Hot Sauce Hall of Fame at NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015

For Immediate Release: August 12, 2014

Inaugural Hot Sauce Hall of Fame at NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015

Hot Sauce Hall of Fame logo

Steve Seabury, owner of High River Sauces and the organizer of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, will present to the world the official Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Foundation. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame will induct 5 people in its inaugural year and each of the following years they will induct 3 all of which have been very instrumental in the fiery foods industry. Each year the NYC Hot Sauce Expo will present and host the induction ceremony to enshrine the legends of the industry to this greatest of honors.

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony will be held on Saturday April 25th on the main stage after the Screaming Mi Mi Awards show. Inductees will receive a distinctive red jacket, an achievement trophy and will be featured on exhibit at the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Library each year at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

This year the 3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo will take place on April 25th and April 26th 2015.

The first group on the inaugural ballot are some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry.

  1. Blair Lazar – Owner Blair’s Sauces and Snacks also came out with one of the if not the first extract hot sauce. Took the collector sauce/limited edition sauce to new heights. Also took extreme heat to the limit with some of the hottest sauces ever.
  2. Chip Hearn – One of the original hot sauce websites, as well as one of the first, and one of the largest national zesty distributors, Inventor of the Bloody Mary Smorgasbord in 1978. Originated the “risqué” hot sauce genre at the 1989 National Fiery Foods Show.
  3. David Ashley – Owner Ashley Foods. Another one of the first users of extract sauces in the early 90′s. Was one of the first to collaborate with and have celebrity driven sauces.
  4. Dave DeWitt – “The Pope of Peppers” – Author and maybe the original “Chilehead” Started the Fiery Foods Show 26 years ago and set the standard for The Big Hot Sauce Show.
  5. Dave Hirschkop Owner Dave’s Gourmet and creator of Dave’s Insanity one of the, if not the 1st extract hot sauce. Was one of the first to create “limited edition sauces” and was instrumental in the collector hot sauce craze.
  6. Dave Lutz – Founder of Hot Shots Inc. one of the original hot sauce distributors and still operating for almost 20 years.
  7. Edmund McIlhenny – Created Tabasco in the 1860′s and is the best-selling hot sauce ever.
  8. Jim Campbell – Was one of the first pepper growers who supplied hot sauce companies their peppers from their early starts. Was very instrumental for the early success of some of the leading hot sauce makers like Blairs, CaJohns and Dave’s Insanity.
  9. John “CaJohn” Hard – Owner of CaJohns Hot Sauce. The Godfather of the specialty hot sauce industry. Started in 1996 and has garnered over 650 regional, national and international awards.
  10. Marie Sharp – Owner Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd. – Started making sauce in the early 80′s and actually was the creator of Melinda’s Sauces. Her sauce is the quintessential Central American hot sauce with amazing flavor and great heat!

To be eligible for the nominating or voting process, a person must operate within the fiery foods industry for a minimum of 3 years. These people will be known as the Selection Committee which will consist of hot sauce companies, retailers, distributors, exporters, chile pepper growers, media and restaurateurs who specialize in spicy foods and hot sauce. The Selection Committee will be polled by email from the Hall of Fame’s Senators Board in which the board will eventually narrow the Selection Committee’s ballot to a list of 10.

After the nomination process The Selection Committee will then receive the final ballot from the Senators Board. To be elected, a finalist must receive the top 3 votes from the Selection Committee. If a person has been nominated 3 separate times by the committee and does not get inducted, their name will be removed from future elections for a waiting period of 5 years.

For more information please contact Steve Seabury: [email protected]

Info on the NYC Hot Sauce Expo:

Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast 051 – Flavors of Florida Hot Sauces

Pete and Joyce Mallas started their Westwood Deli and Catering in 2004, and shortly thereafter, this Tampa, Florida couple launched their Flavors of Florida line of hot sauces.

