Del Taco Opens Web Store – Sells Hot Sauce Packets

Del Taco has launched an online web store featuring merchandise such as shirts and hats, gift cards and their famous hot sauce packets.

Del Taco sauce packets

The store offers each of Del Taco’s three popular hot sauce packets – Del Taco® Mild Sauce, Del Scorcho™, and Del Inferno™ – in 50-count buckets. Customers can also purchase a 150-count, 3 bucket combo containing all three flavors.

Three bucket combo

“Our fans frequently ask about buying these items, and we are excited to now introduce an online destination for our fans to find what they want,” said John Cappasola, Del Taco’s chief brand officer. “We have shipped hot sauce packets all over the world, and the new web store makes it much easier for our fans to get their favorite Del Taco hot sauce flavor wherever they are.”

The new store is located at and can also be accessed via the company’s Facebook page.


UPDATE: 03/08/2015: Del Taco has added a lot of apparel for you to buy. And the 50 packs of sauce are only $4.99 now.
Also, reader Joe C wrote in to say:

I just saw your section regarding Del Scorcho sauce at Del Taco… Just want to give you a heads up that you can simply buy a case of 2100 packets for under $30 + shipping. I live 20 min away so it was about $38 total. You have to send in a check to them and it clear before they will ship, but hey, they don’t want to deal with bounced checks, I get it. I see that readers were wondering what is soooo great about Del Taco, honestly, nothing really. It is an American-Mexican taco place that also does burgers & fries. What makes them blow Taco Bell out of the water is that the food is just better all the way around and it is cheaper too. Taco’s are 59 cents regular and 99 cents for the larger size. But you can fill your belly for $3-4 (less soda).

Thanks Joe!

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