Zestfest Midwest 2013 photos

Zestfest Midwest 2013 took place this past weekend

Our friend and fellow Chilehead Shawn Mundell was there, and agreed to share his photos with us here at HotSauceDaily.

This past weekend was the first, and well overdue, Zestfest Midwest in Columbus, Ohio! There were approximately 60 vendors in attendance.

The big names were there; CaJohns, Defcon Sauces, Captain Thom’s, and Patter Fam’s to name a few. There were also a couple new names that really impressed me. Spicey Rooster BBQ Co, and Chub Industries. Both companies are from Ohio and not that far from Columbus – the local talent if you will. Spicey Rooster has a variety of sauces, rubs, and condiments. Their BBQ rub is very good and so are the sauces. One of their products that really stood out was their Scorpion Relish. Think hot dog relish, with the mustard. However, there isn’t a bit of pickle relish in it! Chub Industries offering is Chub Rub. I decided on the smoked applewood rub. They have three other rubs that are very good too!

All of the vendors had delicious offerings in one form or another and everyone I talked to was great! you can’t beat the hot sauce community when it comes to meeting nice people and having a great time! So keep an eye out for the next spicy happening in your area!

Zestfest MidwestZestfest MidwestPatter Fam Saucespatter-fam-02patter-fam-01Deathmatch Wing EatingDefcon's BoothCaptain Thom
Defcon Creator John DilleyBrimstoneChub Rub
Our HaulChili RocksSpicy RoosterScotty O'HottyEasypeasy FoodsReva Foods

Zestfest Midwest 2013, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Shawn Mundell contributed these photos from Zestfest Midwest 2013.

HSW 054 – Pork in the Park 2012

Another great weekend at Pork in the Park 2012. Even though Sunday got “rained out” (backyard comp still went on), we had a great time at the event.

Listen in as we wrap it all up for you.

Peppers at the Beach 2011 Day 3 – Wrap Up

Peppers at the Beach ended with a whimper on Sunday, as only a handful of vendors returned for the last day. The crowd turn-out was moderate, but it was anticlimactic. Also, our good friends Al “Buddah” and Scott Roberts had to head out very early to make their way home. We had a great time all weekend. Enjoy our pics.

The Girls of Peppers:

We’d like to thank all the staff at Peppers for a great weekend. These girls know their “hot stuff” and were just the best hosts.

Girls of Peppers

Rachel, Cierra (CC), Jessica, Heidi and Christina

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Peppers At The Beach May 15-16 2010

John Dilley’s Defcon Sauces and Chip Hearn’s Peppers Team Up For Peppers At The Beach Event

Update: 5/8/10 – Check out the latest podcast from HotSauceWeekly.com where we talk with Chip Hearn of Peppers.com and John Dilley of DefConSauces.com about this big event!

Update: 5/1/10 – Due to the Race in Dover, Delaware, rooms are filling up fast. We are lucky to live in Ocean City, MD and we have a few contacts that may be able to get you a room for the weekend. OC is about 35-40mins away from Peppers. Shoot us an email or hit the Contact tab up there if you need help.

John Dilley sent out the following press release announcing what will be a major event for us here on the East Coast!
While it won’t be a formal trade show, it will be a gathering of hot sauce manufacturers and chileheads over the 2 day weekend.

“This won’t be a formal trade show, but more of a large-scale demo, where manufacturers can sample their products to the masses, join in a few eating competitions, and just hang for a weekend and have a lot of fun. All products shown at this event will be available for sale inside the Peppers store, so bring extra stock in case they run out. This is also a great way for newer companies to get their name out and to get on the shelves at this very well-known location. We are also toying with the idea of getting sponsors and making up some very cool t-shirts for the event.”

“The plans are to have this 2-day event in and around Peppers, in the parking lots outside. It’s only going to be mid-May, so the temperatures should be quite nice. There will also be a Blogger Booth setup for those that are part of the Chilehead Nation, and for specific hot sauce blogsites to get their names out as well. There will be no charge for setting up for this event, unlike the larger trade shows. There will also be discounted rooms at a nearby hotel, and Saturday night, there will be a big party for everyone in attendance at a nearby drinking establishment. Myself and Chip are in contact with various TV networks, and are trying to get a couple food personalities to join in the fun as well, as there will be a few eating competitions throughout the days. Chip is also contacting many local news stations and will be promoting this gig very well.”

“This is a good chance to get some cool exposure, not to mention having just a plain old-fashioned fun weekend. I’m trying to get an idea of the number of people/companies that are interested, so please email me at [email protected] or give Chip a call at Peppers, 800-998-3473 if you are interested, and we’ll put you on the list. If things go as well as I think they will, this may turn into an annual event. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If interested, I will be sending out updates from time to time, as I find out more information.”

Peppers At The Beach

Who: Defconsauces.com and Peppers.com
What: Gathering of Hot Sauce Manufacturers and Chileheads
When: May 15th and 16th, 2010 10am – 5pm
Where: Peppers 18701 Coastal Hwy Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

I’m very lucky to live about 30 minutes from Peppers, so you can be sure I’ll be there, and I hope you will too!
Leave a comment below and let me know if you are planning to attend.
Of course I’ll post further updates as they become available.