But for now, we’re looking for the perfect grilled crispy chicken wing!


Great quality of build and the welded seams are tight.

The pic above is at a weird angle. The Vortex is not as tiny as it appears here, but I wanted to show off the nice welds, and quality of build of this all stainless steel device.

Hot Whang! and Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rubs

Hot Whang! and Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rubs.

We are grilling our wings today with Mad Hunky Brand Meat Seasonings Hot Whang! Chicken Rub. Yea, that’s a mouth full. And Rich Tirpak at MadHunkyMeats.com was kind enough to toss in a sample of Hot Ass Whang! Rub for us to try. (Read thru to the end to see how to get these rubs and many other seasonings for practically free shipping when you purchase a Vortex.)

closeup of hot whang versus hot ass whang rub - one is better.

One of these thangs is not like the other. Sort of close up of the rubs.

See what I did there? One of these thangs is better than the other. 🙂 While both rubs are top notch, we did have a favorite.

Vortex in place for indirect heat. Dead center of kettle on fire grate.

Vortex in place for indirect heat. Dead center of kettle on the fire grate.

Coals getting all hot and happy. This sucker will be a mini wing furnace soon.

Coals getting all hot and happy. This sucker will be a mini wing furnace soon.

We started our coals in a chimney and poured them into the Vortex. This little wing furnace will be cranking out the heat soon.

Wings rubbed with Hot Whang! rubs ready for the Vortex and Kettle

Wings rubbed with Hot Whang! ready for the Vortex and Kettle. Hot Whang! at top – Hot Ass Whang! at bottom.

That’s our obligatory pic of some fat wings ready to die go on the grill. There aren’t as many Hot Ass Whang! wings ‘cuz we was skeered!

Wings around perimeter - bone ends in. No need for flipping or turning.

Wings around perimeter – bone ends in. No need for flipping or turning.

Finally an action shot!

Arranging the wings around the Vortex, with bone ends in, allows the intense heat from the Vortex to circulate around the wings via the dome. There is no need to flip, turn, or just plain ol’ mess with the wings while they get all crispy and done.

You’ll notice our air temp probe is in place (shooting for 350 -375 degrees), and we use our ThermaPen to check the temps of the wings – Vortex or no Vortex, you don’t grill chicken without knowing the meat is at 165º or better when done.

Finished Hot Whang! Chicken Rub wings

Finished Hot Whang! Chicken Rub wings

These wings were savory with a nice dry crunch to them. The heat level was disappointing – Hot Whang! was not. Mild heat lovers would be happy with it though. Hot Whang! has a delicious flavor, and as a dry rub seasoning, it really does shine. Just not enough for us. Average.

Finished Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rub wings

Finished Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rub wings

We only had one question about these Hot Ass Whang! wings… why didn’t we make more? Of the 3 versions here, these hot little wingies stole the show. While just a bit hotter than the original Hot Whang! rub… there was so much more flavor. More sweet, more heat, and more savory goodness.

Hot Ass Whang! Chicken Rub was the big winner here.

Heat Level: Rated 2.5 out of 5 Stars – Medium to medium hot, these dry crunchy spicy wings are winners. Best dry rubbed wings so far this year!

Finished Hot Whang! Chicken Rub wings wet and sticky style

Finished Hot Whang! Chicken Rub wings wet and sticky style

These wings are the original Hot Whang! Chicken Rub with the addition of spritzing on liquid to keep them moist and sticky.

It’s a great concept – 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar – spritzed on about 3 or 4 times during the cook. Once near the beginning, once or twice during the cook, and a final spritz at the end of the grilling session.

The method did make for some nice, wet and sticky wings… but we decided we liked the dry rubbed better. Sticky and tacky.

Vortex grilled dry rubbed chicken wings trio

Vortex grilled dry rubbed chicken wings trio

Clockwise from top: Hot Whang! Chicken Rub, Hot Ass Whang! rub, and Hot Whang! rub done wet style with the vinegar spray.

Final Thoughts:

The Vortex is available at http://madhunkymeats.com/

If you purchase a Vortex, there is a ton of space within the Vortex and box that Rich can fill with any rub you desire. Shop around on his site, pick out the rubs and seasonings and brines you’d like to try and he’ll fit them into the box with the Vortex and you’ll only pay for shipping the Vortex.

The Vortex is available in Small (our version), Medium for 22.5″ and 26.75″ Weber Kettles, XL Big Green Eggs, Big Joe (Kamado Joe), and Large for Ceramics Only – XL Big Green Egg, Big Joe (Kamado Joe), Primo cookers.

Tell Rich HotSauceDaily sent you!

