Video tour of the new retail store is the granddaddy of hot sauce shops, holding a Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Collection of Hot Sauces, as well as being a premier online hot sauce shopping experience. We’re fortunate to live within a short drive of Chip Hearn’s store and are excited to have an exclusive first look at the new Peppers store and warehouse.

A big thanks to Chip Hearn and staff for the warm welcome.

Heartbreaking Dawns Datil Pepper Ribs at Oct 2010

I visited’s store this past weekend to see Johnny McLaughlin and Nicole Ramsperger of Heartbreaking Dawns. They were sampling their sauces on ribs, chili, scalloped potatoes and mac and cheese.

Chip Hearn and Christina Eastburn of came up with a great strawberry / balsamic vinegar / Dijon mustard rib glaze using Heartbreaking Dawns Datil Pepper Trail Preserves for this demo.


Heartbreaking Dawns Ribs at Oct 2010 from HotSauceDaily on Vimeo.

Their unique line of sauces, seasonings and preserves, as sampled on cooked foods really encouraged the public attending this demo to buy their sauces.

Visit Heartbreaking Dawns Site now to shop and use the coupon code “hotsaucedaily’ for savings!


Video: Chip Hearn of Explains Science

Chip Hearn Explains Endorphins

Here’s a little 30 second clip of Chip explaining what happens when you taste extreme hot sauce. Get a pen and paper to make notes. Hehe.


Clip from The Travel Channel’s “Extreme Conventions” show.