Eagle Wingz Chesapeake style hot sauce

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 1 – Eagle Wingz Chesapeake Style Hot Sauce


We’re kicking off our Week of Wings IV with a favorite local hot sauce from Eagle Wingz of Seaford, Delaware. With a “traditional” wing sauce flavor based on cayenne peppers, vinegar and salt, Eagle Wingz also brings to the table an additional spicy flavor profile. The extra ingredients of mustard seed, celery seed and paprika give these sauces a similar taste to Old Bay Seasoning. These hot sauces are based on that very traditional Maryland crab and seafood seasoning. But to call them just hot sauce is not accurate. These are definitely wing sauces.

Elsewhere in the country, wings prepared with Eagle Wingz Chesapeake Style hot sauce might be called “seafood wings”, “crab wings”, or even “Chesapeake wings” and other references to the famous Old Bay style seasoning. Available in “Hot” and “Extreme” versions, we’re just going to call them delicious!

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