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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Seven wing recipes to try this year

Wrapping up our Week of Wings 5 Series, we present some awesome looking wing recipes that we want try this year. Of course we’ll share our experiences with you.

Seven wing recipes that we’d love to try this year

week of wings 5

Week of Wings 5 – Day 7. We’re wrapping up our Week of Wings 5 with a look at some recipes that just scream “Yes! Try me!”. You know the types… sexy wings, bathed in sauce or grilled to perfection. Great pictures that tempt you to cook them up and realize your pics will never be that good. 🙂

If you’ve stuck with us for the entire week, we thank you for reading. I’m sorry we neglected to have any grilled wings this year, but the weather has just not cooperated. Nevertheless… let’s check out these recipes together, and see if any of them become a favorite. Let us know if you try any of these.

Smokestacks Chicken Wings

These crisp-charred chicken wings are bathed in a spiced butter sauce.
Featuring 10 spices that almost everyone has in their cabinet, these grilled wings are a sight to behold. Charred with spicy butter, they look delicious!

smokestacks wing recipe

Smokestacks Wings

Best chicken wings I have ever made and I have cooked thousands over the last fifty years.

Recipe link: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Smokestacks-Chicken-Wings

Margarita Chicken Wings

Tangy, a little salty, and not too sweet. Prep and Cook Time: 25 minutes, plus at least 3 hours to marinate.
Just like the cocktail it’s named for, this easy marinade is a four-ingredient flavor explosion of tart, sweet, and salty all rolled up into one. Here it’s used to jazz up chicken wings, but it works wonders for flank steak, grilled pork, and chicken thighs too.

Margarita Wings Recipe

Margarita Wings Recipe

They had much so flavor, we all loved them, and they came out golden brown, like the picture.

Recipe link: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/margarita-chicken-wings-10000001634816/

Baked Brown Sugar Wings with Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce

Amazingly crisp wings baked to perfection served alongside an incredibly creamy dipping sauce that everyone will love.

brown sugar wings recipe

Baked Brown Sugar Wings with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Just tried this the other night and it was fabulous! This is my absolute favorite wings recipe.

Recipe link: http://damndelicious.net/2012/05/29/baked-brown-sugar-chicken-wings-with-roasted-red-pepper/

Old Bay – Santa Maria Seasoning

Dougherty’s Wings – arguably the best chicken wings on the planet.
These grilled wings are seasoned with a Santa Maria seasoning and Old Bay Seasoning. They are basted with a mix of Foster’s Beer, brown sugar and Walkerswood (wet) jerk seasoning. A little complex, and a hard recipe to follow, but you Weber Kettle grillers should have no problem.

Santa Maria and Old Bay seasoned wings recipe

Santa Maria and Old Bay seasoned wings recipe

Recipe link: http://greenleafbbq.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/doughertys-wings-arguably-the-best-chicken-wings-on-the-planet/

Twice fried

While not just for wings, this recipe features twice fried chicken with a good looking sriracha honey sauce.

Twice fried chicken wings recipe with sriracha honey

Twice fried chicken recipe with sriracha honey

…the seasoning blend for the chicken is delicious! My husband wants it on cheeseburgers next! A huge hit. Don’t be afraid of this odd combo – it really works!

Recipe link: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/michael-symon/twice-fried-chicken-with-sriracha-honey.html

Honey Bourbon Sriracha Sauced Fried Grilled Chicken Wings

Heat from the gift of the food gods, Sriracha Sauce – Sweet from Honey – An Earthy bite from the Bourbon.
This is a great step-by-step recipe for what looks to be a delicious wing!

Honey bourbon sriracha fried grilled wings recipe

Honey bourbon sriracha fried grilled wings recipe

Recipe link: http://erecipecards.blogspot.com/2012/06/honey-bourbon-sriracha-sauced-fried.html

Bonus – One recipe and one Sauce review

How does Spicy Garlic Coal Black Wings grab ya? Add to that, an incredible “all purpose” sauce review that we did on wings.
The Coal Black Wings make an astounding presentation (and delicious wings), and the Chili Dan’s All Purpose Sauce tied for our top product of 2013. So for all of our new readers, we finish our Week of Wings 5 with two of our very favorite wings recipes that we have cooked many times.

Spicy Garlic Coal Black Wings with Sriracha: A particularly complex recipe that is well worth your time to make! Just take a look!

Spicy Garlic Coal Black Wings with sriracha

Spicy Garlic Coal Black Wings with sriracha

We’re especially proud of this recipe, as we put it together solely upon watching a TV show that featured it at a restaurant (details are in the original post).