First up, Brian and Marilyn recap their appearance on Gettin’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ on BBQSuperstars at the BlogTalkRadio website.
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Brian talks about the great info, sharing, and fun that is Google+.
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Marilyn talks about how much she liked the homemade jerk sauce Brian cooked up recently for some jerk wings.
Brian’s pictures and the recipe he used for jerk from Google+

Next is our featured interview with Flavors of Florida creators Pete and Joyce Mallas.

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HSW 036 North Market Fiery Foods Show 2011


Brian and Marilyn talk about some listener feedback and Brian’s recent doctor-ordered “bland food” diet for a week… a loooong week!

Photos courtesy of Firehead Thom from his Facebook Photos

Firehead Thomas from joins us live from the North Market Fiery Food Weekend, along with Johnny McLaughlin of and Rick Villafrade of

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Pork in the Park:
Salisbury MD – 7th Annual KCBS Competition

The biggest KCBS sanctioned event east of the Mississippi, Pork in the Park, takes place in Salisbury, MD next weekend – April 16-18, 2010

This year Pork in the Park is bigger than ever with 137 teams competing!
That… is… huge!

Last year, more than 90 competitors from ten states vied for trophies, bragging rights and $18,000 in prizes, making the Pork in the Park Barbeque Festival in Salisbury Maryland one of the nation’s ten largest barbeque festivals sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society. In 2009, we were crowned the Largest KCBS Festival East of the Mississippi!

We’re really excited to be able to attend all three days – and we’ll be there to get some pics, some BBQ sauce and hot sauce stories.
Also, we’re hoping to interview some teams and vendors for soundbites and stories for our HotSauceWeekly podcast!
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Weekend of Fire 2009 Review By Shawn Mundell

Jungle Jim’s 3rd Annual Weekend of Fire – A First Timer’s View

This was my friend Shawn’s first hot sauce show, and you can tell, like many of us, he was a “kid in a candy store”. Read on to see how his day went… Brian

The Weekend of Fire.

This was my first hot sauce event and I felt like a kid at Christmas. The first word that comes to mind is WOW. I was just in wonderment of it all.
There were a lot of nice people and good hot sauces, too many to remember. I apologize to everyone I missed.

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Weekend of Fire Wrap-up

Third Annual Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jim’s Wrap-up

Since I couldn’t be there in person, I’ve had to rely on my Chilehead friends to get their reports posted online at their respective websites to find out how the weekend at Jungle Jim’s went down.

Here’s a quick rundown of links to the stories about the 2009 Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio.
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Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio Aug 1-2 2009

Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire – Third Annual “Hot Foods With Attitude” Show

On August 1st and 2nd, 2009 – Over 55 Vendors and 3,000+ attendees Will Pack the Jungle Jim’s Store in Fairfield, Ohio

Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire

For one weekend each summer, Greater Cincinnati will be the center of the hot sauce universe.

Now that’s saying a lot! While this Marylander has never experienced what is known as the “Weekend of Fire” at Jungle Jim’s, but with over 55 vendors showing their hot sauce wares, this will be a chilehead’s paradise!

From Jungle Jim’s site:
Some new additions to the show (including the salsa contest) include having four portable restaurants set up in front of The Oscar Event Center during show hours selling BBQ food and roasted peppers and a brand new Harley Davidson Bike sitting in the main entry way! The infamous Defcon Hot Wing Eating Contest at Buffalo Wings and Rings will begin about 7:00 on Saturday Night along with a wrap-up dinner at Papadeux’s Restaurant on Sunday night. Wow, what a power packed week end of fire!!

Here’s a short list of just a few of the many vendors at the show:
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Fiery Foods Show 2009 Part 1 The Photos

The 2009 Fiery Foods Show is over and I’m still recovering from it all. My head spins with all the great tips and knowledge I picked up, the new friends I made, and the great variety of products I was able to purchase and ship home.

There were so many great “characters” and booths … I’m sorry I didn’t get more pics!

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