Chick-fil-A versus Chicken Dipping Sauce from Walmart

Chick-fil-A Sauce is legendary and copycat recipes are all over the internet.

Here is our video comparing the new Walmart Chicken Dipping Sauce with Chick-fil-A Sauce.

You may be surprised at what we found!

Have you tried Walmart’s new Chicken Dipping Sauce? Let us know in the Comments below… and thanks for reading along!


Chili Dan’s All Purpose Start to Finish Sauce

Chili Dan’s All Purpose Start to Finish sauce is not a “hot sauce” or a BBQ sauce. It is truly a versatile sauce that works on wings, makes a great dip for egg rolls or jalapeño poppers, and is a great glaze for pork. Think of it as a “liquid pepper jelly”.

chili dan's all purpose start to finish sauce bottles

Chili Dan’s All Purpose Start to Finish Sauce

The label says you can use this as a “Marinade, Glaze, Grilling or Dipping” sauce – and that is accurate. Simple is better, and Chili Dan’s is the epitome of a simple “start to finish” sauce. We tried Chili Dan’s on a variety of foods. [Read more…]

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