Recipe link: http://hotsaucedaily.com/spicy-garlic-coal-black-wings-recipe/

Chili Dan’s All Purpose Start to Finish Sauce Wings Recipe: One of our favorite products of 2013, Chili Dan’s on wings is spectacularly delicious!

Chicken Wings with Chili Dan's All Purpose sauce

Amazing wings with Chili Dan’s sauce

This is one of those all purpose sauces that we fell in love with immediately. We just might keep a case of this on hand at all times. It’s that good.

Recipe link: http://hotsaucedaily.com/chili-dans-all-purpose-start-to-finish-sauce/

We hope you enjoyed reading through our Week of Wings 5 series of posts, and hopefully you got some great ideas of your own. Please share anything you discovered with us and our other readers by leaving a Comment below.

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Johnny Secreto Rubs and BBQ Sauce review

This was a really fun review to work on, thanks to the great labels and branding and amazing variety of flavors in the 3 rubs and the BBQ sauce.

Johnny Secreto features rubs and recipes from an Old World Italian Family


Here are 3 very different, yet flavorful rubs and their BBQ sauce counterpart from Johnny Secreto. Let’s look at the products, and then we’ll talk about the grilled chicken tenders we cooked with each.

Backyard Classic

Ingredients: sugar, paprika, garlic salt, seasoning salt, celery salt, onion salt, herbs, spices – 3.0 oz jar.

This really is a “classic” style rub, as it includes all the basic ingredients that a good rub is built upon. Look up any basic rub recipe, and you’ll see a similar list. Of course, Johnny Secreto has added their own unique spice blends to personalize it.

Having the finest grind of the three, it’s powdery, sweet and salty. The celery salt is quite prominent. I know a lot of folks don’t care for celery flavorings, but if you love Old Bay Seasoning, you’ll like this. Not that this rub is of the seafood seasoning variety, I’m just comparing it to one of the most well-known, celery salt laden seasonings. Good for: burgers, ribs, poultry, potatoes.

Sultan’s Gold Rub

Ingredients: brown sugar, kosher salt, garlic salt, spices – 2.5 oz jar.

The Sultan’s Gold has the coarsest makeup, and indeed has a yellowish-gold look to it. We think it’s very Mediterranean in flavor, and very pungent with hints of coriander and a little touch of curry. Good for: wild game, lamb, salmon, pork or poultry.

Mexicallia Rub

Ingredients: brown sugar, kosher salt, herbs, spices – 2.75 oz jar.

This medium-light grind was a little clumpy due to the moisture in the brown sugar. It was also the sweetest tasting of the 3, with an ever so slight spicy finish. Secreto’s claims there is a chipotle finish to it, but we only detect a tinge of chile heat – not noticeable enough to identify it as chipotle. Good for: chicken, grilled quesadillas, or as a spice for taco meat or added to salsa or dips.

Craft BBQ Sauce

Ingredients: extra thick ketchup (tomato concentrate, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spices, natural flavors), dark brown sugar, apple vinegar, water, worcestershire sauce (distilled white vinegar, molasses, water, sugar, onions, anchovies, salt, garlic, cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavorings, chile pepper extract), liquid smoke, garlic powder, onion powder, other spices. Contains soy and fish. – 12 oz bottle.

Dark brown colored and medium thick, this is a sweet, spicy (peppery) sauce. We’re just talking about ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, worcestershire, and spices – pretty typical. There is the addition of liquid smoke, but I don’t feel it’s overpowering at all. I’m a fan of liquid smoke – when used lightly – and I think it’s just fine here. (There are legions of liquid smoke haters out there, and that’s fodder for a whole different discussion).

Secreto’s Craft BBQ Sauce, while delicious, is pretty standard fare. Very good, but not spectacularly different. But, it really shined when paired with the rubs. It would make a great BBQ sauce on pulled pork too, paired with the Backyard Classic rub.

Grilled chicken with Johnny Secreto rubs and Craft BBQ Sauce

For each of the 3 rubs, we marinated 1/2 pound of chicken tenders with 3 tsp of rub, and 2 tsp of olive oil in zip top baggies for about 3 hours.

Then we grilled the tenders over a medium direct heat. Near the end of grilling, we sauced half of them with Johnny Secreto Craft BBQ Sauce, to see how the sauce worked with each of the rubs.

Johnny Secreto Backyard Classic Rub

Dry Rubbed:


Brian – Truly tastes like a classic rub, but a bit salty, which rubs can be in general. Usually the saltiness gets “washed away” or minimized with either a marinade or with the addition of a sauce (more on that later). I think this rub would make a great savory deep fried wing. On the tenders we grilled, I liked it very much. But I did use a heavy hand and would back off a bit next time.

