How to Make a Chicago Dog at Home

Encore post: Just for fun, we’re re-posting our Chicago Dog at home. It’s super easy, you just need all the parts. And don’t forget the all important sport peppers. But one more thing. You need to store ingredients at a cool temperature, Installing a aircondition or contacting air conditioning repair cincinnati oh can help a lot if you want to maintain the freshness of your Chicago Dog.

Make your own Chicago Dog at home

There are hot dogs and then there are Hot Dogs. The Coney Island, The Chili Dog, The Sonoran – there are deep fried, bacon wrapped, steamed, broiled, grilled, smoked and even raw (OK, hot dogs are pre-cooked, but tell that to a 3 year old).

Next to chili and pizza is there another American food that can be cooked and served in so many ways? (Yes, there are burgers, but that’s another post). So in honor of Opening Day of Baseball, we present our homage to the hot dog.

Move over Flo’s Relish (a Maine favorite of onions and molasses). Take a break Sabrett’s Cart in New York City (sweet onions in tomato sauce). Hold the sauerkraut and Swiss cheese Missouri.

This post is about the most complex tasting yet easy to build dog. With such varied flavors from simple ingredients; we’re talking about the “King of Hot Dogs” (my award) – the Chicago Style Hot Dog – or simply the Chicago Dog.

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