Marilyn – Tastes a little too salty for me but I do pick up on the sweetness, and the paprika and garlic and onion. There’s also a good bit of black pepper going on. Other than the salt, it’s pretty enjoyable and flavorful.

With Craft Sauce:

Brian – The sauce added a perfect sweet blend that really cut back on the saltiness. I can now say this would be a killer wing recipe, either deep fried or grilled as we’ve done here. This is a must-try combo.

Marilyn – I’m getting a lot of sweetness from both the rub and sauce together. I agree with Brian, that the sauce helped temper the salt in the rub. There’s also a nice dark flavor from the worcestershire in the sauce, with some heat coming in at the end – mildly spicy. The Craft Sauce caramelized nicely on the chicken. Winner!

Johnny Secreto Sultan’s Gold Rub

Dry Rubbed:


Brian – Very savory, yet very floral. Definitely the strongest flavored of the rubs. Impressive in looks, taste and feel. I love the big bits of spices. On the chicken, as you can see in the pics, the rub is a big player in both appearance and texture. I was blown away from the big impact this rub had on the dry tenders.

Marilyn – I see lots of coriander seed and hulls, other herbs, and some pepper flakes. Very aromatic and herbaceous. I’m not sold on this being a good rub on chicken. I’m thinking bigger foods, like beef ribs, or pork loins or tenderloins.

With Craft BBQ Sauce:

Brian – The same underlying floral bouquet, this time with the added sweetness and spice of the Craft BBQ sauce. Very hearty with big flavors. But with the Gold rub, I prefer the dry rubbed chicken. I can see this would be a perfect seasoning on lamb or other game meats, too.

Marilyn – Totally different now with the sauce. I like this much better than just the dry rub, but I still feel this rub is made for beef ribs or pork loin. I can’t speak to the lamb, as I’m not a fan of that meat.

Johnny Secreto Mexicallia Rub

Dry Rubbed:


Brian – If you remember, this rub was a bit clumpy due to the moisture in the brown sugar, and it shows up again here on these dry rubbed chicken tenders. Whether it’s just a little sweat from the brown sugar releasing the moisture, or the rub itself drawing out moisture from the chicken, the tacky look and feel was not appetizing. The flavor was very muted – just not enough for me. With barely a hint of spice, this rub was the blandest of the three. Perhaps a heavier dose would be in order. It seems to want to be a “Southwest” style of seasoning, but just doesn’t quite get there.

I would recommend Johnny Secreto kick up the chile flavor (whether chipotle, or other) to bring this rub up to the level of flavor that the other 2 rubs bring.

Marilyn – While it’s the least salty of the 3 rubs, and some chile and cumin show up in my mouth, it’s very tame compared to the others. Definitely very sweet, and pleasant, but it’s not really a chile or southwest player. At least not at the level to which we are accustomed.

With Craft BBQ Sauce:

Brian – Again, the Craft BBQ Sauce has enhanced this rub – really bringing out more flavor more than the rub alone. This rub just might not be for chicken – at least in the way we prepared it.

Marilyn – I agree that the sweetness of the sauce really pumped up the flavor of the Mexicalli Rub. And like Brian said, this just may not be for grilled chicken alone. Maybe in a quesadilla or other Mexican fare it would be good.

Final Thoughts

While all of the rubs and the sauce are delicious, each brings its own strong suit. There is nothing wrong with any of them, the packaging and labeling is top notch, and the logo, graphics, and personna of Johnny Secreto is simply stellar.

But of course we have our favorites.

Brian – My favorite overall was the Backyard Classic rub with the Craft BBQ sauce combo. Next would be the incredibly flavorful Gold rub, and I liked this one both dry and sauced. Finally, the Mexicalli with the sauce – it has potential as is, but could be so much bolder.

Marilyn – My favorite combo was also the Backyard Classic with the BBQ sauce. A perfect pairing of rub and sauce. Then the Mexicalli with sauce is my 2nd place favorite. And I thought the Sultan’s Gold with sauce was a huge flavorful player here, but I would use it with caution – and perhaps not on chicken, but the heartier meats.

We concur the Craft Sauce improves all the rubs, at least on the grilled chicken that we used for this review.

Backyard Classic Rub – Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – A perfectly balanced blend of seasonings.
Sultan’s Gold Rub – Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – Huge flavor and great appearance and texture. Not your everyday rub.
Mexicalli Rub – Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – Could be spicier and more robust. Needs improvement.
Craft BBQ Sauce – Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – It’s pretty darn good. We reserve additional thoughts once we’ve tried it on pork (ribs or pulled). However, it was key to the success of all the rubs. They’re made for each other.

Overall RatingRated 4 out of 5 Stars – Great flavors, quality ingredients, and super cool graphics all add up to top notch offerings. Packing rubs in glass jars is very classy. Kudos.

We highly recommend any and all of their products to our readers – they are all winners. Speaking of all of their products – they also make an Old World Spaghetti Sauce as well as an Espresso Especial Rub, both of which we hope to try soon. They also have a dry pasta you might be interested in.

Visit http://johnnysecreto.com/ today, and get yourself a basketful of these wonderful products. We thank them for the opportunity to review them. And be sure and check out their family history on their About page.

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

McCormick Grill Mates Smokin’ Sweet Tea Marinade


As members of the Grillerhood, we get to sample and evaluate some of the newest products from the venerable McCormick Spice Company.

Grill Mates Smokin’ Sweet Tea Marinade

This naturally flavored marinade mix features a unique smoky blend of sweetened tea, spices and lemon. Each 1.25 ounce envelope makes 1/2 cup of marinade – enough for 2 pounds of chicken, pork or steak.
[Read more…]

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Corn with Blue Cheese Ribeye Steak Dinner


Here’s the dinner. Blue cheese ribeye with bacon wrapped corn

I was inspired by a post from Chris Grove on NibbleMeThis.com to do the bacon wrapped grilled corn. I chided Chris for not posting any details about the corn itself on his post, and after a quick phone call, I knew I was on my own. (He did mention something about a BBQ rub). Thanks Chris.

Of course I knew I had to have something to go with it, so, ribeye steak was the obvious choice. The baked potatoes were a given. Marilyn makes the best.

Bacon Wrapped Corn:

The bacon wrapped corn “niblets” (that’s what we call a 1/2 ear of corn here in Maryland) required a good dose of a BBQ rub, and so we went with:

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub: Ingredients: brown sugar, sugar, salt, paprika, spices including chili pepper, evaporated cane juice, dehydrated garlic, and orange peel, onion powder, monosodium glutamate, mustard flour, extractives of paprika (color), dill weed, turmeric (color) and natural flavor.

We tried Killer Hogs BBQ rub on some MOINKBalls and on ribs. We’ve not posted a review yet, but this is an awesome, sweet, all purpose rub.


Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub


Killer Hots Rub on MOINKBalls


Killer Hogs rub on ribs


Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub on corn


One slice barely makes it around the ears

We did par-cook the bacon in our small convection oven for about 10 minutes. We wrapped each “niblet” with one slice of bacon. Next time I will allow for 2 strips of bacon to wrap the niblets of corn.


We placed the corn in Reynolds Wrap Grill heavy duty non-stick

The Reynolds Wrap Grill heavy duty non-stick foil is made for grilling… with a dull side of the foil that you place food on, for non-stick reasons. It’s even labeled as the non-stick side. Pretty good stuff, although just a bit thinner than your standard Heavy Duty Foil.


We wrapped the corn to cook on the grill

There’s another shot of the same foil with the corn inside the packet, non-stick side in. The corn cooked in the foil, indirectly, for about 20 minutes before we placed it on the grill grates.

Ribeye Steaks:


Draper’s BBQ Moo’d Enhancer

Draper’s Moo’d Enhancer was my seasoning of choice for my ribeye steak. We reviewed Moo’d Enhancer here.


One tsp Moo’d Enhancer on a 16 ounce steak

My steak was only about 1 lb, so I decided to go conservative, and only use 1 tsp of the rub. Next time I will double that.


Ribeye on left with Moo’d Enhancer – on right salt, pepper, garlic powder

Here, our steaks are ready for the grill. Marilyn’s steak on the right, has her classic (and delicious) blend of salt, pepper, and garlic powder only.


Bacon wrapped corn and spuds on grill

The baked potatoes had already been par-cooked in the microwave to get them ready for the grill. A little oil (canola) and coarse kosher salt, and off they go.


Everybody into the amazing pool, installed by the pool installation toronto team! (Nice grill marks).


All done. Ready to eat.


Looks delicious…


Marilyn prefers a classic steak and steamed corn

The bacon was delicious, savory and sweet, and had a nice “bite”. Here’s a case where the bacon got some sweetness from the corn. I should have hit it again with the rub. The corn got a salty smoky flavor from the bacon. It’s a win – win situation.

Have you wrapped bacon around grilled corn on the cob?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put bacon on? Let us know in the Comments below!